Delivery Foundation Academy (DFA) L1 CL11 Questions with answers

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Identify the responsibilities of a DBA which includes

The correct answer is: All of the above

In which situation a looping error will not occur?

The correct answer is: Loops variables are initialized correctly.

What relationship(s) can a work product have to task?

The correct answer is: Optional irtput, mandatory input, primary output and secondary output.

Which of the following are not benefits of code optimization techniques?

The correct answers are: Improves the organization’s performance, Improves the compilation time of an

What is the key benefit of the least privilege approach to security?

The correct answer is: It results in the tasks being completed quicker

Peter a Software Professional, is attending DevOps training. The trainer has written some statements that are
as listed below. He asked the participants to identify the challenges the DevOps is facing predominantly. Help
Peter to identify and answer the question.
A. Developer Vs Operations mindset
B. Transition from legacy infrastructure for deployments to micro-services
C. Resistance to the changes

The correct answer is: A, B and C

Before using the “git commit” command, in the source code, if sensitive information is identified, in which order
the actions to be performed to secure those sensitive data?
A. Use functions in code to read sensitive information from cfg file
B. Copy the sensitive information to a cfg file
C. Add the cfg file to .gitignore file
D. Identify the sensitive information in IDE.

The correct answer is: DBCA

Product, release or Sprint level Planning is a key feature of thefX z_______________________ tools.

The correct answer is: Agile Project Management

Mr.Anthony is the Configuration Manager for the ABC Utility. He has to plan Configuration Management.
Planning CM has a set of sequential steps associated with it. Assume that you are part of CM Team and
arrange the steps which are mentioned below in the sequential order while planning CM.

The correct answer is: C,A,E,D,B

One of the clients of SoftMode software solutions wants a solution which results in provisioning and de­
provisioning of cluster of servers within minutes on which the business application is hosted and which
promises infinite capacity. The solution for this requirement is Cloud Computing.
What do you call the property/concept of Cloud Computing depicted in the above scenario?

The correct answer is: Elasticity

What are the three security features match the Database level security ?

The correct answer is: Schemas, Users, Roles

Every sprint starts withand ends withand *S<.

The correct answer is: 1. Sprint planning2. Sprint Review3. Sprint Retrospective

Identify the state that refers High degree of Coupling

Thecorrect answer is: Small change can break your code and this could have a disastrous effect on your

When we apply DevOps principles on the cloud, which of the following benefits will be availed by us.

The correct answer is: All of tile above

John is the identified Product Owner of a just commenced Scrum Project. One month into the project, the team
don’t get enough opportunities to interact with John. The case is that either John can’t be reached or even if
reached, he spares only very little time with the team. Which of the following can the team adapt to get
enough availability of the John – the Product Owner?

i) Identify the REAL Product Owner to do the job
ii) Educate the Product Owner on the expectations
iii) Request the Scrum Master to pitch in for the Product Owner

Ans – Only i and ii

Mr Robin is supporting a web application which processes 500 requests daily. Suddenly one night when Robin
was in night shift he got a Pl ticket. Customer complaining that application is not accessible. Robin and his
team started doing analysis and found that approximately 600 requests came in the night and his application
was not capable for handling the load. What should team ensure from given and which type of testing needs
to be performed.

The correct answers are: Load Balancing, Auto scaling configurations

In Accenture Code Quality Model, fundamental area of Performance and Scalability, select the important
considerations from below –

The correct answers are: Parallel processing and concurrency, Object pooling and recycling patterns

While doing TDD, Which of the following is recommended?

The correct answer is: Tests to be frequently run for effectiveness

What are the ADM 5 main focus areas?

The correct answers are: Management, Planning

What are various lines of businesses that Accenture Delivery Suite (ADS) support?

The correct answer is: Technology, Digital, Operations, Security, and Strategy

What guidelines should be followed for creating the Accenture coding standards?

The correct answers are: Coding Standards should be easy to understand, Should be agreed upon across
project teams spanning globally.

Ms. Julie has to write a project document that proposes the Configuration Management adoption into the
project. Which among the below are the benefits you think Ms. Julie can quote in her document?
A. Establishes and maintains the integrity of the items that have been placed under its control
B. Accounts for and reports the progress of development efforts
C. Prevents unauthorized access to assets
D. Coordinates, tracks, and manages change activities
E.Facilitates concurrent development

The correct answer is: All of the above

Which of the following tasks will be performed by the Configuration Manager?

The correct answers are: Tracks and Reports on CM status and audits., Plans Configuration Management,
Attends and facilitates CCB meetings.

Which of the following is a unit of work that a role may be asked to perform ?

The correct answer is: Task

A technique to render the untrusted data such as user input into literal text so that when any malicious code is
\input, it will not be executed and instead be displayed as plain text is calledand used as a
security measure against________ *__

The correct answer is: Output Encoding, Cross Site scripting

Which of the following is NOT one of the 9 key principles of GRASP?

The correct answer is: Inheritance

David, a developer, is working on login component of an application and dealing with sensitive data. Hence
before pushing the code to, he moved the sensitive information in a “logindata.cfg” file and added
the file name as “login.cfg” by mistake in .gitignore and also pushed the changed to Later he
identified and removed it from repository before anyone uses that file. Is there any risk associated with this?

The correct answer is: Yes, the changes will be reflected in the version history.

What are the different generic techniques followed in code optimization for independent platform?

The correct answers are: Using memory efficient routines, Reducing the number of conditions.

How did object-oriented programming systems handle complexity better than procedural process?

The correct answer is: All the procedures were treated as an identifiable behavior of an object

The option on e-commerce websites to make payments using credit, UPI, debit, COD and others is an example

The correct answer is: Interface segregation

Which global policy of Accenture does ADS meet?

The correct answer is: Policy 0011

What is the functionality of Data Cohesion in modules of projects ?

The correct answer is: Both Option 1 and 2

Which of the following is CORRECT about a Proxy Product Owner?i) Proxy PO comes into picture when PO is
absentii) Proxy PO has all the power and authority as that of a POiii) Proxy PO can make ‘Go’ or ‘No-Go’
decisions with the teams

The correct answer is: All the options

When an user can fall victim of cross site scripting?

The correct answer is: All of the above

When we try to push the changes into using git, few git commands need to be executed. Identify
the right order of execution of the following git commands.

The correct answer is: git addgit commit -m “Commenting’git push

How to ensure reusability of code in a project?

The correct answers are: Sometimes you do this by breaking it into multiple independent blocks, Having loosely
coupled system, No dependable modules

Jack is grooming himself to be a potential Product Owner. Knowing the desired qualities of a Product Owner will
help him groom well for the role. Which of the following are the desired qualities of a Product Owner?

i) PO should be a Domain Expert
ii) PO should be able to communicate with technical audience
iii) PO should be able to communicate with business audience
iv) PO should be a respectable person by the Scrum Team members

The correct answer is: All the options

Mr Peter is performing GUI testing for Web application. Which all features should he need to make sure while
GUI Testing of the Web application can be automated? Choose CORRECT options.

The correct answer is: All of the above

Which SOLID principle represents the following statement” the vehicle is an abstract for truck and bike”?

The correct answer is: Liskov Substitution Principle

Madhu has created an image using Docker commands and she wants to map a customized tag for the image.
Which command helps to do the same ?

The correct answers are: docker tag imagename tagname:version, docker tag imageid tagname:version

Identify the services provided by Microservices when compare to Design Patterns.

The correct answers are: Implementation, Environment, Code Access

Ms. Nina, after her training in DevOps, she was encountered this question in an assessment she faced. The
question was “Which among the given options are benefits of automation? “If you were Nina, what would have
been your answer? Choose exactly 3 CORRECT options.

The correct answers are: Eliminates unnecessary capital expenditure, Increased productivity

Which of the following action to be taken before pushing the code into when we have sensitive
information in the source code?

The correct answer is: Move the sensitive information to .gitignore file

Which of the following statements is Valid ?

The correct answer is: An epic is a large user story that is made up of smaller, more granular user stories.

Identify the CORRECT options for Stress Testing.

The correct answers are: Test software under extreme load conditions, Commonly used to test high availability

Mr. Vincent is the Configuration Manager for one project in Accenture. He has to identify and establish
Configuration Items. Assume that you are Mr. Vincent and select the steps involved while identifying and
establishing Cis mentioned below.

The correct answer is: A,B,C,p>F

Which areas of a code layout must be considered to reduce comments on methods and reduce errors?

The correct answers are: Blocks of code, Indentation, The use of white space, Naming conventions

Once the Configuration Management team determines the appropriate level of CM control. ABC Utility is trying
to determine which CM Tool to use. Assume that you are part of CM team and select the appropriate tool to
use. Choose exactly THREE correct options.

The correct answers are: PVCS(Poly Version Control System), Mercurial, VSS (visual SourceSafe)

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