About Me

Student and online professional blogger.I am belongs to Kolhapur District.I am the founder and author of www.mcqvillage.in

Why Start This Blog?

I am computer Science Student that is why I know that what are the different factors which are affecting on Computer Science Students.There Are some issues which have to face by every CS student.Sometimes there is no enough material or enough resources to study any particular task. I want to help those students who needed the help in computer science field.As well as “I love to do blogging”,”I like to write content about the things which I have learned in my Graduation days”.

As well as there are several situations which I have faced in my Life. Some days ago my exams was there at that time I tried to search the Multiple Choice Questions which are Required to me in my syllabus but some Multiple Choice Questions didn’t get on various website. And if I found them but those were not arrange properly that is why I thought that I must help the students who required those Multiple Choice Questions.

What mcqvillage.in Have?

mcqvillage.in is an ongoing project for students, online learner, teachers or anyone who want to learn computer, prepare exam test, job test or want to make an exam paper related IT subjects for students. MCQs Questions have all computer Science, engineering subjects multiple choice questions. Its also have many useful information for Indian students who seeking admission in universities or preparing entry tests for job/admission.