Artificial Intelligence Questions and Answers Set 2

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Q26. Which Artificial Intelligence (AI) term is used to describe extracting information from unstructured
text using algorithms?

Ans: Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Q27. An IT Company A Sales team is in conversations with a potential client who has expressed interest in
AI solutions for their business. What should the Sales team emphasize to differentiate IT Company A’s AI
capabilities in the marketplace?

Ans: the ability of our AI to generate meaningful results regardless of the amount of data provided

Q28. What is a major benefit of working with a ready-to-use cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) vendor

Ans: decreased barrier to entry

Q29. A major retailer wants to enhance their customer experience and reduce losses coming from their
supply chain by eliminating ‘left-over’ and ‘out-of-stock’ scenarios. Which type of Artificial Intelligence
(AI) solution would be suitable for solving this problem?

Ans: predict the demand for a certain product by analyzing existing data

Q30: Which leveraging AI in today’s business landscape, which statement represents the data leveraged
for Solutions?

Ans: Quality data is often trapped in silos, and not accessible across client functions.

Q31. What is an example of Converstaional AI?

And: Google assistant

Q32. IT company A is helping a financial services client improve their online mortgage application process
using AI. How can IT company A help the client address the possibility of potentially biased results?

Ans: Simplifying accountancy by using business rules to create an automated system.

Q33. Cloud based services can open doors to leveraging AI without dramatically increasing risk , which
client is best suited for these kind of opportunities?

Ans: A small or medium business that lacks substantial on-site computing resources.

Q34. In which situation would IT Company A apply principles of Responsible AI?

Ans: Ensuring that a new public works project does not harm variable communities

Q35. A healthcare start-up is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to test the way a person speaks in order to
detect Alzheimer’s disease. The algorithm interprets pauses and differences in pronunciations as
markers of the disease. The developers used a dataset containing thousands of samples. What type of
Machine Learning was not leveraged in this example?

Ans: Deep Learning

Q36. A client has gathered a very large amount if operational data .but Struggles with how to apply AI to
address its Critical Business Problem , What advice should the IT Company A Team give the client?

Ans: Form a consistent startegy for organising data at enterprise wide level.

Q37. A data scientist is writing a Machine Learning algorithm using a large data set. What is produced
when the data scientist compiles the code?

Ans: a Bayesian network

Q38.What is one way that IT Company A helps clients ensure fairness when applying AI solutions?

Ans: by encouraging clients to collect as much data as possibl

Q39. A client has gathered a very large amount of operational data, but struggles with how to apply
Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address its critical business problems. What advice should the IT Company A
team give the client?

Ans: form a consistent strategy for organizing data at an enterprise-wide level

Q40. What is an example of Conversational AI?

And: a computer answering a medical patient’s questions and providing health advice

Q41. IT Company A has partnered with a global construction company that specializes in building
skyscrapers . the company wants better machine uptime mgmt on their build sites. They would also like
to improve work site safety. IT Company A is designing an AI solution to address this scenario. What type
of data should be used in the Solution?

And: Past maintinance and performance records and worksite conditions.

Q42. Which statement is true regading AI?

Ans: Data is the fundamental reason AI succeeds or fails

Q43. What is one of four key principles of Responsible AI?

Ans: Decision making process should be transparent and understandable

Q44. What is an example pf value created through the use of DEEP Learning?

Ans: Reducing multi language communication friction in a company through automatic language

Q45. Company A ’s Applied Intelligence team is building a solution to global construction client better
manage machine uptime on their build sites. The IT Company A Team notices that the client to facing a
major cultural adoption issue. Which approach will help in addressing the issue?

Ans: Data strategy and operating model

Q46. A global construction client approaches IT Company A to help make their decision making processes
more transparent and understandable to the stakeholders . Which type pf AI would be appropriate for IT
Company A to discuss with the Client?

Ans: Responsible AI

Q47. Once Business strategy is defines for AI progam , what should be the first component to consider
when buliding AI solutions?

Ans: Dataset

Q48. Which describes the state of “weak” vs. “strong” Artificial Intelligence in the marketplace?

Ans: The current state of AI offerings would be classified mostly as “weak” AI at this point.

Q49. What are the common applications of Deep Learning in AI?

Ans: Image processing , Language Translation and Complex Game Play

Q50. What is an example of value created through the use of Deep Learning?

And: simplifying accountancy by using business rules to create an automated system.

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