Data Engineering MCQ

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1] Select the benefits of a distributed system?

Ans: fault tolerance, concurrency, scalability

2] Arrange the following ETL processing steps in order from the top?

Ans: ingest data from source, message brokering, streaming data engine, long-term storage and analytics

3] Select the characteristics of a NoSQL data store?

Ans: horizontal scaling, cluster-friendly, dynamic schema

4] Match the data management category with its description?

i] data warehousing, transformation, extraction
Ans: ETL
ii] standardized data, static information
Ans: Reference Data Management

iii] dashboards and real-time results
Ans: Visualization and Analytics
iv] organizational data
Ans: Master Data Management

5] Match the ETL process with its description?

i] format and representation shift
Ans: Transform
ii] importing data for computation
Ans: Load
iii] selecting raw data
Ans: Extract
Business Model

6] Where does the library of job components reside in the Talend Open Studio


7] What high level model is used to get a project overview for ETL jobs in Talend Open Studio?

Ans:Business Model

8] Put the following AI hierarchy steps in pyramid order from the bottom up?

Ans: ETL, Data Exploration, Aggregation, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

9] Reducing the number of fields in the output is an example of what type of

Ans – column-base

10] Match the data storage model approach with its descriptions.
i] Normalization

Ans: Less Redundancy, Standardized
ii] Star Schema
Ans: Fact Tables, Dimension Tables

11] Select the features common to interactive reporting tools.

Ans: sorting, filtering, drilling down

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