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Hello friends in this post we are going to discuss about Agile Multiple choice questions with answers pdf | Agile MCQ with Answers | Agile Objective type questions | agile multiple choice questions and answers which are mostly asked in tcs wipro infosys

Q.Match the framework to its author in the order of listing:Scrum, Crystal,, Extreme progmming

Ans: Ken Schwaber and Jeff…;Kent Beck

Q. Which of the following BEST describes the approach for determining the sprintlength scrum?

Ans: The team must collectively agree….

Q. The Agile approach to documentation is:

Ans: Do just enough documentation to support the development and use of the product

Q. Providing additional feature without clear understanding of the business need -What is the category of waste?

Ans: Over Production

Q. Who manages the team’s work during a Sprint?

Ans: The team manages the work by self-organization

Q.What is the purpose of Sprint review?

Ans: To inspect the working software with the key….to the next Sprint

Q. Agile for Beginners course is intended towards motivating

Ans: Agile Practitioner

Q.Kris is an expriences PM

Ans: Proactively up-skill

Q. Which of these are Scrum anti patterns?

Ans: Except cross functional team, all other

Q. popular tool used in Agile software development

Ans: Jenkins

Q.Owns product backlog?

Ans: Product Owner

Q._ improves the flow….

Ans: DevOps practices

Q. Ron has

Ans: Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I)

Q. Scrum team works 4 weeks sprint…..

Ans: Adopt practices like test Q.BEST describe why Agile is winning?

Ans: Agile increases the chances of delivering….

Q.Jerald is a leader of TCS customer account….TCS aspiration?

Ans: False

Q. Which odf the following statements are correct?

Ans: Design thinking is about Product …. Design thinking is finding the right things…

Q.Agile teams need to comply by the Agile values and principles but haveflexibility to choose appropriate value-addeding practices?

Ans: True

Q.What BEST describes a scrum team?

small, collaborate, team members, cross, report to PO ….all options

Q.What do all agile frameworks have in common?

Ans: A prescribed, fixed iterationlightweight ..Iterative…

Q. scrum team is using Kanban board to make work visually available to all.What CANNOT be inferred from the board?

Ans: % completion

Q. How should work be allocated to the team in a scrum project?

Ans: Team members must volunteer ….

Q.Daily scrum NOT recommended for colocated team?

Ans: False

Q. Scrum defines _ roles, _ events and _ artifacts?

Ans: 3-5-3

Q.Reason for holding regular sprint retrospective is ?

Ans: Provides an opportunity for the scrum team ….. next sprint.

Q.Charles is ver knowledgeable …?

Ans: Be prepared to face…

Q. On the last day of the sprint, 2 more days….

Ans: CLose the sprint on time Q.Agile manisfesto has _ values and _ principles ?

Ans: 4, 12

Q.Time box for a daily scrum is ?

Ans 15 minutes

Q.Sprint itself is an event in scrum?

Ans: True.

Q.Kanban board?

Ans: A visible chart depicting …

Q.The product owner in a scrum project ?

Ans: Has the final authority over … collaborates with….Product owner has final say

Q. Owns quality in a scrum team?

Ans: scrum team

Q. Only these people are allowed to attend sprint retrospectiveretrospective?

Ans: Scrum team

Q.good agile team should exhibit the following qualities?

Ans: the team self-organizingthe team is cross-functional

Q.Agile estimation techniques?

Ans: Planning pokerT-shirt sizing

Q.100% agile by 2020

Ans: TCS to be regarded , both options

Q. A team is having the first sprint planning meeting. What are the activities teammust perform during the meeting?

Ans: The team must look ….

Q. Not an XP practice?

Ans: Extreme reviews

Q. which of the following statements about changing requirements in softwaredevelopment, are correct?

Ans: except, in traditional way ….all the options

Q.Agile way is …?

Ans: to produce working softwareof high business value and of the right quality,early and incrementally

Q. NOT match with agile manifesto?

Ans: Processes and tools… Contract negotiation

Q. Agile value “responding to change over following a plan” addressed in scrum?

Ans: except During the sprint …all options

Q. MOST likely to happen if th eProduct owner is not available during a sprint?

Ans: The sprint deliverables may not be of desired value

Q.Juaraz is TCS delivery partner …

Ans: Leverage the guidelines…

Q.Noor’s scrum …

Ans: Flow

Q.Increaseing number of TCS customers are moving to the agile way of working.. Whytrue?

Ans: both 1 & 2

Q. benefit of Agile?

Ans: All of these

Q. Which of the following BEST represent the scrum approach to planning?

Ans: Whole team… Daily scrum

Q.Why were the practitioners of ‘alternative software development methods’ notsatisfied with the traditional waterfall method?

Ans: waterfall is not … waterfall model failed ….

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