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SAP Fiori Online Quiz, Following quiz provides Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to SAP Fiori. You will have to read all the given answers and click over the correct answer. If you are not sure about the answer then you can check the answer using Show Answer button.

78.What impact does UX have on monetary values?

A.Increases user satisfaction.
B.Provides productivity gains and increases data quality.

C.Strengthens relationships with customers.

D.Provides training cost savings.

E.Reduces the number of change requests and user errors.

Ans: B,C,E

79.What is the principle of SAP UX strategy?

ANS – New, Renew, Empower

80.What impact does SAP Fiori have on business?

C.Support the web and open standards
D.Provides a user-centered approach

E.Leads to re-imagination of processes

Ans: A,B,E

81.Which of the following are the current SAP UI Tools?

A.SAPUI5 Application Development Tools
B.SAP Screen Personas

C.SAP NetWeaver Portal
D.Flexible UI Designer

E.SAP NetWeaver Gateway

Ans: A,B,D

82.What are the current UI Technologies of SAP?

A Business Server Pages
C Java Server Pages
D Web Dynpro ABAP / Floorplan Manager
E Dynpro

Ans: B,D,E

83.What are the goals of the SAPUI5 framework?

A Provide a user interface technology for building and adapting client applications.
B Provide a user interface technology for building and adapting server-based applications.

C Provide a lightweight programming model for desktop only applications.

D Provide an extensible framework for building desktop and mobile applications.

Ans: A,D

84.What are the SAP Fiori principles?

A Role-based
B Adaptive
C Creative
D Coherent
E Complex

Ans: A,B,D

85.Which of the following steps are part of the discover phase in the DLD?

A Scope
B Test
C Implement
D Research

E Synthesize

Ans: A,D,E

86.Which of the following steps are part of the design phase in the DLD?

A Test
B Validate
C Prototype
D Scope
E Ideate

Ans: B,C,E

87.What is the relation between the model and the controller in the standard MVC implementation?

The controller modifies the model.
The model notifies the controller about changes.
The model updates the controller.
The controller sets the model visibility.

Ans: B,C

88.Which model types are supported by SAPUI5?

A JSON model
B Resource model
C Translation model
D XML Model
E OData model

Ans: A,C,D,E

89.Which OData versions are currently supported by SAPUI5?

A OData V2
B OData V5
C OData V4
D OData V7

Ans: B,D

90.In which base class implementation is the setModel function implemented?

A sap.ui.base.ManagedObject
B sapui.base.Object
C) sap.ui.base.lnterface
D sap-ui.modelbaseRaseModel

Ans: A

91.Which binding modes are supported by SAPUI5?

A One-time
B One-way
C Single-time-only
D Two-way
E Once

Ans: A,B,D

92.Which of the following are best practices when developing a SAPUI5 app?

A Describe your app using a set of metadata.
B Use the Synchronous Model Definition (SMD) syntax.
C Minimize the code in the index-html file.
D Make use of patterns.
E Use an asynchronous model definition in your JavaScript code.

Ans: A,C,D,E

93.What approach gives you the most flexibility for your SAPUI5 app?

A Using a controller-based approach.
B Using a view-only based approach.
C) Implement complex Uls in the index-html file.
D) Using a component-based approach.


94.Which control is used in the index. html file to support letterboxing if required?

ANS – sap.m-Shell

95.What configuration steps are necessary to define a navigation route?

A Configure a route in the manifest,json file.
B Configure a target.
C Assign at least one target to the route.
D Activate routing in the


96.Why does it make sense to use the navigation API of SAPUI5 and concepts such as eventbus or the navcontainer functions of the base application?

A Using the navigation API. it is possible to use bookmarks.
B The eventbus concept is deprecated and should no longer be used.
C Using the navigation API. the configuration of routes and targets are clearly separated from the application implementation.
D The NavContainer of the App object is not accessible inside a component-based app.


97.From which control does the sap.m.App control inherit navigation capabilities?

ANS – sap.m.NavContainer

98.Is it true to say that the sap.m.App control does not provide responsive behavior?

ANS – No. that is not true. The sap.m.App control provides responsive behavior

99.What is the name of the aggregation of the sap.m.App control, or more precisely the name of the sap.m.NavContainer control, in which
Ul controls are aggregated?

ANS – pages

100.When is the use of a master-detail pattern not recommended?

A You need to offer complex filters for the master list of items.
B You want to display a single object
C When you want to display different facets of the same object. data. or both.


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