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  1. Which fields are automatically indexed in salesforce?(select 3)
    a)Auto-number b)External Id field c)Relationships Fields d)Owner
    Ans:- b, c, d
  2. In Developer edition how much storage space we get when we
    signup for org?
    a)5MB b)10MB c)15MB d)20MB
    Ans:- a
  3. When do salesforce releases happen in a year?
    b) Spring,Summer,Autumn
    c) Summer,Autumn,Winter
    d)Spring , Summer, Winter
    Ans:- d
  4. A custom object called Position has a Date field called start_Date.
    When a user inserts a
    value into the field ,it should always accept a date that occurs in
    future.How will a developer
    leverage this?
    a)Create Formula field to check if start_date>today()
    b)Create a Validation Rule to check if start_Date<=today() and from
    error if condition is true
    c)Create a validation rule to throw error if start_date is a future date.
    d)No need of any validation rule as if a system validation which
    throws error automatically.
  5. What are the salesforce standard Profiles(select 3)
    a)Marketing User b)Sales VP c)Chatter Free User d)ReadOnly e)Sales
    Ans:- a, c, d 6. A developer has created a flow called candidate wizard to create
    candidates records and activated a version. An end user wants to use
    the flow to create records. Which of the
    following permissions should the end users be having on his profile?
    a)Read & Create permissions in the object CRUD
    b)Read,Create & Edit permissions in the object CRUD
    c)Read, Create & Edit permissions in the object CRUD and
    Run Flows permission
    d)None of the above
    7.Which of the following summaries is NOT a valid summaries for
    Roll-up summary field?
    Ans:- d
  6. To login into salesforce from external tool (like data loader ) what
    information is needed?
    a)MetadataServersURL, Username, password
    b)Username , Password
    c)Connection , Security Token
    d)Username , MetadataURL
  7. What settings can you specify on a profile ? choose 2 options.
    a)revokes of sharing permission
    b)Enable record types
    c)Enables creates read, creates edit and delete on.
    d)Specify language
    Ans:-b, c10.What is App exchange?
    a)It’s a market place where salesforce develops the product
    b)A platform service provided by salesforce
    c)A place where developers can collaborate to exchange thoughts
    d)A community where users can generate ideas.
  8. In salesforce MVC architecture ,what is view component?
    a)Custom fields
    b)Validation rules
    c)Visualforce page
    Ans:- c
  9. A manager in an organization wants to share specific fields of
    data to his subordinates
    that only he has access to. What is the best way to share specific
    fields of data?Choose 2
    a)Run as Dashboards
    b) Folder Permission on a Report
    c)Run as Scheduled reports
    d)Folder Permission on a Dashboard
    Ans:-A, c
    13.An admin wants to enable field history tracking on Account
    object.From where admin can do this.
    a)By selecting dependency button in fields
    b)By selecting field g history tracking buttons in Fields & Object
    c)In profile go to account object and enable field
    d)Go to account object page layout.
    Ans:- b14. A custom field is made as Read-Only in FLS for a user. What is the
    effect of this operation for auser(non-administrator) who inserts
    data from data loader? Choose most appropriate option?
    a)Users can enter the fields successfully
    b)Users cannot insert the value into the field
    c)Data is inserted successfully with the null values
    d)None of the above
    Ans:- b
    15.Which of these components belongs to Model of the Model View-
    Controller design
    Paradigm? Choose most three options.
    a)Custom Relationship
    b)Custom Page layout
    c)Custom object
    d)Custom Field
    e)Workflow Rules
    Ans:- a, c, d
  10. Which are the following ways of implementing data security in
    Salesforce ?
    a)Object Level Security
    b)Record Level Security
    c)Field Level Security
    d)All of the above
    Ans:- d
    17)A formula contains reference to another formula in an
    expression?State true or false?
    a)TRUE b)False
    Ans:- True
    18)which of the following statement about Text field are True?A)Maximum length is 255 characters. It shows the data is multiple
    line. We cannot make the Texttype field as external id.
    B) Maximum length is 255 characters. It shows the data is Single line.
    We can make the Text typefield as external id.
    C) Maximum length is 255 characters. It shows the data is multiple
    line. We can make the Text typefield as external id.
    D) Maximum length is 256 characters. It shows the data is single line.
    We can make the Text typefield as external id.
    Ans :-b
  11. Which of the following statement is not true about custom tab?
    Choose 2 options.
    a)Custom tab is always associated with an object
    b) You can define your own icon & color for the tab style.besides the
    one that comes with salesforce
    c)You can add your own splash screen for a custom tab
    d)Custom tab are visible to the user
    Ans :- b, c
  12. View all and Modify All permissions will NOT open up access to all
    objects records,regardless ofrecord-level access settings.
    a)TRUE b)FALSE
    Ans :- b
    21.How salesforce implements object level security?
    a)Roles b)Profiles c)Sharing rules d)Manual sharing
    22.How can we create Many to Many relationship in salesforce?
    a)Create an object and one MD-relationship field with the parent
    b) Create an object and two MD-relationship fields with the parent
    c) Create an object and one MD and one lookup -relationship fields
    with the parent objectsd) Create an object and two lookup relationship fields with the
    parent objects
    Ans :-b
  13. In formula fields, What is the maximum size of a formula
    a)300 bytes b)2000 bytes c)4000 bytes d)5000 bytes
    Ans:- a
  14. While creating roll-up summary field, the summarized object
    should be
    a)Child object and relationship type should be lookup
    b) Child object and relationship type should be Master-detail
    c) parent object and relationship type should be lookup
    d) parent object and relationship type should be Master-detail
    Ans :-d
  15. A formula that spans two related objects and reference fields on
    those objects is called
    as _
    a)Sample Formula
    b)Single Object Formula
    c)Multiple Object Formula
    d)Cross-Object Formula
    Ans :- d
  16. Which item most closely relate to the view layer of the model
    view controller Paradigm?
    Choose most two appropriate options.
    a) Page Layout
    b) Validation Rules
    c) Custom tab
    d) Custom field
    Ans:- a, d27. Which field we cannot create in child object if it has data?
    a) Number Field
    b)Formula Field
    c)Master-Detail Field
    d)Lookup Field
    Ans:- c
  17. If User “A” has Read, Create, Edit access on object “A” and user
    “B” doesn’t have access onObject “X”. There is a Role Hierarchy in
    which user “A” reports to User “B” .What will happen to therecords
    of the object “X” for User “B”.
    a)User “B” will get Read Write access on records of object “X”.
    b)User “B” cannot access the records of object “X”.
    c) User “B” will get Read-Only access on records of object “X”.
    d) User “B” will get Full access on records of object “X”.
    Ans :- b, c
  18. How many criteria based sharing rules we can create per one
    a)30 b)40 c)50 d)100
    Ans :- c
    30.In a data model for a shopping application, the Order and the
    OrderDetail objects has Master-Detail relationship. Client want to
    count the OrderDetails for every order.What type of field you
    a)Roll-up Summary field
    b)Simple Formula field
    c)Cross-object Formula field
    d)Single Object Formula field
    Ans :- a
    31.On which type of field we can create external Id field? (Select 3)
    a)Phone b)Text c)Email d)Date e)Number
    Ans:-b, c, e32.Which type of fields calculate values using fields within a single
    a)Roll-up Summary field
    b) Formula field
    c)Currency field
    d)Data field
    33.Which of the following is not a cloud Type?
    a)Health Cloud b)Public Cloud c)Hybrid Cloud d)Privaste Cloud
    Ans :- a
    34.What are the consideration to enable my domain?(Select 2)
    a)VF page URL’s will change
    b)Assign domain to a specific profile
    c)Once domain registered it cannot be reversed
    d)Login Salesforce.com cannot be used to login to org once domain is
    Ans:- a, c
  19. A custom object tab is created with tab settings as “Default On”
    for System
    administrator profile.But the tab is not included any of the
    applications.Which of the followingstatement is true for a
    Administrator?Choose most appropriate option.
    a)The tab is directly visible to the administrator in every application
    as it default and no need to
    explicitly include it to any application
    b)The tab will only visible to administrator in “All Tabs” unless it is
    included to applications
    c)A tab cannot be created without including it to any of the
    d) A tab cannot be set to default on if it is not included to any of the
    applicationsAns :-d
  20. Currently Salesforce Support how many different types of UI?
    A)2 B)3 C)4 D)5
    Ans :- b
  21. Can a single sharing rule be written to have both ownership
    based conditions and criteria based conditions in the rule and
    dynamically share the records with different public groups?
    A ) Yes it is possible.
    b) Yes , but features is available only on custom
    c) No , it is not possible
    d) Yes , it is possible only on Accounts
    Ans:- a
  22. In Custom Object on how many fields we can enable field
    a)10 b)15 c)20 d)25
    Ans:- c
  23. Which salesforce editions supports full-featured CRM
    functionality and support for small
    scale companies?
    b)Professional Edition
    c)Enterprise Edition
    d)Unlimited Edition
    Ans:- b
  24. Using a formula field .how would a developer calculate the
    number of days since a record hasbeen created .The CreateDate field
    is a date time field?
    a)TODAY() ==DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)
    b)NOW() ==DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)
    c) TODAY() ==CreatedDated) CreatedDate == TODAY()
    Ans:- a
  25. An Administrator is configuring a formula and want to check
    whether the expression has a value or not. Which of the below given
    function should be used?
    Ans:- c
  26. What is not possible to view in the Debug Logs?
    A) Workflow formula evaluation result
    B)Assignment rules
    c)Formula Field Calculations
    d)Auto Response Rules it is visible in the Debug logs
    e)Validation Rules
    f)Resources used by Apex Script
    Ans:- c
  27. With which layer of model-view –controller paradigm do
    standard or custom objects areassociated with?
    a)View b)Model c)Controller d)View and Controller
    Ans:- b
  28. In Which Salesforce instances would there be identical IDs?
    a)Production, Full-Sandbox
    b)Production, Full Sandbox , Apex Sandbox
    c) Production, Full Sandbox, Config only, Apex Sandbox
    d)Salesforce.com never represents records IDs.
    Ans:- A
  29. A custom object named as Job_Application has a lookup
    relationship with another custom objectcalled Position. On Position page layout, there is a related list that displays the list of
    RelatedJob_Application. In the related list currently Job_Application
    name is the only field
    that displayed. Management wants to include few more columns in
    the related list.How will thedeveloper implement this using
    declarative approach?
    a)Create a VisualForce Page and use a page block table/data table
    b) Create a VisualForce Page and use tag.
    c)Customize the related list properties to include the column
    d)Cannot be implemented as it is a lookup relationship.
    Ans :- d
  30. Which of the following is NOT a valid category of function?
    a)Date and Time Functions
    b)Arithmetic Functions
    c)Math Functions
    d)Logical Functions
    Ans :- b
  31. Admin wants to show the total number of days since the case is
    opened to end users.Which typeof field admin should use?
    a)Roll-up Summary
    Ans:- c
  32. Universal Containers needs to make all records of an object
    visible to all users when it is in
    “Approved” status. The records are created with “New” status and
    are only visible to a select
    set of users. How will a developer implement this? Choose the Right
    answer a)Set the object level sharing to Private, add a workflow rule to
    update the sharing rule when statuschanges.
    b) Set the object level sharing to Public Read-Only, restrict the
    sharing when status is ‘New’.
    c) Set the object level sharing to Private, create a public group with
    appropriate users, modifymanual sharing to public group based on
    d)Create role hierarchy, modify the user profiles when status
    Ans:- c
    49.Identify the correct validation rule which validates that the
    Registration_Date__c data field
    contains a data within the current year.
    a)YEAR( Registration_Date__c)<>TODAY()
    b) YEAR( Registration_Date__c)<> YEAR (TODAY() )
    c) Registration_Date__c<> YEAR(TODAY() )
    d) Registration_Date__c<>TODAY()
    Ans:- b
  33. A developer needs to make a field that is normally accessible by
    most users inaccessible on thereport wizard for specific users. What
    the best method to fulfill that requirement?
    a) Field level security
    b) Remove the field from the page layout
    c) Remove the field from the user profile
    d) Change my display under personal settings
    Ans :- a
  34. Which fields automatically Indexed in Salesforce? (Select 3)
    a)Auto-number Field
    b)External ID Field
    c)Relationship Field
    d)Owner Field
    Ans :- b,c, d52. In a master-child relationship between a standard object and
    custom object. Which of the
    following statements is NOT true. Please select two (2) items
    a) Standard object is always the master
    b) Custom Object is always the master
    c) Custom object is always a child
    d) Standard or custom object can be a master
    e) Standard object is never a child
    Ans :-b, c, d (2 or 3 check question)
  35. Which of the following is not a salesforce product?
    a)Sales Cloud
    b)Accounting Cloud
    c)Service Cloud
    d) Marketing Cloud
  36. An application was designed without considering requirements
    for reports are dashboard.
    Which of the following statements is TRUE.
    a) The data model will support all the requirements of the
    application including reports and
    b) Reports are part of the application and application design will take
    care of it.
    c) No special considerations for reports or dashboard are required as
    salesforce can natively take
    care of the requirements.
    d) The data model and the application will not cater for reports and
    Ans:- d55. which of the following ways to create a custom object?(Select 2)
    a)From Object Manager Tab in Lightning Experiences
    b) Using Schema builder
    c) Using Flow builder
    d) Using App builder
    Ans :- a, b
  37. What is true about Encrypted Fields?
    a) They are available in Validation Rules or Apex Scripts even if the
    user is not having thepermission
    ‘View Encrypted Data’.
    b) Encrypted fields can be converted to other field types
    c) A custom field can be converted to Encrypted Field.
    d) In Email Templates, if an encrypted field needs to be displayed
    without the mask character, theUser who receives the email, should
    have ‘View Encrypted Data’ permission.
    Ans :- a
  38. A custom object Job_Application has a lookup relationship with
    another custom object called
    Candidate.On the lookup field in Job_Application , currently
    candidate name field which is an auto-number is the only field that is
    visible in the lookup dialog.Management wants to
    display few more candidate like first_Name, Last_Name and email_Id
    on the lookup
    dialog.How will a developer meet this requirement using any
    declarative approach feature?
    Choose Most appropriate options.
    a)Additional fields from candidate object cannot displayed using
    b)It is not possible to implement this requirement as candidate is a
    c)It is not possible to meet this requirement as there is a look-up
    relationship between Objects.d)Customize the lookup dialog in search layouts to include required
    Ans :- d
    58.What type of custom fields can be used as External ID? Choose 3
    a)Text Field which is Unique.
    b) Text Field which is required.
    c) Text Field which is Encrypted.
    e) Email
    Ans:-a, b, e
    59.Identify the valid statement about Page Layout. Choose 3 options.
    a) They can have 1 or 2 or 3 column sections only
    b) You can add a custom detail , list button.
    c) You can hide a section header Detail view or Edit view or Both
    d) We can add blank spaces instead of fields.
    e) Preview the layout for different profiles.
    Ans:- a, b, e
  39. How does salesforce enforces data access using rule hierarchy?
    Choose most appropriate
    a)Users are given access to the records owned by the users who are
    below the role hierarchy.
    b) Users are given access to the records owned by the users who
    shares the same role on the role
    c) Users are given access to the records accessible by the users who
    are below the role hierarchy.
    d) Users are given access to the records accessible by the users who
    are above the role hierarchy.
    Ans :- b61. An admin created two roles as regional head and regional
    manager. Regional managers
    reports to Regional Head in role hierarchy. Regional manager created
    records of a custom
    object Regional_Sales__c Regional Head not able to see these
    records.What could be the
    a)Regional_Sales__c OWD is Private .
    b)Grant Access Using Hierarchies check box is not checked for
    c) Regional_Sales__c OWD is Public Read Only.
    d)Regional Manager and Regional Head users are not in same profile.
    Ans:- b
  40. What settings can you specify on a profile. Select 2 options
    a) Revoke sharing permissions
    b) Enable record types
    c) Enable create read, create, edit, and delete on objects
    d) Specify language
    Ans :-b, c
  41. Which data type allows to create Roll-up Summary field?
    c) Master-Detail
    Ans :- c
  42. How many fields custom object have?
    Ans :- b65. what should a system administrator use to disable access to a
    custom application for a group ofusers?
    a)Profiles b)Sharing Rules c)Web Tabs d)Page layouts
    Ans :- a
  43. Which of the following is a type of valid Name Field?
    a)Number b)Formula c)Checkbox d)Auto-Number
    Ans :-d
  44. Standard Picklist fields can be controlling or dependent?
    a)True b)false
    Ans :- b
  45. what is true about Master-Detail relationship? (Select 2)
    a)You cannot delete child object
    b)When the parent record is deleted , all child records will be deleted
    c)You have to expose the master-detail field on the child object page
    d)You can have a child record without the parent record.
    Ans :-b, c
  46. Can you use an IF statement in Formula field?
    A)True b)false
    Ans :-a
    70.What are required pieces of a validation rule?
    a)Error Message b)Condition formula c)Description d)Return value
    e)Rule Name
    Ans :- a, b, e
  47. A user’s profile does not have any permissions to view a custom
    object.However theorganization wide defaults for the custom objects
    are set to Public Read/Write. Users with
    this profile will still be able to access the custom object?a)True b)False
    Ans :- b
  48. How can you make a field mandatory?
    a)Check the required field box for the field on the record type
    b)Check the required field box on the field definition.
    c)Creating a validation rule for the field.
    d)Check the required field box on the page layout.
    Ans :- b, c, d
    73.Before code can deployed in production , what percentage of test
    coverage must be
    a)25 b)100 c)50 d) 75
    Ans :-d
  49. What is the correct way to describe Model view-architecture?
    a)Model: Standard and Custom Objects ; View: Visualforce Pages;
    Controller: Validation Rule
    b)Model :Schema Builder ; View :List views; Controller: setup Console
    c)Model: Standard and Custom Objects ; View: Visualforce Pages;
    Controller: Apex Code
    d)Model : Apex code ; View : List views ;Controller : setup console
    Ans :- c
  50. universal containers needs to create a roll-up summary field on a
    custom object that
    counts the number of related records on another custom
    object.What type of field must exist
    before the roll-up summary can be created and where should it be
    a)A lookup relationship field on the parent object.
    b) A lookup relationship field on the child object.
    c) A master-detail relationship field on the parent object. d) A master-detail relationship field on the child object.
    Ans :- d
  51. If a child record in a master-detail relationship is deleted , the
    parent is deleted.
    a) TRUE b)FALSE
    Ans :- b
  52. What is the default OWD value for a newly created object?
    b)Public Read Only
    c)Controlled By Parent
    d)Public Read/Write
    Ans :- d
  53. Which salesforce edition allows to create unlimited custom apps?
    Ans:- D. Unlimited Edition
  54. Permission sets is used to give additional access to users.
    Ans:- a) true
  55. Which of the following resources are used in declarative
    Ans:- D. All of the Above ( approval,process,flow)
  56. In a data model of an application, Job application and review
    objects has Master-Detail
    relationship where job application is parent of review. What will be
    the relationship name for
    child-to-parent relationship?
    a. Review__cb. Reviews__r
    c. Job_Application__c
    d. Job_Application__r
    Ans:- c
  57. An app builder configured an approval process to give more %
    discounts on products.This
    approved process should be invoked automatically.Suggest the
    correct tool to implement this
    Ans:- D.Process Builder
  58. Which of the following is a valid access level a sharing rule can
    provide on the shared
    Ans:- A. Read-Only
  59. Admin wants to create an Auto-number field.What is the
    maximum number of characters
    can be included in the field?
    Ans: c 30
  60. Identify the valid statements with respect to Encrypted fields
    Ans:-B, C, D, E
    B.Encrypted fields are not searchable and can not be used to define
    report criteria.
    C.Encrypted fields can be included in search results, report results.
    D.They are not available for use in filters such as list views, reports,
    roll-up summary
    fields, and rule filters.
    E. Encrypted fields are not available in lead conversion, workflow
    rule criteria orformulas, formula fields, outbound messages, default values, and
    Web-to-Lead and
    Web-to-Case forms.
  61. An app builder wants to post a message on chatter automatically.
    Which tool do you think
    would be more appropriate?
    Ans:- a process builder
  62. Which of the following functions is not available in sfdc?
    Choose the appropriate option
    Ans_; E. CEIL
  63. Which of the following is not a cloud service?
    Ans:- ZAAS
  64. How many MD relationship ,we can create in one object?
    Ans. B. 2
    90.How many master relationships can be there per detail object.
    Ans:- 2
  65. How many lookup relationships can be there per child.
    Ans:- 25
    92.Which of the following falls under Declarative View Layer of
    Salesforce MVC pattern:
    A. Field Creation
    B. Record Types
    C. Validation Rules
    D. Force.com Sites
    Ans.B93. What is true about Id fields in salesforce.com?
    Ans. D they can never be same all the organization
  66. Which of the following return types are not available in formula
    Ans:- c, d, e
  67. On which object we cannot create Sharing rules?
    Ans:- c. detail object
  68. Under which circumstances would the sharing button be enabled
    on a detail view for a record?
    Ans:- c
  69. Which of the following is a part of Service Cloud?
    Ans:- b. Case Management
  70. Test area(long) fields can be made mandatory at field level?
    Ans:- B. false
  71. Identify the correct validation rule which validates that the
    registeration_date__c date field contains a date within the current
    Ans:- b

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