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21.Where doos change management play a major role in transforming a
client business into a data-driven, intelligent enterprise?

A data and analytics strategy
B data culture and literacy
C data and analytics platform
D data governance and managemant

Ans: D

22.What is the most important action that organizations should take
with the data they capture about their customers?

ans – Process and organize it into meaningful information

23.What differentiates data from information?

A information is contoxtualized data Generic
B data and information are both contextualized
C data is contextualized, information is generic
D information and data are both generic

Ans: A

24.How does Accenture help companies turn less meaningful data collection into an effective data strategy?

ANS – by recommending the tools and platforms to drive the data analytics and process

25.What role does the Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom (DIKW)
pyramid play in managing a data-driven project?

A It serves as a framework to guide the processing of unstructured data and subsequent value extraction.
B It serves as a linear model to show the various ways of extracting insights and value from all types of data.
C It serves as a framework to guide technical teams on which methods to use to extract value from data.
D It serves as a circular model to understand the free flow of data throughout an organization.

Ans: B

26.How should a common data source like social media comments be categorized?

ANS – unstructured data

27.A client approaches Accenture for a solution to collate the large amounts of data it has collected over the years from various sources.
Which solution would help the client pool their data together?

A a DevOps solution
B an Agile solution
C a machine learning solution
D a cloud analytics solution

Ans: D

28.The Department Manager researches new data platforms for the company and requests a list of essential features. Which essential
features should the list include?

A decentralization, programmatic access, strong security
B dashboards, decentralization, strong security
C centralization, dashboards, programmatic access
D strong security, centralization, programmatic access

Ans: D

29.How does a fully integrated Data and Analytics Platform enable organizations to convert data into consumable information and insight?

A by leveraging historical data and focusing on known insights to establish a business context
B by creating analytics reports and building Machine Learning models to refine predictive capabilities
C by archiving all the captured data and retrieving it when needed for business purposes
D by focusing on the content of non-numerical data like text and images to identify trends

Ans: B

30.What is an advantage of using a fully integrated Cloud-based data analytics platform?

A. It eliminates the client’s responsibility for security by transferring this function to the Cloud Vendor.
B. It provides the computing power needed to convert raw data into meaningful information for decision makers.
C. It improves the quality of data and the data literacy of all employees.
D. It ensures the accurate and timely collection of data at the source

Ans: B

31.Accenture is involved in the transformation of an organization into a data-driven and intelligent enterprise. Which ability does Accenture need to ensure the organization has to become a successful business?

A. to gather, re-organize, and store different categories of all raw data for easy and faster retrieval store large amounts of data including raw and unorganized facts collect exabytes and zettabytes of data from different sources capture, curate, and consume the right data sets

Ans: A

32.A department manager is planning a presentation on how data platforms work but needs to simplify the language for the audience
to better understand the main steps. Which three steps most accurately describe the manager’s approach?

ANS – gather, share, and gather data

33.What does data warehousing allow organizations to achieve?

A.allows for the reduction of some of an organization’s day-to-day server resources
B.allows organizations to collect only the current day’s data from their various databases
C.allows for analytics and reporting across the entire organization
D.allows organizations to replace all their day-to-day databases with operational systems

Ans: C

34.What is the key objective of data analysis? decide how to capture the right type of data in real time develop an enterprise-wide data strategy and data governance policies find meaning in data and use it to make informed decisions generate cultural support and alignment across an organization

Ans: C

35.How should a company adopt a data-driven culture that will stick?

A. Maximize the budget spent on the implementation of new data tools and platforms.
B. Use change management to transform how the company thinks about data.
C. Offload data analytics functions to highly experienced vendors.
D. Centralize all data operations within a single, specialized data team.

Ans: B

36.Accenture is helping a large retailer transform their online sales and services. The Data Analyst audits the client’s customer journey and maps out the kind of data they need to collect at each touch point.
How does this help the client achieve their objectives?

A. by identifying products that are poor sellers and removing them from the inventory
B. by shifting the focus away from the customer and towards new products or services
C. by increasing their customer knowledge and leveraging that information to improve customer experience
D. by updating their sales platform and adding new features

Ans: C

37.Everyone within a company needs to be aware of what data can do to improve business processes and how to make it happen. Which
concept is referred to in the statement above?

ANS – data literacy

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