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Q1. Which is NOT a correct valuation level for materials from the given options?

A. Valuation Area

B. Plant

C. Company Code

D.Purchasing group

Ans: d

Q2.Which statement is correct for Split Valuation”?

A. Split valuation is the concept of valuating sub-stocks of a material Equally withi valuation area

b.In Split valuation, Material prices change during Goods receipt

C. Split valuation is the concept of valuating sub-stocks of a material separately within a valuation area.

D. MRP is a must for Split Valuation

Ans: a

Q3. Choose the right View in Material Master where you can find “Valuation Class” ?


B. Accounting 2

C. Accounting 1


Ans: c

Q4.Valuation Class is maintained in which view of Material Master?


B. Accounting View

C. Sales View

D. MRP View

Ans: b

Q5.Chart of Accounts is linked to which organizational entity?

A. Purchchase Organization

B. Purchasing Group

C. Company Code

D. Plant

Ans: c

Q6. What does Valuation grouping code, group (collates )?

A. Valuation Class

B. Valuation Category

C. Valuation Types

D. Valuation Areas

Ans: d

Q7. When the GR is posted, stock account is debitted and GR / IR account is credited. How this is identified by system?

A. Transaction/event keys linked with movement type for GR

B. Purchase Info Record

C. Purchase Order Control data

D. Accounting document after GR

Ans: a

Q8. From the given picture and GL accounts updated, Identify the business process completed.

A. Payment posted for a vendor

B. Goods Receipt posted

D. Invoiced posted

C. PO created

Ans: b

Q9. What is the meant by “C” in RICEFW?

A. Customization

B. Config

C. Conversion

d. Case

Ans: c

Q10. From the given options which is NOT related to MRP?

A. Plant

B. Stock at Subcontractor

C. Storage Location

D. Item Category

Ans: d

Q11. Identify the correct options for ‘Consumption Based Planning”.

A. Reorder point planning

B. Item Category based planning

C. Forecast-based planning

D. Account based plannnig

Ans: a c

Q12. What are the TWO important parameters in Reports?

A. Template

B. Selection Parameters

C. Scope of List

D. Simulation

Ans: b c

Q13. Whether automatic calculation of Safety Stock is done or not – is decided by which factor?

A. Movement Type

B. Material Type

C. Document Type

D. MRP Type

Ans: d

Q14. When the system only plans those materials provided with the net change planning horizon indicator. What is the planning run type?





Ans: b

Q15. Settings for Bill of Material and Dependant requirements are taken care in which MRP view?


b. MRP2



Ans: a

Q16. Please refer the given figure. What is the ‘Forecast Model type shown here?

A. Constant Model

B. Seasonal Trend Model

C. Seasonal Model

D. Trend Model

Ans: b

Q17. Which of the following is not part of the Agile Manifesto?

A. Individuals and interactions over Processes and Tools

B. Working software over Following a plan

C. Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiations

D. Responding to change over Following a plan

Ans: c

Q18. DevSecOps is adopted in a project with adoption and integration of security principles and practices. Which of the following factors influencing secure software development adoption?

A. Security Threats increasing exponentially

B. Lack of Security Trained and Skilled Resources

C. Security Controls integration challenges

D. Pressure to exhibit Trust worthy Culture

Ans:c d

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