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Quantum Computing MCQ | Multiple Choice Questions

Q1.How can interference benefit a quantum system? A. by analyzing each of the possible paths one at a timeB. by forcing each qubit to represent a value of either O or 1C. by helping to reinforce the paths to the ...

Quantum Computing MCQ with Answers

1.What is a use case factorization in quantum Computing? A.randomizing data setsB.simulating language patterns entio fidentialC.optimization of routesD.don’t know this yet. Show Answer Ans: C Q2.What does the term superposition refer to? A.way to efficiently store encrypted data using qubits.B.way ...

100 BlockChain General Questions and Answers

Hello friends in this article we are going to discuss about Blockchain General Questions « Previous Find All Accenture TQ Answer Here – Accenture TQ ...

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