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Which of the following is the description for the Level 1 OWASP threat assessment maturity practice?

The correct answer is: Identify and understand the high level threats to the organization and
individual projects

Which of the following is CORRECT with respect to the Scrum Master role?
a) the role is hierarchical
b) the role is at the same level that of the team
c) its authority is limited to enforcing the Scrum process
d) the role acts as a bridge between multiple audiences to facilitate discussions
e) the Scrum master should possess a high IQ to solve technical problems

The correct answer is: Only b,c,d

When you are choosing Custom Vs Package implementation, which factors would you want to
consider ?

The correct answers are: Historical Factors, Product Availability

Identify the usage of sandboxes in Cloud Application Security.

The correct answers are: Discover attack vectors and agents, Discover vulnerabilities, Discover the
impact of the applied malware

Identify the services provided by Microservices when compare to Design Patterns.

The correct answers are: Implementation, Environment, Code Access

What are the two important objectives when adding testing code to a project?

The correct answers are: Prevent test code from being compiled into production code, Ensure test-
related code is isolated

Once the Configuration Management team determines the appropriate level of CM control. ABC
Utility is trying to determine which CM Tool to use. Assume that you are part of CM team and select
the appropriate tool to use. Choose exactly THREE correct options.

The correct answers are: PVCS(Poly Version Control System), Mercurial, VSS(Visual SourceSafe)

For handling errors in ABC project code base, Sam has been assigned task for creating exceptions.
Which guidelines he must follow while writing exceptions?

The correct answers are: Always handle the exception as it is an unusual event that may occur.,
Create new types of exceptions to handle any kind of situation if need be.

Which of the following mitigation techniques can be adopted to avoid Broken Authentication &
Session Management problems?

Ans –

  1. Hardening user account management
  2. Configuring the appropriate session timeout values

What are the pitfalls concerning the cloud application development?

The correct answer is: Using untrusted Third party APIs

Which areas of a code layout must be considered to reduce comments on methods and reduce

The correct answers are: Blocks of code, Indentation, The use of white space, Naming conventions

Which of the following is a unit of work that a role may be asked to perform?

The correct answer is: Task

What are the components of Accenture Delivery Suite(ADS)?

The correct answer is: Methods & Estimators, Tools, Architecture, Metrics

Sprints are usually ___.

The correct answer is: Time Boxing

Which of these is an administrative responsibility for the team?

The correct answer is: Attend the daily scrum ceremony and provide the hours consumed or burned

What does VSM tool help reduce?

The correct answer is: All of the Above

What is the logical grouping of elements that have single major outcome/ business result?

The correct answer is: Activity or Discipline

Mr. Peter is from Technical Support team of a software firm. There was a request for him to install
Cucumber tool for performing the BDD. As a prerequisite, Mr. Peter has to install one among the
below software’s before installing Cucumber tool. Identify that software.

The correct answer is: Nodejs

Sujata a senior developer of project has been assigned a task to look at the code structure and
decoupling component wherever deemed necessary. What points she should keep in mind while

The correct answers are: Dependencies to external libraries are well known., The average complexity
of classes, programs, methods, procedures, or functions is under control., There are no cyclic
dependencies between classes, components or layers.

Ms. Julie has to write a project document that proposes the Configuration Management adoption
into the project. Which among the below are the benefits you think Ms. Julie can quote in her

Ans –

A. Establishes and maintains the integrity of the items that have been placed under its control
B. Accounts for and reports the progress of development efforts
C. Prevents unauthorized access to assets
D. Coordinates, tracks, and manages change activities
E. Facilitates concurrent development

Mr. John performs testing to ensure continuous improvement to the software being developed.
Which of the code will be testable as part of continuous testing?

The correct answer is: Both software and Infrastructure Code

Which of the following tasks will be performed by the Configuration Manager?

The correct answers are: Tracks and Reports on CM status and audits., Plans Configuration
Management, Attends and facilitates CCB meetings.

While doing TDD, Which of the following is recommended?

The correct answer is: Tests to be frequently run for effectiveness

How does microservices provide small, manageable, and deployable components.

The correct answer is: Micro-service Containers

What are the three security features match the Server level security ?

The correct answer is: All of them

Which steps are recommended to be performed by Development team to optimize testing?

The correct answers are: Identify risk areas, Properly report risk

Complete the statement: Application Design can be done using __

The correct answer is: Custom/Packaged/Both

Joshua being a project manager, need to suggest methods to developers of project so that client become high-performance businesses by delivering high-quality code. Which are they?

The correct answers are: Implementing the practice of peer reviews., Using automated code review
tools, if permitted by client, Follow the Accenture Code Quality Model, Adhere to Accenture Delivery
Methods best practices and guidelines

Which of the following are not benefits of code optimization techniques?

The correct answers are: Improves the organization’s performance, Improves the compilation time
of an application

Every sprint starts with and ends with __ and __.

The correct answer is: 1. Sprint planning 2. Sprint Review 3. Sprint Retrospective

What are various lines of businesses that Accenture Delivery Suite(ADS) support?

The correct answer is: Technology, Digital, Operations, Security, and Strategy

The most encouraged time of day to hold a Scrum Daily Meeting is _______.

The correct answer is: The beginning of the day

What are the OOP components that is influenced in Design Patterns?

The correct answers are: Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism

What relationship(s) can a work product have to task?

The correct answer is: Optional input, mandatory input, primary output and secondary output.

What are the OOP components that is influenced in Design Patterns?

The correct answers are: Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism

Linda, an AWS cloud administrator, used to generate a soft token in her mobile every time she used
to login to AWS cloud console as part of cloud application security practices.
Which of the following type of Identity access this action refers to?

The correct answer is: Multifactor authentication

Why are policies required for a project?

The correct answer is: All of the above

Swiss Knife is capable enough to perform multiple tasks but if you want to change one of the blade
or component of the Swiss Knife, all other components need to be removed as well, meaning has
impact. Which SOLID principle does the above quote does not satisfy?

The correct answer is: Single responsibility

What are the benefits of adopting the security-centric approach to develop the applications in the cloud?

The correct answer is: All the above

Consider the identity and access management solutions by various providers as given below.
Google Apps SSO;
Microsoft SQL Server Integrated Security;
Microsoft Office Online;
The above solutions comes under which type of identity and access management solutions?

The correct answer is: Single Sign-On/Off (SSO) identity

What are the responsibilities of the Change Control Board?
Choose exactly TWO correct options.

The correct answers are: Monitor changes and updates to the project requirements as part of CM.,
Review and authorize changes to the baselines.

What was seen in application over time, which creates the need of solutions which could also be
used in other projects?

The correct answer is: Complexity of application and managing business

Mr John has developed a software program and to make his program run faster he allows portion of
the program to reside in a computer’s memory. However, this approach will cause the program to
consume more memory. As a result, the program will be optimized in terms of speed, but will be
inefficient in terms of memory utilization. What Mr. John is trying to achieve in this scenario?

The correct answer is: Code Optimization

To secure the http messages in the API calls, its necessary to:

The correct answer is: All the above

Which of the following statement is not CORRECT about code quality metrics?

The correct answer is: Tight coupling and low cohesion indicates high quality of code

How to ensure reusability of code in a project?

The correct answers are: Sometimes you do this by breaking it into multiple independent blocks,
Having loosely coupled system, No dependable modules

John has written code that includes multiple methods that is not synonymous with functionality of it.
Many of those methods contain lots of nested statements, hard coded values and over 500 lines of
code. What standard coding patterns would you suggest to him?

The correct answers are: Name of methods does not matter., Group logically related statements for
easy readability

Mr. Neil has to create a project document that includes Configuration Item categories in the project
he is currently working on. He has proposed the Configuration
Item categories that are quoted below –
A. Project Documentation
B. Architectures
C. Interfaces
D. Designs
E. Source code and Executable code.
Mr. Vincent is the Configuration Manager in the project. While reviewing the document, Mr. Vincent
has found that few more configuration item categories can be added.
Assume that you are Mr. Vincent and determine few more categories that can be added to the

The correct answers are: Metrics and Status Reports, Requirements, Training materials, Databases
that include processed data

When an user can fall victim of cross site scripting?

The correct answer is: All of the above

What are some of the ways test-driven development can benefit a project compared to other

The correct answers are: Supports continuous integration, Enhances collaboration among various

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