Salesforce CPQ Questions Answers

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Salesforce CPQ-211 Question Answer

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APEX Salesforce Objective Type Questions and Answers

76.What is the default option related to scope of fields to search in SOSL statement ? a) NAME FIELDSb) SLIDEBAR FIELDSc) ALL FIELDSd) PHONE FIELDS Show Answer ANS: C 77.A developer wrote an apex code with soql embedded as given below. The account manager positiondoes not exist in database what type of exception will be … Read more

APEX Multiple Choice Questions with answers

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100+ Salesforce MCQ With Answers

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100+ Salesforce MCQ with Answer

Salesforce Multiple Choice Questions | Salesforce Objective Type Questions | Salesforce Development MCQ questions | salesforce development interview questions 1) Identify the different types of pages in lighting experience(select3) a) object pageb) app pagec) home paged) record page Show Answer ANS:B,C,D 2) which of the following are the part of lightning component buddle? a) styleb) controllerc) builderd) helper … Read more