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Q1.From the given options which term defines Batch Management the best?

Ans – Tagging a Alphanumeric Number code to the material

Q2. What are the correct levels at which batch management can be activated?

Ans – Material level

Q3. What is the process of paying Total value of the PO in partial increments throughout the duration of the project?

Ans – Invoice Planning

Q4. In which document ERS activation is flagged?

Ans – In Purchase Order

Q5. From which Stock Type you can NOT scrap material ?

Ans – Inventory

Q6. Which of the following options are applicable for Inventory management?

Ans – It is process for monitoring the flow of goods in and out in the plant, store or warehouse

Q7. Which GL Accounts are updated for Stock Material after GR?

Ans – Stock account – Material (BSX): Debit, GRIR clearing – Material (WRX Credit

Q8.What is the best option after Invoice Verification?

Ans – Invoice is forwarded to the financial team for payment to the vendor

Q9. If “GR based IV= is not ticked which two options will be applicable?

Ans – System will compare the PO and the invoice

Invoice can be posted before the GR is posted

Q10. Choose the two correct options about blanket purchase orders in SAP

A.Which have a validity period and limits for materials or services
B.They have Item category D
C.They are created based on internal orders
D.Blanket purchase orders have the item category B and document type FO

Ans: a d

Q11.What is the process after the physical inventory Pl document created?

Ans – Counting of physical inventory

Q12. What are the two methods of doing a Physical Inventory?

A.Reference to Physical Stock
B.Reference to PI Document
C.Without Reference to PI Document
D.Without Reference to Physical Stock

Ans: b c

Q13. Choose the two correct options when a sales order stock is used?

A.During sales order creation
B.When sales organization requests the company
C.When there is a order from the customer
D.When a purchasing organization requests a sales organization

Ans: AC

Q14. In the below figure the Special Procurement option is avaiable in which view of the Material Master?

Ans – MRP2

Q15. What are the three levels, where Stock transfer is possible?

Ans – Stock transfer from plant to plant Stock transfer from storage location to storage location (in the plant)

Q16. What are the two types for Automatic reservations?

A.Reservations for orders, networks, WBS elements
B.Sales Order reservation
C.Stock transfer reservations
D.Consignment reservations

Ans: AC

Q17. For checking the components in a Sub-Contracting PO. Which tab you look into at the Itel level

Ans – Material Data

Q18. What are the correct options to carry out a Stock transfers?

A.Stock Transfer using the Stock Transport order
B.Stock Transfer using the 2 step procedure
C.Stock Transfer using the 2 movement type procedure
D.Stock Transfer using the 1 movement type procedure

Ans: AB

Q19.For which STO from the options, do we create accounting documents? and how many

Ans – Different Company code 2 accounting document

Q20. What is a Credit memo from the given options?

Ans – Reversal of Invoice

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