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1.What is Ansible tower?

Ans – web-based solution

2.After executing the following python code: x = [1, 2, 3, 4] y = x

Ans – both ‘x’ and ‘y’ refer to the same object

3.Docker Machine manage virtual hosts that use

Ans – Command Line

4.Every resource created in Azure must exist in one and only one what?

Ans – Resource group

5. What is the default location for Ansible?

Ans – /usr/ansible

6. Which of the following comprehensions wou L = [4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64] Suld produce this list:

Ans – L=[x^ ** 2forxinrange(9) * ifx > 1 ]

7.Ansible works in ______way.

Ans – Sequential way with client software reply

8. What is the output of the following:What is the output of the following code :a = [XX, YY]for i in a: i.lower()print(a)

Ans – [XX’, ‘YY]

9. Can we pass variables in playbook?

Ans – Yes

10. Which of the following statement is True for ‘var’


var = [1, 2, 3, 4]

Ans – the truth-value of ‘var’ is True

11.Which AWS Cloud service helps in quick deployment of resources which can make use of different programming languages such as Nat and Java?

Ans – AWS Elastic Beanstalk

12. The Command do you use to create Linux file system is

Ans – Mkfs

13. Which of the following can be used as an additional layer of security to using a user name and password when logging into the AWS Console

Ans – MFA

14. Which protocol does an IPv4 host use to obtain a dynamically assigned IP address?

Ans – DHCP

15. After executing the following code:s={x^ ** 2forxinrange(- 3, 3)} what will be the elements in ‘s’?

Ans – 0,1,4,9

16. Default inventory is the only way to provide list of hosts?

Ans – true

17. Your company is planning to use the AWS Cloud. But there is a management decision that resources need to split department wise. And the decision is tending towards managing multiple AWS accounts. Which of the following would help in effective management and also provide an efficient costing model.

Ans – AWS Organisations

18. What is a role of access points in an enterprise network?

Ans – connect wireless devices to a wired network

19. A network engineer must configure the router R1 GigabitEthernet1/1 interface to connect to the router R2 GigabitEthemet1 1/1 interface For the configuration to be applied the engineer must compress the address 2001 0db8.0000.0000.0500.000a 400F 583B Which command must be issued on the interface?

Ans – ipv6 address 2001:db8::500:a:400F:583B

20. There has been an attack on your public-facing website, and the application’s resources have been overwhelmed and exhausted, and are now unavailable to users. What service should you use to prevent this type of attack?

Ans – DDoS protection

21.Which of the following services are part of the Artificial Intelligence service in Azure?

Ans – Azure Machine Learning service

22.Which function does the range of private IPv4 addresses perform?

Ans – allows multiple companies to each use the same addresses without conflicts

23. In which situation is private IPv4 addressing appropriate for a new subnet on the network of an organization?

Ans – There is limited unique address space, and traffic on the new subnet will stay local within the organization

24.What is the output of the following Python code :

def fun(arg):
s = ‘All is well ’
return s+arg
g = fun
res = g(’here’)

ANS – Code generates the following output: All is well here

25.What is the difference regarding reliability and communication type between TCP and UDP?

ANS – TCP is reliable and is a connection-oriented protocol UDP is not reliable and is a
connectionless protocol

26.Consider the following:def f(a, b) : a = 10 b[1] = 10x=^ prime abcd y = [1, 2, 3, 4] f(x, y) print(x, y) What is the output of the above

Ans – abcd(1,10,3,4)

27.What is the primary function of a Layer 3 device?

Ans – to pass traffic between different networks

28. You have a set of EC2 Instances hosted on the AWS Cloud. The EC2 Instances are hosting a web application If you get a DDos attack from the internet which of the following can help in reducing the overall threat to your EC2 Instances. Choose 2 answers from the options given

Ans – Usage of Security Groups

29.Which of the following storage options provides the option of Lifecycle policies that can be
used to move objects to archive storage

Ans – Amazon S3

30.Choose the correct statement for the following code
fin = open(’data’)
foot = open (‘data’, ’w1)
print (fin.readQ)

Ans = The code generates an error at fout.flush

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