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Hello guys here are TQ Artificial Intelligence New 2023 Multiple choice questions | Artificial Intelligence Questions with Answers | Artificial Intelligence MCQ with Answers | Artificial Intelligence Objective type questions

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1.What is one way that Accenture helps clients ensure fairness when
applying Al solutions?

  1. by helping clients to avoid monetizing their data
  2. by allowing Al solutions to function independently from humans
  3. by providing ready-to-use toolkits to help clients avoid bias
  4. by encouraging clients to collect as much data as possible


2.Which business case is better solved by Artificial Intelligence (Al)
than conventional programming?

  1. predicting characteristics of high-value customers
  2. calculating interest rates for variable-interest rate loans
  3. sending email notifications for overdue invoices
  4. managing a calendar to schedule multiple patients in a single day


3.Which Artificial Intelligence (Al) term is used to describe extracting information from unstructured text using algorithms?

  1. Deep Learning
  2. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
  3. Neural Networks
  4. Natural Language Processing (NLP)


4.In which situation would Accenture apply principles of Responsible Al?

  1. setting credit card balance limits based on a user’s past financial records
  2. suggesting the next video to play on a media site based on a user’s viewing history
  3. ensuring that a new public works project does not harm vulnerable communities
  4. predicting the failure rate of a machine used in the manufacturing of consumer electronics


5.What enables image processing, speech recognition, and complex game play in Artificial Intelligence (Al)?

  1. Expert Systems
  2. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
  3. Deep Learning
  4. Natural Language Understanding (NLU)


6.What is a major benefit of working with a ready-to-use cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (Al) vendor service?

  1. decreased barrier to entry
  2. dedicated infrastructure
  3. decreased computing power
  4. increased security


7.What is an example of value created through the use of Deep Learning?

  1. replacing traditional cash registers at a retail shop with credit card payment terminals.
  2. reducing multi-language communication friction in a company through automatic language translation.
  3. replacing cashiers at a fast food restaurant with a self-service kiosk system.
  4. simplifying accountancy by using business rules to create an automated system


8.Which case would benefit from Explainable Al principles?

  1. a social media platform identifies faces from a picture
  2. a music streaming platform recommending a song
  3. a doctor depending on an Al-based system to make a diagnosis
  4. a navigation platform suggesting fastest routes


9. A healthcare start-up is using Artificial Intelligence (Al) to analyze the way a person speaks in order to detect Alzheimer’s disease. The algorithm interprets pauses and differences in pronunciations as markers of the disease. The developers used datasets containing
thousands of speech samples. What type of Machine Learning (ML)
was NOT leveraged in this example?

  1. Bayesian Network
  2. Conversational Al
  3. Artificial General Intelligence
  4. Deep Learning


10.What is one of four key principles of Responsible Al?

  1. Decision-making processes should be transparent and understandable.
  2. Companies are not liable for violations of the law that result from the actions of Al.
  3. Accountability for decisions ultimately lies with computer algorithms.
  4. Any biases that may arise from Al processes are justifiable if they are backed by data.


11.What is a benefit of applying Artificial Intelligence to Accenture’s work?

  1. It will reduce the amount of time Accenture people interact with clients.
  2. It will allow Accenture people to perform critical job functions more efficiently and effectively.
  3. It will redirect Accenture people’s work toward administrative and data collection tasks.
  4. It will replace many of the current jobs held by Accenture employees.

Ans: 2

12.Which statement is true regarding Artificial Intelligence (Al)?

  1. Strong Al and Weak Al are equally well developed at this time.
  2. Al will eventually eliminate most human jobs.
  3. Al can exist without humans supporting it.
  4. Data is the fundamental reason Al succeeds or fails.

Ans: 4

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