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100+ Salesforce MCQ With Answers

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26) which object relationship report type will return only those records where the primary object has at least one related object

a) primary object and related object
b) primary object with or without related object
c) primary object without related object
d)primary object wired related object


27) An organization is interested in leveraging the data loader to load data into salesforce.com which of the following are not the capabilities of the data loader? (choose two most appropriate options).

a) import greater than 50,000 records
b) import data into 2 objects in single transaction
c) rollback import transactions
d) run by command line


28) In a data model,object A is related to C. How will a developer create a report to included fields of A and C ? choose most
appropriate option.

a) create lookup relationships between A,B,and C
b) create a custom report type with A,B,and C and use it in the report
c)create a custom report with A and C fields as relationships already exist
d)report cannot be created


29) An app builder want to use data import wizard to import data. Identify the feature of this tool.(select 2)

a) loads less than 50000 records
b) can not automate import process
c) all objects are supported
d) loads more than 50000 records


30) Recruiting application has a position object that contains location, department and other information related to a position. A report
needs to be customized that is grouped by department but not on locations. Which of the following type of the developer choose?
Choose most appropriate option.

a) summary report
b) tabular report
c) matrix report
d) a report using visual force


31) A developer as created a time based work flow that escalates a lead record 10 days after it has been created if no updates have
occurred. what is the best way to the developer to the test that the new time based work flow rule in functioning ?(choose two most appropriate options)

a) User debug logs setup the developer, create a new lead record, review debug logs
b) create a new lead record, view the time-based workflow queue
c) Set up the developer for the time -based workflow queue, create a new lead record; view
the time-based workflow queue
d) Create a new lead record ,view the outbound messages queue


32) Which of the following options are not available while creating an approval process(choose two most appropriate options)

a) Specify entry criteria
b) Choose approvals
c) Allow any user to Recall from the process
d) Allow submit us to recall the records from any process
e) allow submitters us to edit / modify records when there are in approval process


33) A developer has created an Approval process. when would developer opt from “formula evaluates true “ criteria to be used
instead of ‘’ standard criteria’’(choose two most appropriate options)

a) User profile evaluates to ‘’system administrator’’
b) determine if the record is newly created
c) determine if a record has been updated
d) determine if a field in the record has been changed


34) An admin want to update the already existing records and also want to insert the records from CSV. Which told you recommend?

a) Data Import Wizard
b) Data Loader
c) Data Export
d) Data Export Wizard


35) Which of the following is the Standard report filter ?

a) With or Without
b) Row Limit
c) Show Me
d) Field


36) which of the following determines which fields and records are available for use when creating a report?

a) Reports
b) Dashboards
c) Report Builder
d) Report Type


37) An Admin wants to automate a business process that need input from users whether they’re employees or customers. Identify the
correct tool for this requirement

a) Report Builder
b) Approval Process
c) Flow Builder
d) Process Builder


38) In Recruiting application a position that is of type “Critical” should not be open for more than 14 days. How will you develop the business logic?

a) Time-dependent workflow action to send an e-mail to the owner after 14 days
b) Time-dependent workflow action to send the record for review to owner after 14
c) Time-dependent workflow action to send an e-mail to owner before 14 days
d) Time-dependent workflow action to close the position after 14 days


39) An admin want to load data of Products from CSV file. Number of products records are 32767. Which tool should be used?

a) Data Import Wizard
b) Data Loader
c) Data Export
d) Data Export Wizard


40) How many _______ based sharing rules we can create per one object?

a) 30
b) 40
c) 50
d) 100


41)A manager in an organization wants to share fields od data to his subordinates that only he has access to.what is the best way to share specific fields of data?(choose 2 options)

a) Run as dashboards
b) Folder permissions on a report
c) Run as schedule reports
d) Folder permission on a dashboards


42)How do you highlight totals in a report

a) Roll-up Summary Field
b) Formula Field
c)Custom Summary Field
d) Summary Totals


43) A developer needs to create a trending report what should he/she use to get the historical data?

a) Reports
b) Analytic Snapshots
c) Roll-Up Summary
d) Report Types
e) Audit History Records


44) A developer has created a custom field marked as an external id on an object. If two records in the object have the same external id,
and an up sert action occurred for that same external id what would

a) The first matching external id record would be updated
b) Both matching external id records would be updated
c) A new record is created
d) An error would be reported


45) An organization wants to leverage the import wizards to import different types of data. What type of data cannot be imported through the wizard.

a) Accounts and Contacts
b) Leads
c) Custom Objects


46) When a record has been rejected by all approvers, Salesforce executes all final rejection actions.

a) Lock the record from being edited
b) Send an email to a designated recipient
c) Delete the record
d) Update a field on the record


47) An organization has created an application manage new hires and job positions. A custom object has been created to manage all job
positions. Using an approval process they have configured the application to have the first step of the process require approvals from three different hiring managers Select the two (2) possible approval choices based on multiple approvers for an approval step.

a) Approve or reject based on the first response
b) Require unanimous approval from all selected approvers
c) Require majority approval from all selected approvers
d) Require x out of y approval from all selected approvers


48) What settings can you specify on a profile.

A) Revoke sharing permissions
B) Enable record types
C) Enable create read, create, edit, and delete on objects
D) Specify language


49) An App Builder want to post a message on chatter automatically. Which tool do you think would be more appropriate?

a)Process Builder
b)Approal Process
c)Flow builder
d)Report builder




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