Design Patterns And Principles Guiding Design Patterns MCQ

Hello friends in this post we are going to discuss about Design Patterns And Principles Guiding Design Patterns which are often asked in Accenture TQ Exam. So for that purpose we have added Design Patterns And Principles Guiding Design Patterns Dumps in our patterns and principles guiding design patterns Objective Type questions are important for Accenture Exam.

1.What are the benefits of design patterns implementation?

A.Provides solution flexibility
B.Documented solutions
C.Reusable solutions
D.Shared and reusable solutions

Ans: A B C

2.What are the essential characteristics of microservices?

A.Easy integration
B.Better isolation
C.Scalable and reusable
D.Enables continuous integration

Ans: A B C

3.Name the person who originally introduced the idea of patterns as a solution design concept.

A.Kent Beck
B.Christopher Alexander
C Erich Gamma
D.Ward Cunningham

Ans: B

4.Which of the following characteristics is not attributed to the principles of design patterns?

B.Not reusable
C.Multiple solution catalogs
D.Documented solution

Ans: B

5.Which of the following statements are not true for design patterns?

A.GOF is one of the catalogs
B.Only supports Java programming language
C.Is meant only for developers

Ans: B C

6.Which of the following characteristics is a result of OOAD principles?

A.Interface segregation
B.Composition over inheritance
C.Program to interface
D.Program to implementation

Ans: A B C

7.A class should have one and only one reason to change.
Which OOAD principle can be attributed with this statement?

A.Liskov substitution principle
B.Dependency inversion principle
C.Single responsibility principle

Ans: C

8.Which of the following patterns describe Ul problems and solutions?

A.WebApp pattern
B.Architectural pattern
C.Integration pattern
D.Interface design pattern

Ans: D

9.Which of the following elements are used to define a design pattern?


Ans: A C D

10.What are the different interaction diagrams used to depict design patterns?

A.Object diagram
B.Sequence diagram
C.State chart diagram

Ans: A C B

11.Which of the following object states can represent multiple states as a single state?

A.Composite state
B.Junction state
C.Subactivity state
D.Simple state

Ans: A

12.Which pattern is not a category of GoF patterns?

B.User defined

Ans: B

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