Hello friends in this post we are going to discuss about TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Multiple choice questions | TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT MCQ with answers | TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Objective type questions | TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Question answers which are asked in various college exams

Que: 1 Training process is-

a. Short term

b. Medium term

c. Long term

d. None of these Ans: a

Que: 2 OJT stands for-

a. On the job training

b. On the job technique

c. On the job technology

d. Off the job training

Ans: a

Que:3 On the job training includes-

a. Coaching

b. Conference

c. Understudy

d. All of these

Ans: d

Que: 4 In —— training, a training centre is set-up and actual job conditions areduplicated or simulated in it-

a. Classroom

b. Apprenticeship

c. Internship

d. Vestibule

Ans: d

Que:5 —– is the process of imparting or increasing knowledge or skill of an employee to do a particular job.

a. Training

b. Development

c. Motivation d. Leadership

Ans: a

Que: 6 Methods of training and development are-

a. Off the job

b. On the job

c. Both (a) and (b)

d. None of these

Ans: c

Que:7 —- is a device or situation that replicates job demands at on the job site.

a. Brainstorming

b. Simulation

c. Artificial intelligence

d. Transactional analysis

Ans: b

Que: 8 Management development –

a. Is a short term in nature

b. Focuses on employees’ current job

c. Is an informal activity

d. Aims at overall development of a manager

Ans: d

Que:9 Off the job training method includes:

a. Vestibule training

b. Syndicate

c. Sensitivity training d. All of these

Ans: d

Que: 10 Simulation technique of off the job method includes:

a. Role playing

b. In-basket exercise

c. Case study

d. Management game

e. All of these

Ans: e

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