Computer Science Multiple Choice Questions with Answer

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Q61.Match the metacharacters with the respective types

?”[][!] 2. > >> < << 3. ,() & && || 4. $1 to $9

ANS-1-D, 2-C, 3-B, 4-A

Q62.the standard output of one program can be redirected as standard input to another program using _

Ans- |

Q63.Which of the following is used to reference data that can act as an abbreviation or can be found at an external location?


Q64.__ is an unparsed character data that can’t be parsed be the parser.


Q65.which OOP principle is the ranking or ordering of abstraction

Ans- hierarchy

Q66.The object which is used to fetch the input from an element for processing is __

Ans- document

Q67.For a logically cohesive module, there are some activities to be experimented. These activities
are preferred from inside the module itself
Is the above given statement true? If not, choose the correct option to make it true.

the activities are selected from outside the module

Q68.What operator is used to present the error “ORA-01427: single row sub query returns more than one row?

Ans – Use the IN operator

Q69.a company wants to create a Leave Management System software for its employees. Find the
classes for Employee Leave Management software. The company wants to maintain its
employee’s leave information.


Q70.A sequence diagram can represent object interactions arranged in a time sequence. It will represent only a sequence of the flow but aspects like branching, looping cannot be represented in the sequence diagram

Ans- False

Q71.Mrs, Nancy has a Pan Card
What is the cardinality relationship between the entities: Person and Pan card

Ans- One to One

Q72.In the City Library when a member needs to return a book, the librarian will collect the penalty from the member if the book is returned later than the due date. When this is represented in a use case diagram, what is the relationship between the use cases “Return Book” and “Calculate Penalty”?

Ans- extend

Q73.which of these have higher precedence: the AND operator or the NOT operator?


Q74.what is a lifeline in a Sequence Diagram?

Objects’s life time

Q75.what is the use of a DTD in XML development?

It is required for validating XML documents

Q76.An end to end testing of application by client users is known as,

ANS – Acceptance Testing

Q77.What are the benifits of ADM?
(1) Project standardization and customization
(2) Common project management framework

ANS – Both (1) and (2)

Q78.Arrange the following stages of Project Lifecycle according to SDLC.
(1) Planning
(2) Initiation
(3) Closing
(4) Execution

ANS – (2) – (1) – (4) – (3)

Q79.Which testing technique tests the functionality of the application without looking at the internal structure of the code?

ANS – Black Box Testing

Q80.Which of the following statement(s) are FALSE regarding Java Architecture?(i) Byte code or .class file is platform independent
(ii) JVM is platform independent

ANS – Only (ii) is FALSE

Q81.Which of the following actions should be performed to ensure cyber safety at a user level?
(i) Automatic downloads from the websites should be enabled
(ii) Automatic security updates should be installed
(iii) Firewall should be turned off if the system has the latest security update

ANS – Only (ii)

Q82.What is the approach of OO ?

ANS – bundle data and method

Q83.What is the term used to define the values that are common across all instances of a class ?

ANS – Static

Q84.Select the benefits of OOP ?

ANS – Resuability,Ease of design

Q85.Which of the below terms represents the levels of hierarchy ?

ANS – Generalization,Aggregation

Q86.Select the true statements about Use Case diagram ?

ANS – Depicts the boundry of the system, Captures users of the system, Captures dynamic aspects of the

Q87.Select the principle that best describes the given scenario. An air-condition can be operated using the button or remote

ANS – Encapsulation

Q88._ is not the exact code for solving the problem but it would give us an idea of how the problem is going to be solved.

ANS – Pseudocode

Q89.State true or false.
 Configuration management is important only during the coding phase

ANS – False

Q90.Enhancements made to the developed software is called as ………………

ANS – Maintenance

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