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Q1.The marketing team needs a new dashboard to show the uptake of social users on the company’s corporate forum. The dashboard will contain one particular report that shows the total number of users that registered for the site in each of the months of the year. For this report you want to create a dataset with a calculated column that displays the date with the abbreviated month name followed by the four digit year e.g.1 1/1 / 2018 Which DAX expression should you use?

Ans – FORMAT([RegistrationDate], “MMM yyyy”)

Q2. As part of a large data project you want to create a dashboard using the Power BI Service. Data will come from a variety of different sources. Do you know which of the following sources would require a Power BI Enterprise Gateway?

Ans – SQL Server Analysis Services (on-premise)

Q3. With DAX, there are many functions available to shape, form, or otherwise analyze your data. These functions can be grouped Into a handful of categories Including aggregation, counting, logical etc.

Ans – Duplicate rows are removed

Q4. The Internal finance team needs a new dashboard creating to show projected revenue for the coming years so they can adequately plan for future budgets. All of the data for this dashboard will come from SQL Server 2005 that is running on the company’s main SQL Server machine. The IT team has informed you that the SQL Server machine has many instances of SQL Server Installed including 2005, 2008, 2012 and even 2016. If the server name was ACMESQL and the Instance name provided by IT was when connecting through Power B17 2005, w what would you type into the Server name lexibox


Q5. With Power BI Publish to web, you can easily embed Interactive Power BI visualizations online, such as in blog posts, websites, through emails or social media, on any device.

Ans – You must refresh the data manually after publishing to the web

Q6. The DAX FORMAT function is used to convert a value to text according to the specified format that you provide as the second argument to the function. Which DAX expression below would format the number so that it’s displayed as 20.00%

Ans – FORMAT( 0.2, “Percent”)

Q7. You have loaded data from a database table which contains a list of filenames that have been processed by an Internal team. One particular column called filename contains the name of each file processed eg energy batch 1453.xml. Which Transform function would you use to dissect the filename values into two separate columns, one for the filename and the other for the file extension

Ans – Split Column – Split at Right-most delimiter

Q8. Information Functions (DAX) look at a table or column provided as an argument to another function and tells you whether the value matches the expected type. What is the result of the following DAX expression? HIFISLOGICAL@es Boolean type or Logical”, “Is different type”)

Ans – Is different type

Q9. Some of the tul data analysis solutions in Power BI Desktop can be created by using measures. performing ulations on our data as we interact with our reports. Understanding understanding mesure ause every measure will perform some type of of the below is TRUE regarding measures in Power BI?

Ans – You can reference another measure in a DAX expression by just typing an opening bracket (1)

Q10. When you share with people outside your organization, they get an email with a link to the shared dashboard. They need a Power BI Pro license, and they have to sign in to Power B to see the dashboard.

Ans – d)They can change any filters/slicers available on the reports connected to t o the dashboard a changes and save their

Q11. A CurrentSales Cutanet contains a large number of product codes for terms that the company have sold in the last 12 months. Due to the nature of the business and the wide variety of suppliers, the product codes come in a variety of formats, including med case characters. You want to write a DAX expression that checks if the product code contains the letters “ex” Which DAX function below is the right one to use?

Ans – SEARCH( “ex”, [ProductCode])

Q12. Reports are some major confused with dashboards since they too are canvases filled with visualizations. But there are ferences. Which one allows you to filter, highlight, and slice, and also see dataset tables and fields

Ans – Dashboard

Q13. Read the following paragraph carefully and deadle whether the entire paragraph is TRUE or FALSE? You need a Power BI Pro license to share your dashboard but those you share it with do not need a license. When you share a dashboard can view it and interact with it, but can’t edit it. They see the same data that you see in the dashboard reports unless row-level security (RLS) is applied to the underlying dataset. The colleagues you share it with share the dashboard with their colleagues, your allow them to.

Ans – False

Q14. A sales analysis dashboard contains a model with several datasets. Two of the datasets are called DimCustomer and FactintemetSales. They are linked through model relationships with each customer potentially having many You need to write a DAX expression that will calculate the Total Revenue for each customer by using SUMX and the inherent relationship between the two tables. Which function below would be most appropriateto use inside of SUMX If you didn’t want to further filter the relationship?


Q15. A retail analysis dashboard contains a small collection of datasets Including Sales, Items and Stores. You have dragged the Category field from the tem dataset onto the report canvas. You now want to give users the option to ed one, many or all Categories to her the visuals on the report, Which element should you pick from the zations pane?

Ans – Slicer

Q16. Powerbl is 1/3 price of Tableau

Ans – True

Q17. Q&A is found In

Ans – Dashboard

Q18. Power Bl comes with a range of visualizations to portray any data story you wish. There is one particular visual that’s perfect to help users understand and analyse cashflow during the ups and downs of all months in a financial Which visualisation is this?

Ans – Waterfall Chart

Q19. If you want to combine data from multiple sources into a single model, for example, to join some data from a corporate SQL Server database with some local data maintained in an Excel file. Is DirectQuery a good choice for this scenario rather than Import?

Ans – No

Q20. Say you and your teammates want to distribute your Power BI Insights to your organization. The best way to do that Is to create an app. An app is a collection of dashboards and reports built to deliver key metrics for your organization. To create an app, you need a app workspace, with your teammates as members. Think of the app workspace as a staging area where you and they can collaborate on your Power BI dashboards and reports. All of you can create reports in Power BI Desktop and publish those reports to the app workspace, and all of you need Power BI Pro licenses. If you just want to share a finished dashb I with colleagues should you add those colleagues to the app workspace?

Ans – No

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