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How can features of blockchain support sustainability efforts?

A. Blockchain technologies can improve a company’s energy footprint.

B. Access to data can improve marketing and reduce costs to growth markets.

C. Blockchain technologies can reduce a company’s overal computing power.

D. Supply chain data can help companies provide transparency into social issues.


What is one of the biggest challenges when companies are committed to sustainability?

A.The surrounding community needs to understand the environmental impact of the changes.

B.Employees need to have guidelines about how new changes will impact their salaries.

C.There is a mental shift to consider sustainability in all aspects of the business.

D.Operations are impacted the most due to a reduction in procurement.


What does it mean when a company talks about being carbon neutral?

A. It will eliminate carbon emissions by switching entirely to renewable sources.

B.It will balance out its carbon emissions by reducing or offsetting them.

C.It will stop the production of all the items that are increasing its carbon footprint.

D.It will capture and store atmospheric carbon dioxide generated by their factories.


What is an example of a Scope Three carbon emission?

A. cooking on a barbecue at home

B. purchasing a manufactured item

C. driving a gasoline-fueled vehicle

D. running an electric heater


Over 400 companies have made a pledge under the UNGC Business Ambition. What is the goal of this pledge? achieve net zero emissions by the end of 2025 engage the C-suite on all sustainable efforts

C. To ensure that supply chains use sustainable sources limit global warming to 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels


In addition to environmental issues, what does true sustainability address?

A. increasing revenue and profitability

B.reducing the costs of new technologies

C.preserving social and economic resources

D.increasing data resources and security

Ans – c

A country conducted a thorough evaluation of its environmental impacts and found that it is consuming resources at a 3.0 planet rate. What does this mean?

A.The country has three times as many resources as it needs to be sustainable.

B.The country is able to recycle 30% of the total resources it consumes per year.

C.The country will need to reduce its resource consumption by two-thirds to be sustainable.

D.The country’s temperature will increase by 3.0 degrees Celsius at the current rate of consumption.


How do technologies such as virtual machines and containers help improve operational efficiency? reducing the consumer demand for cloud computing services

B. by eliminating the need for cloud data centers altogether

C. by spreading energy consumption across multiple locations

D. by allowing multiple applications to run on a single server


What is a recent trend relating to sustainability worldwide?

A.The cost of renewable energy sources has increased substantially.

B.Automobile companies are increasing their share of gasoline-powered cars.

C.Net emissions are decreasing in some highly developed countries.

D.The global temperature has stopped rising and started to decline.


What does Accenture mean by “Sustainability will be the new digital?”

A.Sustainability will help all areas within Accenture to create and implement new regulations.

B.Sustainability will be a part of all of our work and drive new value and growth for our clients

C.Accenture will need to replace all of its current technologies to be truly compliant.

D.Digital platforms will be phased out in favor of more traditional business solutions.


The managers of a large urban metro system are concerned that the system’s current operations are leading to an inefficient consumption of energy and are looking for ways to improve its sustainability. What is a solution that could be adopted to make the metro system more sustainable?

A.Install a mainframe computer on each train to gather data on its energy consumption.

B.Install a year-round cooling systern to reduce fluctuations in temperature controls.

C.Use machine learning to optimize the frequency of train routes based on passenger load.

D.Provide passengers with electronic devices that track when they board and exit the trains


Where do most of a software-focused company’s carbon emissions typically come from?

A. corporate operations

B. finance and accounting

C. public relations and marketing

D. product manufacturing


What is meant by ‘one planet living’?

A. engaging in more global markets to increase customer data and profitability

B. consuming resources that benefit growing markets and address social issues

C adjusting resource usage so as not to use more resources than are renewable

D. reducing expenses in order to efficiently manage human population growth


Over the last decade, the overall energy consumption of cloud data centers worldwide has remained relatively the same. Why is this so?

A.There is significantly less customer demand for cloud computing than a decade ago.

B.The technology supporting cloud data centers has become much more energy efficient.

C.Cloud data centers operate with less computing power than they did in the past.

D. Cloud providers have placed limits on the amount of data stored at each center.


How can myNav Green Cloud Advisor help an Accenture client achieve a clear emissions profile for their data centers?

A. by allowing the client to retrieve and store the largest quantities of data possible

B. By applying a single green solution plan to all clients regardless of location or readiness

C. by using special software to e-design data centers with renewable energy sources

D. by establishing the client’s existing data center energy consumption for comparison


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