Hey Friends if you are looking for SECURITY USAGE AND EMAIL MCQ with answers | SECURITY USAGE AND EMAIL Questions with Answers |SECURITY USAGE AND EMAIL Objective type questions | SECURITY USAGE AND EMAIL Multiple Choice Questions Infosys with Answers then you will get answers here.

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1-Which circumstances permit downloading & use a trial version of software. . .?Ans: [D] Not under any circumstances. . .

2-Working on a critical development project & facing difficulty in coding. . .what action to do. . .?Ans: [C] Seek help of your manager who connects you to a senior developer in team

3-You want to complete a job over the weekend & you don’t have an Infosys/client laptop. Whatis the best way to share. . .?Ans: [FORGOT TO WRITE] Confidential client files must not be sent outside the client network.

4-You receive an email that appears to be from the Infosys Financial team requestingcredentials. What action to take. . .?Ans: [C] Notify ISG by attaching suspicious mail for investigation

5-Correct medium to report Information security incident. . . ?Ans: [B] Raising an AHD with ISG or option 2 in global helpdesk number

6-Planning to take online personal certification. . . What mail ID to use?Ans: [B] Personal email ID and unique password

7-While browsing the Internet via Infosys, you accidentally come across a site which seems malicious but is not blocked. . . What do you do. . .?Ans: [B] Exit immediately & notify CCD & ISG through AHD

  1. You have been working on a piece of code for client project…?[B] No, client code…
  2. Under which circumstances you are permitted to download and use trial version… ?[D] not under any circumstances…

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