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Q41. Sean, a DevOps Engineer is planning to adopt continuous deployment in his project for faster delivery of the product. Which tool can be used to accomplish his goal?Choose the most appropriate option.

A. SonarQube

B. SVN Server

C. Jenkins

D. Gitlab

Ans: C

Q42. Scrum is used for managing a product/application. One of the team members, Peter has the responsibility of defining the overall project vision. Which scrum role is played by Peter? Choose the most appropriate option.

A. Product Owner

B. Scrum Master

C. Developer

D. Tester

Ans: B

Q43. Which of the following tab from ALM Test Plan section allows tester to map requirements to tests from test plan?Choose the most appropriate option.

A. Test Coverage


Requirements Coverage

C. Test Configuration

D. Dependencies

Ans: B

Q44. Which of the following ALM fields are mandatory to create Requirements in ALM? Choose the most appropriate option.

Ans – Name, Requirement Type, Target Release, Target Cycle

Q45. Samantha is a new joiner in a project team. She has been asked by her lead to perform White box testing on the application code. Please help her to understand the different techniques to perform White box testing.Choose the appropriate options.

A. Statement Coverage

B. Condition Coverage

C. Branch Coverage

D. Path Coverage

E. All of these

Ans: E

Q46. Which folder is the base/root folder in the ALM test plan section?

A. root

B. subject

C. base

D. test plan

Ans: A

Q47. Kevin is working as a Test Lead in a project and suggests his team members perform static testing, while requirement gathering and analysis is going on. He believes testing activities must be a part of SDLC from the beginning. Please predict the testing principle that he is referring to in the above statement.Choose the most appropriate option.

A. Pesticide Paradox

B. Defect Clustering

C.None of the above

D. Early Testing

Ans: A

Q48. Sam is new to the project in the role of Test Engineer. The test team has just received a working code from the development team. Sam has been asked to take up the testing initiative and ensure that the build is stable enough to perform further levels of testing. Which type of testing is referred to here? Choose the most appropriate option.

A. Unit Testing

B. System Testing

C. Product Testing

D. Smoke Testing

Ans: B

Q49. Dev tested the login page of the XYZ application and found that the password is displayed as entered instead of masked format. Hence, he logged the defect and sent it to the development team. Surya, another test team member found the same defect and logged it. Now, what should be the status of the defect when Surya logs it?Choose the most appropriate option.

A. Deferred

B. Duplicate

C. Rejected

D. Repeated

Ans: B

Q50. James is automating a script and using CSS Selector as a locator. What are the primitive types for designing the CSS Selector? Choose all the appropriate options.

A. Id

B. Attribute

C. Tagname

D. Inner Text

Ans: A B D

Q51. Sean is performing verification using Assort class functions from TestNG. Suggest him the correct method to verify the reference/address of the two objects to be identical. Choose the most appropriate option.

A. assertTrue(Object1,Object2)

B. assertRef(Obect1,Object2)

C. assertEquals(Object1,Object2)

D. assertSame(Object1,Object2)

Ans: D

Q52. Sarah is coding an automation script, where she has to validate the price of the holiday package based on the drag & drop of island city from the menu. The Price is fetched from the server and displays without reloading the web page. Which WebDriver Library class has the predefined conditions for handling dynamic waits in Selenium WebDriver Library?

A. ExplicitWait

B. ExpectedConditions

C. WebDriverWait

D. ImplicitWait

Ans: C

Q53. Sarah is validating the Registration Page for TestMe App using TestNG Assertions. She wants to execute all the validation statements and display the status as Pass/Fail, along with failure messages if any. Which type of assertions are recommended to Sarah for implementation?

A. Soft Assertions

B. Hard Exceptions

C. Hard Assertions

D. Soft Exceptions

Ans: A

Q54. Sarah is coding to automate a test scenario, in which she must fetch the booking id as a text message from the span element. The web element looks like: <span>Order Completed With Booking ID:6665</span> Help Sarah to find a method from the WebDriver Library to fetch the Booking ID

A. getValue()

B. getTagName()



Ans: c

Q55.Kevin is using CSS Selector as a locator strategy for the following element: <h1 id=”msg01″ nem gistration completed </h1>.He must identify the element

A. By.cssSelector(“h1[id=’msg01′]”)

B. By.cssSelector(“h1 [id=^ prime msg 01^ prime and name=^ prime success 7^ prime prime )

C.By.cssSelector(“h1#msg01 [ name =^ prime success’]”)

D By.cssSelector(“h1 [id=’msg01″][name=’success’]”)


Ans: e d

Q56. Sean is coding to automate mouse interactions on a web browser. Assist Sean to identify the mouse event specific methods from below options.

A. move ToElement()

B. sendKeys()

C moveByOffset()

D. keyUp()

Em keyDown()

F. release()

Ans: a c f

Q57. Which of the following is correct about generating a an XML Suite file in TestNG for Test Suite Execution.

Ans – TestNG XML suite file can be generated at the time of creating a TestNG class,

TestNG XML suite file can be generated using ‘Convert to TestNG’ option in Eclipse afte java class is created.

Q58. Ram is new to UFT and learning about checkpoints in UFT. Help Ram to identify the checkpoint which can validate whether text “Micro Focus MyFlight” is displayed on the title of the MyFlight application or not?

A. Standard Checkpoint

B.Accessibility Checkpoint

C.Text Area Checkpoint

D.Bitmap Checkpoint

Ans: a

Q59. Ashmi is testing the logo of the TestMe Application. She wants to verify the source of the image is: “https://lkmdemoaut.accenture.com/TestMeApp/img/logo.png”. Which of the below checkpoints is appropriate to test his scenario?

A. Bitmap Checkpoint

B. Source Checkpoint

C. Image Checkpoint

D. Page Checkpoint

Ans: d

Q60. James is new to UFT and he is learning about checkpoints in UFT. Please help him to understand which of the given below only applicable for verifying the properties ckpoints is of an image in the web application.

A. Standard Checkpoint

B. Bitmap Checkpoint

C. Image Checkpoint

D. Text Checkpoint

Ans: c

Q61. Adi is trying to run an end-to-end automation script for an E-Commerce project and facing issues every time as there is a change in the object with the new build. Which of the below playback options can help him to run, debug and fix the issue with objects?

A. Update Run Mode

B.Maintenance Run Mode

C.None of the above

D.Normal Run Mode

Ans: b

Q62. Lisa is a new joiner to the cucumber project, She was assigned to execute the scenarios marked with both OAT & UAT tags. Which of the following will assist Lisa to execute the desired scenario using tags from cucumber options?

A. @CucumberOptions(tags= “OAT & UAT”)

B. CumberOptions(tags= “@OAT & @UAT”)

C.@CucumberOptions(tags= “@OAT and @UAT”)

D. @CucumberOptions(tags= “OAT and UAT”)

Ans: c

Q63. James wants to design a scenario in a feature file, in which the complete scenario run multiple times on multiple iterations. Suggest James with a Gherkin keyword to achieve data-driven testing in the feature file.

A. Copy Paste Same Scenario for each data

B. Use Background with Scenario

C. Use Scenario Outline

D. Use Tagged Scenario

Ans: c

Q64. James created a cucumber maven project with the following files: Feature files, TestRunner/CucumberRunner class, and Step Definition class. Which file must be executed by James in order to run scenarios with cucumber options?

A. TestRunner/CucumberRunner Class

B. None of the above

C. Step Definition Class

D. Feature Files

Ans: a

Q65. Which of the following plugin can be used to generate xml reports for the test results using cucumber options?

A. xml

B. json

C. html

D. junit

Ans: a

Q66. Which Gherkin keyword is used to create/execute as a common Given Step for all the scenarios in the feature file?


B.Scenario Outline

C. After

D. Before

Ans: a

Q67. Sam is a software tester who wants to generate an HTML report post the execution of cucumber features. Help Sam to generate the pretty HTML report using the Cucumber Runner class.

A. @CucumberOptions(plugin= “pretty”,”html:report.html”}}

B. @CucumberOptions(plugin= (“pretty”,”report report.html”}}

C. @CucumberOptions(plugin= “pretty”,”report.html”}}

D. @CucumberOptions(plugin=(“html”))

Ans: a

Q68. Arrange the build trigger process in correct order to achieve continuous testing using Jenkins. a. Triggers the build b. Open Reports to see the latest test results c. Jenkins checks the Git repository periodically to detect changes to build project d. The build is Success/Failure e. Testers/Developers commits source code changes to the shared Git repository

Ans – e,c,a,b,d

Q69. Which of the following JMeter Timers is used to produce delays between each user request for a random amount of time?

A. Constant Timer

B. Constant Random Timer

C. Uniform Random Timer

D. Synchronizing Timer

Ans: c

Q70. Which of the following elements in JMeter helps to validate whether a request is returning an expected response or not?

A. CSV Data Set Config

B. Logic Controllers

C. Pre-processors

D. Assertions

E. Samplers

Ans: d

Q71.Which one of the following is not a Controller in JMeter? Choose the most appropriate option.

A. Once Only Controller

B. Condition Controller

C. Loop Controller

D. Module Controller

Ans: b

Q72. Sam has designed a performance test plan in JMeter. He ran the test for 5000 user load. In the report, he observed that JMeter is sending too many requests to the server in a short time, resulting in server overload. Which of the following JMeter elements can be used to handle and solve the server overload problem?

A. Timer

B. Controller

C. Assertion

D. Pause

Ans: a

Q73. Which parameter types in Cucumber Expressions matches text without white space? Example: banana (but not banana smoothie)

A. (text)

B. {string}



Ans: c

Q74. Jack wants to apply checkpoints in an existing test script. He decides to use Keyword View to insert checkpoints. Which all checkpoints can be inserted using Keyword View?

A. Standard, Text, and Bitmap

B. Standard, Text, and TextArea

C. Only Standard

D. Standard and Text

Ans: c

Q75. Sarah wants to automate the selection of only one option from a drop-down box as shown below. Sarah has to select only the fourth i.e. python from the options list.1 <html>2 <body>34567<select multiple> teria@accent<option value=”prog”>java</option>9 </select>10 </body><option value=”prog”>java</option><option value=”prog”>python</option><option value=”prog”>python</option>11 8/html><option value=”web”>html</option>

A. selectByVisible Text()

B. All of the above

C. selectByIndex()

D. selectByValue()

Ans: c

Q76. Sam has created a TestNG project with below specified TestClass. public class TestClass(@Test(priority=1) public void method1() {…}@Testpublic void method3() (…)@Testpublic void method20) (…)@Test(priority=2)public void me acthod40) (—)Predict the test method execution sequence

Ans – method2,method3,method 1,method4

Q77. Fuller has written an automation script using Selenium WebDriver commands. He has used all the necessary and appropriate locators for interacting with the web elements. When he executed the script, the webdriver was not able to locate an element, resulting in test script failure. Which error/exception is thrown by webdriver?

A. NoSuchElementException

B. Cannot predict the name of error/exception

C. ObjectNotFoundException

D. NullPointerException

E. NoSuchElementError

Ans: A

Q78. Which user group in ALM has full privileges to all modules in ALM?

A. Project Manager

B. Developer

C. TDAdmin

D. QA Tester

Ans: c

Q79. Which of the following fields in the defect log helps the tester to prioritize and fix the defect?

A. Severity

B. Prioritized for fix

C. Defect Status

D. Priority

Ans: a

Q80. John has raised a high priority defect in the morning and is waiting for the fix to be completed. At 5 PM, he got a fix from the developer. Now, he also needs to check that the fix implemented does not introduce new defects on the system. What type of testing is he performing?

A. Retesting

B. Regression Testing

C. None of the above

D. Repeated Testing

Ans: b

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