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1.What is a use case factorization in quantum Computing?

A.randomizing data sets
B.simulating language patterns entio fidential
C.optimization of routes
D.don’t know this yet.

Ans: C

Q2.What does the term superposition refer to?

A.way to efficiently store encrypted data using qubits.
B.way that algorithms determine combinations of probabilities.
C.The ability of a qubit to be in an determinate state.
D.The ability of an algorithm to decrypt data during processing

Ans: B

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Q3.How is a qubit in quantum computing different from a regular bit in classical computing?

A.qubit stores information as graphical Images
B.qubit can represent an indeterminate state.
C.A qubit can represent a value as 0 1 2
D.qubit takes up less memory space than a regular bit.

Ans: A

Q4.In quantum computing, what is the basic unit of information?


Ans: B

Q5.Which element of Accenture applied quantum computing strategy directly delivers value to Clients?

A.hosting a data center for quantum computers
B.solving real-world needs with industry knowledge
C.researching new materials for super-conductivity
D.developing quantum computing chip architectures

Ans: B

Q6.Which part of the drug discovery life cycle can quantum computing impact the most?

A.regulatory approval
B.molecular simulation
C.clinical trials
D.labaratory testing

Ans: A

Q7.What does it mean when we say that we are currently in the noisy, intermediate scale quantum computing stage?

A.Quantum computers have already reached peak performance and cannot be improved further. Quantum
B.Quantum computers are still in the early theoretical stage, with no I machines built yet.
C.Some quantum computers can now be purchased cheaply in stores by individual consumers.
D.Quantum computers are able to solve a number of current problems, and will continue to advance.

Ans: D

Q8.What is the purpose of “post-quantum” cryptography?

A.to eliminate all encryption methods programmed on classical computers
B.to create encryption methods that quantum computers cannot crack
C.to use quantum computers to create more secure encryption methods
D.to require users to own quantum computers in order to send data securely

Ans: B

Q9.Why might businesses be interested in using quantum computers?

A.to create graphics for immersive environments
B.to process extremely large data sets
C.to run mobile apps more quickly
D.to solve Intractable problems

Ans: D

Q10.What is a current concern regarding the advancement of quantum computing?

A.Existing cryptography may be easily cracked.
B.Steering qubits towards desired states will introduce bias.
C.Computers will replace human in all decision-making tasks.
D.Algorithmic trading may cause stock market instability.

Ans: B

Q11.Which technology will quantum computing impact most significantly?

C.Extended Reality
D. Artificial intelligence

Ans: D

Q12.How could quantum computing benefit the Financial Service Industry?

A.by determining future value of crypto-currencies
B.by predicting market activities months in advance
C.by enabling complex mode to optimize portfolios
D.by guaranteeing double returns for fund managers ns for fund managers

Ans: A

Q13.Which problem is more classical effectively solved using quantum computing rather than classical computer?

A.multiplication of integers
B.sorting elements on a list
C.rearranging terms in equations
D.large database searches

Ans: A

Q14.How could quantum computing benefit the financial service industry?

A.By enabling complex modeling to optimize portfolios
B.by determining future value of crypto-currencies
C.by guaranteeing double returns for fund managers
D.by predicting market activities months in advance

Ans: A

Q15. A mathematician is trying to break down a large number into smaller prime numbers that, when multiplied, would arrive at that larger number. what is this process called?

A. exponentiation
B. interference
C. factorization.
D. superposition

Ans: C

Q16.What is a current concern regarding the advancement of quantum computing?

A. Steering qubits towards desired states will introduc
B. Computers will replace humans in all decision-making tasks
C. Existing cryptography may be easily cracked.
D. Algorithmic trading may cause stock market instability.

Ans: A

Q17.How is Accenture addressing the emerging market for quantum computing technology?

A. by adopting a Quantum-as-a-Service approach using existing quantum computers
B. by advising our clients to replace all their classical computers with quantum machines
C. by building our own quantum computers that will be hosted in Accenture offices
D. by taking a “wait and see” approach until quantum computers are developed further

Ans: A

Q18. What is the term for breaking a larger number apart into smaller numbers that can be multiplied together to get a specific result?

Ans – factorization

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