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1. Scanned copy of passport. . . appropriate action. . ?

Ans: [D] Do no access

2. Personal info not be protected. . .?

Ans: [D] Name

3. Blood group of Infosys Colleague . . .

Ans: [D] Blood group is sensitive information

4. Respect privacy and protect personal data. . .

Ans: [D] All of the above

5. Intranet site. . .photographs of employees

Ans: [D] NOTA 6. Why protect personal info of partners and colleagues?Ans: [D] Both a & b

7. Which about privacy policy is true?

Ans: [D]employees to have control or knowledge on what information about them are beingcollected.

8. Most likely to be an acceptable data processing activity. . .

Ans: [C] Retaining employee’s travel claim expense detail. .

9. Your friend non-Infoscian looking for contact numbers. . .

Ans: [C] Since the contact number is personal data. . .

10. Not true regarding handling of PII

Ans: [A] PII collected from the employee must not be processed by the employee.

11. Performance assessment results of an Employee. . .

Ans: [B] Someone else’s personal info and not be shared. . .

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