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151.How does ADM align to the new ?

a. Longevity
b. Extensions and Context
c. Vastness
d. Reputability

Ans: a b c

152.What are the benefits of adopting the security-centric approach to develop the applications in the cloud?

a. Early identification and mitigation of security vulnerabilities
b. Reuse of the security stratergies and tools
c. Identify system configuration issues
d. All the above

Ans: d

153.When an user can fall victim of cross site scripting?

a. User fails to identify the forged links/websites
b. All of the above
c. User’s browser is compromised
d. User clicks on some link which then shouldn’t be

Ans: b

154.Kiran needs help in following the rules that must be followed while creating exception handling strategy. Which rules he must consider from below list?

a. Create meaningful exception messages.
b. Think of a strategy for logging exceptions
c. Delay till testing to rectify an incorrect exception.
d. Differentiate between application business and technical exceptions.

Ans: a d

155.Alex is addressing the Scrum Development Team and educating them on ‘Courage’,
which is one of the core values of Scrum. Which of the following is an appropriate
explanation that Alex can give his team on ‘Courage’?

i) Courage in sharing facts as it is
ii) Courage to change direction when needed
iii) Courage to support Scrum Values
iv) Courage to not deliver incomplete deliverables

Ans:All the option

156.What is the function of a federated identity?

a. Enables users to gain access to an application with a federated user name
b. Enables users of one secure domain to securely access resources in another
domain seamlessly
c. Enables users of an application to use the same authentication for other
application by the same application
d. Enables users to be certified to use specific applications

Ans:All the option

157.Which of the following tasks will be performed by the Configuration Manager?
choose exactly THREE correct options.

a. Makes sure that project complies with CM standards and procedures.
b. Plans Configuration Management
c. Attends and facilitates CCB meetings.
d. Tracks and Reports on CM status and audits.

Ans:b d

158.Identify the order of steps for Code review process.

a. Conduct a review
b. Plan for a review
c. Resolve review points
d. Validate resolutions
e. Prepare for a review
f. Baseline a software work product

Ans: b, e, a, c, d, f

159.Mr. Neil has to create a project document that includes Configuration Item categories in the project he is currently working on. He has proposed the Configuration Item categories that are quoted below –

A. Project Documentation
B. Architectures
C. Interfaces
D. Designs
E. Source code and Executable code.
Mr. Vincent is the Configuration Manager in the project. While reviewing the document,
Mr. Vincent has found that few more configuration item categories can be added.
Assume that you are Mr. Vincent and determine few more categories that can be
added to the same.

a. Metrics and Status Reports
b. Requirements
c. Databases that include processed data
d. Training materials

Ans: a b

160.What is the First Step in the process of Implementing Kanban?

a. Kanban Board
b. WIP
c. Define Components
d. Queuing the Stories


161.Which of these options go well with Feature Boxing?

a) It can span multiple sprints and does not require prioritization of user stories.
b) Lack of prioritization creates the risk that important features may not make it into the
c) It also means that lower priority items can be completed early and then deemed not
as important later.

Ans:All a,b and c

162.John has written code that includes multiple methods that is not synonymous with
functionality of it. Many of those methods contain lots of nested statements, hard coded
values and over 500 lines of code. What standard coding patterns would you suggest to

a. Group logically related statements for easy readability
b. Name of methods does not matter.
c. It’s okay to have hard-coded values in the same code
d. Limit the method size between 100 and 150 code lines by refactoring it

Ans:a b

163.Scrum of Scrum meeting is focused on ?

a. Progress within a team
b. Resolving coordination challenges within a team
c. Resolving coordination challenges between teams
d. Progress of every individual


164.Which SOLID principle states that an abstraction should not depend on details, but the
details should depend on the abstractions?

a. Open Closed Principle
b. Interface segregation
c. Single responsibility
d. Dependency Inversion Principle


165.Which of the following is not a Scrum Master’s responsibility?

a. Establish priorities together with the Product Owner for Product Backlog Items
b. Socializing the Scrum throughout the organization.
c. Empowering the team.
d. Preventing the Senior Management from shifting the team priorities


166.Which of the following is the description for the Level 2 OWASP threat assessment maturity practice?

a. Map compensating controls to each threat against the internal and third-party
b. Identify and understand the high level threats to the organization and individual
c. Increase the accuracy of the threat assessment and improve granularity of per-
project understanding.


167.Ms. Julie has to write a project document that proposes the Configuration Management
adoption into the project. Which among the below are the benefits you think Ms. Julie
can quote in her document?

A. Establishes and maintains the integrity of the items that have been placed under its
B. Accounts for and reports the progress of development efforts
C. Prevents unauthorized access to assets
D. Coordinates, tracks, and manages change activities
E. Facilitates concurrent development

Ans: A,B,C,D and E

168.Mr. Vincent is the Configuration Manager for one project in Accenture. He has to identify
and establish Configuration Items.
Assume that you are Mr. Vincent and select the steps involved while identifying and
establishing CIs mentioned below.

A. Determine CI Categories.
B. Determine CM Control Levels.
C. Determine CI Tools.
D. Determine CI Naming Conventions.
E. Audits and Status Reporting
F. Select CIs

Ans: A,B,C,D,F

169.If we need to apply design patterns, can we do it without the principles of object- oriented programing and standards?

a. Yes, Design Patterns can be formed by principles, any programing language
and standard
b. Yes, Design Patterns are logical and comprehensive sequencing of elements
with procedural principles
c. No, Design Patterns are logical and comprehensive sequencing of elements with
object-oriented principles only


170.What are the components of Accenture Delivery Suite(ADS)?

a. Methods & Estimators, Deliverables, Process, Metrics
b. Methods & Estimators, Deliverables, Architecture, Metrics
c. Methods & Estimators, Tools, Process, Metrics
d. Methods & Estimators, Tools, Architecture, Metrics


171.Mr John has developed a software program and to make his program run faster he
allows portion of the program to reside in a computer’s memory. However, this
approach will cause the program to consume more memory. As a result, the program
will be optimized in terms of speed, but will be inefficient in terms of memory utilization.
What Mr. John is trying to achieve in this scenario?

a. Speed Optimization
b. Code Optimization
c. Memory Optimization
d. Memory utilization


172.Which of the following are phases of NIST SDLC model?

A. The initiation phase
B. Functional Specification phase
C. Acquisition and development of the solution
D. The Maintenance phase
E. The operations and maintenance phase


173.What is the logical grouping of elements that have single major outcome/ business

a. Activity or Discipline
b. Workstream
c. Stage


174.In a Banking application, we keep the Customer UI logic separate from the backend or the business logic of our application. Which GRASP principle would take the request from the UI and then assign that to the proper object to do the work?

a. Low Coupling
b. Controller
c. High Cohesion
d. Creator


175.Every sprint starts with and ends with __ and __.

a. 1. Sprint Retrospective 2. Sprint Review 3. Sprint planning
b. 1. Sprint Review 2. Sprint planning 3. Sprint Retrospective
c. 1. Sprint planning 2. Sprint Review 3. Sprint Retrospective
d. 1. Daily Stand Up 2. Sprint Review 3. Sprint retrospective


176.What is the key benefit of the least privilege approach to security?

a. Ensures modular, reusable output
b. it minimized the level of compromise in the event of a security breech
c. it results in the tasks being completed quicker


177.The trend of work remaining across time in a sprint, a release, or a product, with work remaining tracked on the vertical axis and the time periods tracked on the horizontal axis is called?

a. Burnup Chart
b. Parking lot Chart
c. Progress Chart
d. Burndown Chart


178.Which of the following types of testing and their contribution to overall system documentation are correct.

a. All of the above
b. Unit Tests – Contains working specification of functional code
c. Acceptance Tests – Specifies and defines critical requirements
d. Regression Tests – Becomes detailed executable specification


179.Which global policy of Accenture does ADS meet?

a. Policy 0012
b. Policy 1100
c. Policy 1200
d. Policy 0011


180.Which areas of a code layout must be considered to reduce comments on methods and reduce errors?

a. Indentation
b. Blocks of code
c. Naming conventions
d. The use of white space


181.Mr John is working for an E-commerce application, There are various interdependent
components to this application like Payment Provider, and Gateway, etc.. Choose CORRECT options for suitable testing needs to be performed to test the whole solution.

a. Integration Testing
b. Module Testing
c. Component testing
d. API Testing


182.What is SSO in terms of cloud security mean?

a. Security Service organization
b. Server security online
c. Single sign on/off
d. second service ongoing


183.Under continuous deployment principles, Which of the following is an important key, wherein each team member remains aware or they get to visualize what is happening in the entire project?

a. Integration
b. Monitoring
c. Continuous delivery
d. Collaboration


184.What is the best approach in Design Patterns in coding?

a. Writing codes with the highest possible coupling and the Lowest possible
b. Writing codes with the highest possible coupling and the highest possible
c. Writing codes with the lowest possible coupling and the highest possible


185.Identify the state that refers High degree of Coupling

a. Adding a functionality to your application is difficult and effects your application
b. Big change can break your code and this could have a disastrous effect on your
c. Small change can break your code and this could have a disastrous effect on
your application


186.While designing the application, what is used to graphically represent application components and services; depicts the application boundaries and layering of components ?

a. Service Design
b. Architecture Blueprint
c. Design Pattern
d. Interfaces


187.Philia, a developer, is worked on a finance project in Accenture. Her Project started moving their Infrastructure to cloud and hence forth all the requirements will be provided as service from cloud provider. Which of the following cloud service model will be helpful for Philia here?

a. Software As Service
b. Platform As Service
c. Code As Service
d. Infrastructure As Service


188.What are the two important objectives when adding testing code to a project?

a. Prevent test code from being compiled into production code
b. Ensure test-related code is isolated
c. Use normal design criteria to embed test code directly into units
d. Run integration tests on the final release to ensure test code is present

Ans:A B

189.What are the responsibilities of the Change Control Board? Choose exactly TWO correct options.

a. Monitor changes and updates to the project requirements as part of CM.
b. Represent the interests of the Project Manager and any groups who are not
affected by changes to the baselines.
c. Authorize the creation of products from the RTM library.
d. Review and authorize changes to the baselines.

Ans:A D

190.Consider the identity and access management solutions by various providers as given below.
Google Apps SSO;
Microsoft SQL Server Integrated Security;
Microsoft Office Online;
The above solutions comes under which type of identity and access management

a. Multifactor Authentication
b. Microsoft Active directory
c. Federated identity
d. Single Sign-On/Off (SSO) identity


191.Joshua being a project manager, need to suggest methods to developers of project so that client become high-performance businesses by delivering high-quality code. Which are they?

a. Adhere to Accenture Delivery Methods best practices and guidelines
b. Follow the Accenture Code Quality Model
c. Implementing the practice of peer reviews.
d. Using automated code review tools, if permitted by client

Ans:A B C

192.Which of the following are not benefits of code optimization techniques?

a. Improves the organization’s performance
b. Results in code that is easy to understand, reuse, and maintain
c. Improves the system’s performance
d. Improves the compilation time of an application

Ans:A D

193.Code Review process involves which of the following steps:

a. Never conduct a review
b. Resolve review points
c. Baseline a software products
d. Plan for a review
e. Prepare for a review

Ans: B C D E

194.George is a project manager handling a software project and suggest their team members to use distributed version control for software configuration management. Guide the team members of George to choose the Distributed Version Control system
from the given options.
Choose exactly 2 CORRECT ANSWERS.

a. GIT
b. Perforce
c. Mercurial
d. Subversion (SVN)

Ans: A C

195.What was seen in application over time, which creates the need of solutions which could also be used in other projects?

a. More effective and efficient process
b. Faster time to market
c. Complexity of application and managing business

Ans: C

196.Given you are an Application Designer, apart from the requirements which tells you what does Application need to do; which is the next most important work product which will help you in understanding how the work is done in the Application and how decisions are made

a. Project Glossary
b. Business Process Design
c. Data Dictionary
d. Application Architecture

Ans: B

197.How did object-oriented programming systems handle complexity better than procedural process?

a. Handling each task in isolation ensuring that we have the right degree of
coupling in cohesion
b. Tasks were divided into a number of sub tasks
c. All the procedures were treated as an identifiable behavior of an object

Ans: C

198.A release has been planned with 5 sprints. The team, for the sake of convenience, has
decided to keep the sprint duration open. Depending on how much they commit and
achieve, they decide to wrap up the sprint at an appropriate time. Which of the
following is True in this given context?

a. This helps the team to perform at their convenience
b. Estimating the velocity would be difficult in such a scenario
c. This is the best case for a self-organized team
d. This will not work for certain technologies

Ans: B

199.Which of the following are CORRECT related to Secure SDLC?

A . Identifying system configuration issues related to security early.
B . Reveals the identification of shared security services
C . Influence executive decisions due to timely risk management processes.
D . Documenting and then informing management about security considerations during development phase.

Ans: A,B,C

200.Which global policy of Accenture does ADS meet?

a. Policy 1200
b. Policy 0011
c. Policy 1100
d. Policy 0012

Ans: B

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