SAP UI UX Multiple Choice Questions with Answer

Hello friends in this article we are going to discuss about SAP UI MCQ with Answer | SAP UX MCQs with Answer | SAP UI Multiple Choice Questions with answer | SAP UI UX Objective Type Questions with answer

1.What impact does UX have on monetary values?

A Increases user satisfaction.
B Provides productivity gains and increases data quality.
C Strengthens relationships with customers.
D Provides training cost savings.
E Reduces the number of change requests and user errors.

Ans: B,D,E

2.What is the principle of SAP UX strategy?

ANS – New, Renew, Empower

3.What impact does SAP Fiori have on business?

A Digitalization
B Support the web and open standards
C Simplification
D Provides a user-centered approach
E Leads to re-imagination of processes

Ans: A,C,E

4.Which of the following are the current SAP UI Tools?

A SAPUI5 Application Development Tools
B SAP NetWeaver Portal
C SAP Screen Personas
D Flexible UI Designer
E SAP NetWeaver Gateway

Ans: A,C,D

5.What are the current UI Technologies of SAP?

Choose the correct answers.
A Business Server Pages
C Java Server Pages
D Web Dynpro ABAP / Floorplan Manager
E Dynpro

Ans: B,D,E

6.What are the goals of the SAPUI5 framework?

A Provide a user interface technology for building and adapting client applications.
B Provide a user interface technology for building and adapting server-based
C Provide a lightweight programming model for desktop only applications.
D Provide an extensible framework for building desktop and mobile applications

Ans: A,D

7.What are the SAP Fiori principles?

A Role-based
B Adaptive
C Creative
D Coherent
E Complex

Ans: A,B,D

8.Which of the following steps are part of the discover phase in the DLD?

A Scope
B Test
C Implement

D Research
E Synthesize

Ans: A,D,E

9.Which of the following steps are part of the design phase in the DLD?

A Test
B Validate
C Prototype
D Scope
E Ideate

Ans: B,C,E

10.What is the relation between the model and the controller in the standard MVC

A The controller modifies the model.
B The model notifies the controller about changes.
C The model updates the controller
D The controller sets the model visibility.

Ans: A,B

11.Which model types are supported by SAPUI5?

A JSON mode
B Resource model
C Translation model
D XML Model
E OData model

Ans: A,B,D,E

12.Which OData versions are currently supported by SAPUI5?

A OData V2
B OData V5
C OData V4
D OData V7

Ans: A,C

13.Which binding modes are supported by SAPUI5?

A One-time
B One-way
E Once
C Single-time-only
D Two-way

Ans: A,B,D

14.In which base class implementation is the setModel function implemented?

ANS – sap.ui.base.ManagedObject

15.What is the data binding used for?

ANS – Data Binding is used to bind two data sources together and keeping them in sync.

16.Which of the following are best practices when developing a SAPUI5 app?

A Describe your app using a set of metadata.
B Use the Synchronous Model Definition (SMD) syntax.
C Minimize the code in the index.html file.
D Make use of patterns.
E Use an asynchronous model definition in your JavaScript code

Ans: A,C,D,E

17.What approach gives you the most flexibility for your SAPUI5 app?

A Using a controller-based approach.
B Using a view-only based approach.
C Implement complex UIs in the index.html file.
D Using a component-based approach.

Ans: D

18.Which control is used in the index.html file to support letterboxing if required?

A sap.ui.core.ComponentContainer
B sap.ui.core.Component

C sap.m.Shell
D sap.ui.core.View

Ans: C

19.What configuration steps are necessary to define a navigation route?

A Configure a route in the manifest.json file.
B Configure a target.
C Assign at least one target to the route.
D Activate routing in the

Ans: A,B,C

20.Why does it make sense to use the navigation API of SAPUI5 and concepts such as eventbus or the navcontainer functions of the base application?

A Using the navigation API, it is possible to use bookmarks.
B The eventbus concept is deprecated and should no longer be used.
C Using the navigation API, the configuration of routes and targets are clearly
separated from the application implementation.
D The NavContainer of the App object is not accessible inside a component-based app.

Ans: A,C

21.From which control does the sap.m.App control inherit navigation capabilities?

A sap.m.NavigationContainer
B sap.m.NavContainer
C sap.ui.core.NavContainer

Ans: B

22.Is it true to say that the sap.m.App control does not provide responsive behavior?

A That is true, the sap.m.App control does not provide responsive behavior.
B It depends on the SAPUI5 version. From version 1.30 and later, the sap.m.App
control provides responsive behavior.
C No, that is not true. The sap.m.App control provides responsive behavior.

Ans: C

23.What is the name of the aggregation of the sap.m.App control, or more precisely the name
of the sap.m.NavContainer control, in which UI controls are aggregated?

ANS – pages

24.When is the use of a master-detail pattern not recommended?

A You need to offer complex filters for the master list of items.

B.You want to display a single object.
C When you want to display different facets of the same object, data, or both

Ans: A,C

25.Which modes are provided by the sap.m.SplitAppMode enumeration?

A ShowHideMode
B HideShowMode
C StretchCompressMode
D PopoverMode
E ShrinkCozyMode

Ans: A,C,D

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