Hello Friends if you are looking for COMPUTER SECURITY Multiple choice questions | COMPUTER SECURITY MCQ with Answers | COMPUTER SECURITY Objective type questions | COMPUTER SECURITY Questions with answers then you will get answers here.

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1- AIP-Client name & future project details shared with manager. . .

Ans: [A]-Confidential

2- Call from Unknown number. . .

Ans: [C]-Vishing

3- Infosys has the right to monitor, investigate, erase and wipe data. . .

Ans: [A]-Yes

4-Information security to be considered in which phase of SDLC?. . .

Ans: [D]- All of the above

5-Colleague tells you about vulnerability in one of the internal applications. . . What will you do?

Ans: [D]- Report to ISG via AHD

6-Which of the following passwords meets the Infosys requirement and would be easy toremember?. . .

Ans: [C]- InFy4Evr$

7-External auditor seeks your credentials. . . What would be your response?. .

Ans: [B] Politely decline it. . .

8-Can username and password be hardcoded?

Ans: [B]-No

9-Emergency leave. . manager seeks credentials to avoid impact of service. . .what would bemost appropriate to do. . .?

Ans: [B] Inform manager that this will be violation. . . Alternate user ID with similar privileges. . .

10-Accidentally find appraisal information in a shared folder. . . what will you do. . . ?

Ans: [E] Notify Manager

11-Very useful and free utility tool that can be easily downloaded from the internet. . . Will yougo ahead. . .?

Ans: [C] No, Since this could lead to Downloading of Malware.

12-Match the malware:

Ans: [B] Worm: Self replicating. . . Virus: Needs user to launch the files

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