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Hello friends if you are looking for Agile and DevOps Multiple Choice Questions with answers | TQ Agile and DevOps objectives type questions | TQ Agile and DevOps Question Answers 2023 | Talent Quotient Agile and DevOps Accenture MCQ Answers then you will get Answers here.

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1.Which term describes the traditional methodology of project management and software development?

B.critical chain
C.progressive flow
D.annual cycle


2.What is the rationale for Scrum teams implementing short sprints?

A.to break work into smaller chunks that can be delivered early and often

B.to maintain a record of each team member’s roles and responsibilities

C.to postpone the detection and resolution of errors until later sprints

D.to improve collaboration and communication among virtual team members


3.What is an example of continuous delivery?

A. automating the generation of user stories for a backlog

B. requiring users to download a software patch

C.releasing new retail versions for customer purchase

D.updating software automatically on a mobile phone


4.Which tool is often used by DevOps to facilitate the development, testing, and deployment of new software?

A. Retainers

B.project management software

C.virtual machines

D.extreme programming


5.What differentiates Agile from the Waterfall methodology?

A.Agile focuses on the completion of the project in phases with strict timelines and deliverables.

B.Agile focuses on the creation of a separate testing phase for the finished final product.

C.Agile accommodates changes which might be needed after defining initial requirements.

D.Agile places emphasis on processes and tools over people and interactions.


6.How do Agile and DevOps interrelate?

A.DevOps defines software requirements that Agile teams develop.

B.Iterations of new increments of software use DevOps practices to seamlessly deploy into a customer’s hands.

C.DevOps creates software that Agile teams help test and deploy.

D.Iterations of new increments of software use requirements developed by DevOps.


7.How can a DevOps team take advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

A. by using Al to collate data from multiple sources and assess existing automation to improve efficiency

B. by ensuring developers have the time needed to write and release code

C. by allowing Al to organize data into separate silos for better data aggregation

D. by focusing on multiple views into systems, and pushing DevOps issues across the process


8.What is Agile?

A. a project management approach in which requirements are gathered at the beginning of the project

B. a project plan in which all participants work together in a sequential way to set up a product

C. a set of core values and principles for working in an iterative and incremental manner

D. a set of core values and principles for working in a linear manner


9.SAFe is a set of organization and workflow patterns, which combines Scrum, Kanban, XP, and DevOps in a super framework, intended to guide businesses in implementing practices more broadly across their Enterprise. What does the acronym SAFe stand for?

A.Speed Awareness Feedback (SAFe)

B.Shared Agility Feature (SAFe)

C.Solution Acceptance Fixes (SAFe)

D.Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)


10.How does Accenture generate value for clients through Agile and DevOps ?

A.through improved speed to market, increased product quality, and increased customer satisfaction

B. through highly detailed process documentation that is updated following every work cycle

C. by scheduling the completion of tasks according to a linear sequence of distinct phases

D. by permanently locking in stakeholder requirements during a project’s planning phase


11.Why does DevOps recommend “shift-left” testing principles?

A.It ensures the reduction of overall development time.

B.It reduces costly re-work during later delivery stages.

C.It decreases end-to-end production costs.

D.It makes collaboration with the client teams easier.


12.An Accenture Technology team located in the US has added a new feature to an existing online ticketing platform. The team would like to have the new feature reviewed by other global teams usin individual instances of the platform. Which technology, when combined with Agile and DevOps, will help the team receive real-time feedback?

A.Artificial Intelligence

B.Internet of Things (IoT)

C. Cloud

D. Robotics


13.Which Agile approach helps teams improve their project cycle time by considering team capacity?


B. Kanban

C. DevOps

D. Design Thinking


14.A global clothing manufacturing company often develops multiple clothing lines simultaneously. Occasionally, the executive design team decides to change designs after development is under way due to market feedback. This results in delays, which in turn lead to missed delivery deadlines. How could the company benefit by applying Agile principles?

A The company can install an Agile project management software to easily accommodate last-minute changes to their products.

B The adoption of Agile will reduce the cost of change, because it requires very little training or planning to successfully adopt

C The company can discover design changes earlier in their process and adapt to them, making appropriate trade-off decisions to meet deadlines.

D The manager has the budget allowance to adopt Agile and no other approvals are necessary.


15.What is a downside of using the traditional Waterfall approach?

A.It requires a larger commitment for collaboration between project team members than Agile.

B It lacks detailed documentation, leading to misunderstandings and difficulties between the team members.

C It can increase costs and delays if updates are incorporated in the development process after the planning stage.

D.It prevents the development team from quantifying the effort, time, and cost of delivering the final product


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