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What does data warehousing allow organizations to achieve?

A. allows organizations to replace all their day-to-day databases with operational systems

B.allows for the reduction of some of an organization’s day-to-day server resources

C.allows organizations to collect only the current day’s data from their various databases

D.allows for analytics and reporting across the entire organization


How do Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (Al) technologies help businesses use their enterprise data effectively?

A.They allow technologies to operate without data.

B.They curate data quickly for multiple business scenarios.

C.They collate the content of qualitative data, like text and images.

D.They capture all the data in real-time or near real-time.


A health care provider approaches Accenture to help them increase their efficiency through an advanced data science platform. What is the first step Accenture could take?

A.formulate an enterprise analytics strategy assessment

B.train the client to independently manage their data

C.create comprehensive documentation of the process

D.build a comprehensive data lake using archived data


What is the main difference between structured and unstructured data?

A.Structured data is easier to search and analyze, while unstructured data requires more effort to process.

B. Structured data media is much richer, while unstructured data media is much more sparse.

C.Structured data comes in formats like audio and video, while unstructured data is found in tabular and Excel data formats.

D. Structured data is often stored in data lakes, while unstructured data is stored in data warehouses.


What role does the Data, Information. Knowledge, Wisdom (DIKW) pyramid play in managing a data- driven project?

A.It serves as a circular model to understand the free flow of data throughout an organization

B.It serves as a linear model to show the various ways of extracting insights and value from all types of data

C.It serves as a framework to guide technical teams on which methods to use to extract value from data

D.It serves as a framework to guide the processing of unstructured data and subsequent value extraction


Accenture is helping a large retailer transform their online sales and services. A data analyst audits the client’s customer journey and maps out the kind of data they need to collect at each touch point. How does this help the client achieve their objectives?

A.by updating their sales platform and adding new features

B.by shifting the focus away from the customer and towards new products or services

C.by identifying products that are poor sellers and removing them from the inventory

D.by increasing their customer knowledge and leveraging that information to improve customer experience


What is an advantage of storing data in a data lake without applying a specific schema to it initially?

A. It makes working with the data faster as data lakes are more efficient

B.It saves both developer time and company money by never having to design a schema

C.It avoids corrupting the data by working with it before there is a clearly defined need

D.It allows more flexibility to use the data in various, innovative ways.


What is the next step an organization should take after capturing and collecting data?

A. process and curate data

B.break data into smaller chunks

C. contextualize data

D. filter and prioritize data


How should a company adopt a data-driven culture that will stick?

A.Use change management to transform how the company thinks about data.

B.Maximize the budget spent on the implementation of new data tools and platforms.

C.Offload data analytics functions to highly experienced vendors.

D.Centralize all data operations within a single, specialized data team.


A client approaches Accenture for a solution to collate the large amounts of data it has collected over the years from various sources. Which solution would help the client pool their data together?

A.a cloud analytics solution

B. a machine learning solution

C. a DevOps solution

D. an Agile solution


The city of Elmsfield is using electronic sensors to collect data on traffic patterns, air pollution, and crime. This data is used to manage assets and resources more efficiently and in real time. Which of these terms would better define the data collected from the sensors in this scenario?

A. Big Data

B. Categorical Data

C. Ordinal Data

D. Interval Data


Which technologies combine to make data a critical organizational asset?

A.Penetration Testing and Intelligence Practice

B.Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (Al)

C.Internet of Things (IoT) and electronic devices

D.Speech and Natural Language Processing (NLP)


What is the key objective of data analysis?

A. to develop enterprise-wide data strategy and data governance policies

B.to find meaning in data and use it to make informed decisions

C.to generate cultural support and alignment across an organization

D.to decide how to capture the right type of data in real time


How should a common data source, like social media comments, be categorized

A.unstructured data

B. dirty data

C. temporary data

D. structured data


What differentiates data from information?

A.data is contextualized, information is generic

B. data and information are both contextualized

C. information is contextualized, data is generic

D. information and data are both generic


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