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51.The Major emphasis of Scrum is on

a.Define, build test
b. Discover, plan, Executive
c. Focus, collaborate, Iterate
d. Inspect, adapt, Transparent

Ans: d

52.what is the idle time to conduct the sprint retrospective meeting by the Agile team?

a.At the beginning of the Sprint to understand the overall plan
b. In the middle of the sprint to find out the blockers
c. Any time during the Sprint when product owner wants
d. At the end of the sprint analyze how the sprint was

Ans: d

53.Which of the following Artifact is NOT referred in Agile project

a. Sprint Backlog
b. Sprint Vision Statement
c. Sprint Burndown Chart
d. Product Backlog

Ans: b

54.An Agile Project has sprint which are of 2 weeks duration sech when should the team plan to start during the test number?

a. Towards the end of the sprint in last two days
b. Once coding is half way, in the mid of the sprint
c. Bright from the beginning of the sprint
d. Only After sprint is completed

Ans: b

55.Which of the following sequences are most appropriate for usage in planning poker estimate for story points?

a. 12345678910
b. 0,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,40,100
c. 10,20,3040,50,60,70,80,90,100

Ans: b,d

56.The Story Point estimation is reflection of

a. Complexity of the user story
b. Commitment to user story
c. Volume of work
d. Validation Of work

Ans: a,c

57.During the release planning of an E-commerce development project, the product owner(PO) explaining a new user story to the project team. Po Says that there should be a shopping call
feature available for the end user to select multiple items and do the purchase. In the previous release the team has done size estimation in story points for a similar user but with a limitation of selecting only one item at g instance of purchase On what basis can the team arrive at a particular estimation of story points for the new story which the PO has asked for?

A. It has to be done relative to the similar feature and team would probably estimate higher
story points considering the additional functionality
B. It has to be twice the similar feature and team would probably estimate double story
points considering the similar of the feature.
C. It has to be broken down to multiple tasks and team would probably estimate the size
based on the effort required to build the user story.
D. It has to be based on the inputs from subject matter expert who has worked on similar
story points and team would consider as expertise

Ans: C

58.The agile Manifesto “Customer Collaboration over contract negotiation means that

A. Agile encourages team to focus on negotiating contracts
B. Though contracts is important, Agile focuses more towards customer collaboration over contract negotiation
C. Unless absolutely necessary, agile approaches prefer not to use contracts
D. Agile recommended team to collaborate with customers without any contractual agreements

Ans: B

59.What are the Advantages of team being transparent in the Agile Projects)?

A. Helps to achieve the goal by knowing the problems when they get introduced
B. Each member knows the strength and weakness of the team
C. Helps in understanding the progress and road blocks on a daily basis
D. All of the Above

Ans: D

60.which of the following soft skills and mindset-related aspects can cause failure of Agile projects, if the team members are tracking it?

A. Learnability (From retrospective meeting)
B. Willingness to share knowledge and take additional responsibilities
C. Ready to accept the change in between the releases
D. Speaking about issues and road blocks during daily stand up meeting

Ans: A C D Sprint review meeting the end users of the product gave feedback to a user story just completed in the sprint. This leads to few changes to the user story. How should the team implement this feedback?

A. Ask Scrum master to create a new story and add to the sprint backlog for the next immediate sprint to do these changes by team
B. Ask project manager to create a new story and add to the product backlog for priorization and planning
C. Ask product owner to create new story and add to the product backlog for prioritization and planning
D. Ask end user to create new story and add to the sprint backlog for next immediate sprint to do these changes by team.

Ans: C

62.The quality of an Architectural design can be assessed based on the system

A. Availability
B. Usability
C. Data flow
D. Control flow

Ans: B D

63.The Source version control tools should be able to determine and communicate to others on any new code changes This concept is known as

A. Code sharing
B. Continuous build
C. Hooking and Pooling
D. Automated code check-in

Ans: C

64.who all will be part of the product backlog grooming exercise meeting in an Agile project?

A. Product owner and scrum master

B. Product owner and the team
C. Scrum master and the team
D. Product owner scrum master and the team

Ans: B

65.Following user story is getting disgusted in a sprint planning meeting “As a retal consumer, want an online search feature so that can search my shopping cart items quickly and easily” As a
developer in this project, what interferences would you derive from the user story?

A. Good no additional information required
B. Good, but need clarification on quickly and easily for UI testing and the search feature
C. Not good as it is high level
D. Not good, as it is at task level detail and not a user story

Ans: B

66.Agile team uses INVEST technique to achieve which of the following objective?

A. To create the product backlog
B. To define and assess an user story
C. To create the sprint backlog
D. To prioritize requirements

Ans: B

67.Which of the following is true with respect to creation of automation test cases in an agile project context?

A. Automate test cases are created during sprint planning
B. Automate test cases are created towards the end of development of user stories just before sprint review
C. Automate test cases are created in parallel with development of user stories in sprint execution
D. None of the above

Ans: C

68.Agile project is getting started in a week’s time. Ralan and peter, the twe developers are discussing about the applicability of automation. While Rajan says automation can be done only
at testing level Peter is of the view that development and deployment can be automated in Agile project along with testing Which of the following is True?

A. Rajan is correct as only testing can be automated in agile project
B. Peter is correct as development testing and deployment can be automated in Agile
C. Peter is partially correct deployment can’t be automated in Agile project
D. Peter is partially correct as development can’t be automated in Agile project

Ans: B

69.What is recommended practice for functional testing when the code is refactored?

A. Testing is recommended only after the code is refactored
B. Testing is recommended just before the code is refactored
C. Testing recommended both before and after code is refactored
D. All the above

Ans: C

70.Pair testing is done in agile projects by two members when one does the testing other analyze the testing Which among the following can form the agile testing pair?

A. Only two testers
B. A developer and a tester
C. Business analyst and tester
D. Any of the above

Ans: D

71.Samin a developer in an agile project is trying to refactor the source code which does not work and has several bugs. Should go ahead and refactor the code?

A. Yes, he should refactoring the code it will help to fix te bug.
B. No, he should not be refactoring the code has to work correctly before it is refactored

Ans: A

72.In the Agile project the defects are treated in the similar manner like requirements and added to product backlog for estimation and prioritization

ANS – True

73.Peter a tester in the Agile team is suggesting about the usage of tool to ensure adequate test coverage is happening in the project. What should the team do about this suggestion?

A. Ignore his suggestion as test coverage is not important for agile projects
B. Acknowledge his suggestion
C. Ignore his suggestion as it will cause delay and would Impact the sprint goal
D. Acknowledge his suggestion and use it only towards the end of the project

Ans: B

74.Why exploratory testing is required for Agile projects?

A. It is ad hoc and easy to accomplish by any team member
B. It can replace any other testing need of the Agile project

C. It can be easily automated in agile projects scenarios
D. To understand hidden risk and where the team held focus for test coverage

Ans: A

75. Continuous Integration practice is not implemented in an Agile project, what is the impact on the team?

A. Unknown issues could pop up at the end of the sprint and the team may not be able to
achieve the sprint goal
B. It could involve code rework at the later part of the sprint of release
C. Team cannot execute any agile project with out implementing Ci practice.
D. Project has no impact if the team is aware of other agile projects

Ans: A B

76.To Improve the effectiveness and cycle time in integration testing. silgas teams looking for a service virtualization tool that can virtualize service oriented architecture layers of the
application Which of the below mentioned tool suites would fit the requirement which can also be integrated in Continuous Integration) server?

A. Maven
B. Rational team concert
C. Parasoft SOA test
D. Clear Case

Ans: C

77.Which of the following tasks are/NOT performed by a tester in an agile projects?

A. updating the product backlog with user stories
B. updating the defect tracker
C. updating the test cases and scripts as the release progresses
D. updating the testing tasks of the user stories for the entire team

Ans: A B

78.James, the developer is using test driven development in his project As he progresses, he finds that he is unable to test a piece of code that requires a live database object which is unavailable for continuous testing. Choose the option that could be adopted by james

A. Use mocking frameworks to mock the database project
B. Stop using TDD for the particular piece of code
C. Ignore the test cases for the piece of cake that requires the database project
D. Gain access to the production database object and continue tests inspite of risks involved.

Ans: A

79.what is the difference between Test Driven Development TDD) and Acceptance Test Driven Development(ATDD)?

A. TDD focuses on developing system level function correct and robust ATDD focuses on testing and individual function of the system correct
B. TDD focuses on developing individual function correct and robust.ATDD focuses on getting the functionality correct from end user perspective.
C. TDD focuses on testing the functional implementation ATOD focuses on testing the non-
functional requirements
D. TDD focuses on testing system level function correct and robust TOD focuses on developing the individual function of the system

Ans: B

80.Continuous integration is all about

A. Identifying and fixing integration and regression issues later
B. reducing risk by getting early feedback.
C. monitoring the tasks for user stories for each sprint
D. identifying the issues at early stages and fixing them at the end of the release

Ans: A B

81.The Functionality of continuous integration server includes

A. Automating the process of integration by monitoring the source code repository
B. Simulating the process of integration by monitoring the source code
C. Helping team integrate the software builds throughout the development issues repository.
D. Tracking the product backlog items and the sprint backlog items for every release

Ans: A B C

82.An Agile team is getting started with a new project and plans to adopt test driven development approach for the first time in which of the areas the team will have the challenge ability?

A. It will be a paradigm shift in the way team think about developing the code.
B. Team will find it difficult to write test cases before implementing the functionality
C. The team will perceive that they are not able to progress quickly as they are writing the test cases first
D. All of the Above

Ans: D

83.which of the following is a characteristic of a good agile team

A. The team members should not take task outside their respective areas of specialization

B. The team members are self-organizing and disciplined
C. Work location is done by project manager
D. Scrum master and product owner roles are interchangeable

Ans: B

84.During one the release planning meeting of an agile project the entire project team along with the product owner And release stakeholders are participating in this activity The team is trying to
come up with the probable date of the rest What are the inputs that would be considered to make a final decision of this aspect?

a. Prioritize the user stories
b. User story estimates in size
c. Split up of tasks for the user stories
d. Team velocity choose the right answer from the following options

Ans: B C D

85.which of the following skills MOST useful for a Scrum master?

A. Planning
B. Organizing
C. Negotiating
D. Managing

Ans: B

86.Who determines HOW much of the product backlog items can be delivered in upcoming sprint?

A. Product owner – Mandates it in requirements planning meeting
B. Scrum Master Decides it in daily stand up meeting
C. Sam estimates based on the capacity and commits in the sprint planning meeting
D. Project Manager-determines based on team capacity in the release planning meeting

Ans: A

87.Which of the following Role is NOT required during the task estimation activity of sprint backlog meeting?

A. Testers
B. Scrum Master
C. Developers
D. Product owner

Ans: D

88.The Agile project is getting Started and the team plans to spend first few sprints to complete the design of the system and started with the development is it right approach to do the agile

ANS – No, design evolved along with the requirements throughout the project execution

89.You are a developer working on an agile e commerce project During the execution of sprint one of the client asks you and asks to change screen which improves the look and feel significantly. What will you do in this?

A. Implement the change immediately
B. Inform this request to product owner and let him decide in which sprint this change will
be taken
C. Discuss this request in details in the next daily stand up meeting
D. Don’t do anything and focus on your current development of the sprint

Ans: B

90.The Agile project has an upcoming release for 2 months duration nd team is expected to deliver 25 user stories prioritized by the product owner

a) Team must ensure that they get the right information and clarity on scope of the release
and prioritization of those features
b) Since the scrum master is closely associated with the team. The team members should
discuss internally with the scrum master and take his/her agreement
c) All the team members must participate in the release planning meeting and provide their
inputs on the interpretations and implementation.

Ans: a,c

91.Why is requirement prioritization important in an Agile project?

A. It reduces the work of the development teams
B. It reduces the cost of the project
C. It helps in team focusing on core requirement items which make business sense
D. None of the above

Ans: C

92.Which of the following elements are encompassed through Architectural

a. Set of components that perform a function by a system
b. Set of connectors that enable communication, coordination and cooperation among
c. Define how components can be integrated to farm the system
d. Semantic models that enable a designer to understand properties of the system

Ans: A,B,C and D only

93.In an agile project,the deployment to multiple servers need to be automated. What should the team do to achieve

A. The team can use the automation tool like udeploy, puppet
B. The team can configure the continuous integration servers like Jenkins/Hudson to
automate the deployment
C. Either of the above
D. None of the above will help for auto deployment in multiple servers

Ans: C

94.In a sprint retrospective meeting while discussing the quality of code. The team finds that they have been writing long method: , duplicate code and big classes Which of the following
corrective steps is the team likely to take?

A. The team should not take any corrective step
B. The team should adopt refactoring technique from the subsequent sprint
C. The team should engage a technical head to change all the code

Ans: B

95.which of the following options best describes the support systems required to achieve an ideal build automation environment

A. Source version control tool, Build tool, Build repositories, static code analysis tool and CI
B. Static code analysis tool, build tool. build repositories
C. Source control tool, build tool and static code analysis tool
D. Build tool, Build repositories, and CI(Continuous integration Server)

Ans: A

96.In the Automation testing strategy meeting the team members are discussing the areas of automation of regression testing which among the following is correct?

A. Functionality which are business critical
B. Functionality which are used by very few users
C. Functionality which are used by many users
D. All functionality should be automated from beginning

Ans: B D

97.Identify from the given options which represents a set of class libraries that help write test class while doing test driven development?

A. Integrated development environment

B. nunit test framework
C. analytics framework
D. continuous integration framework

Ans: B

98.String got number() {
Void setnumber(String arg)
_number = arg

A. Extract interface
B. Extract class
C. Move method
D. Inline method

Ans: B

99.Requirement Categorization is of order

ANS – Theme > Epic > User Story > Task

100.Which of the following is critical success factor while adopting continuous integration?

A. Testing
B. Code quality analysis
C.. Refactoring

D. Automation

Ans: D

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