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Which is directly proportional to your business?Availability
_________ causes more failure than _________Human Error, Hardware failure
When a server requires special configuration beyond that covered by automated deployment scripts, it is calledSnowflake Server
IaC is frequently referred to as, _____________Programmable infrastructure
When we don’t record the adhoc changes of hardware/software, it is called theConfiguration Drift
For quick configurations, the servers must beidentical
A challenge that grows over time is, __________Configuration Drift
__________ configuration is faster than ___________ configurationAutomated, Manual
IaC simplifies the tasks ofIT team
__________ infrastructure increases the predictabilityimmutable
Which of the following describes how to achieve the desired state of the system?Imperative
__________ infrastructure replaces a server completely when there is a changeimmutable
Automation is well suitable for the environments which areNot unique
If a change is patched, it is ___________ infrastructureMutable
Which of the following describes only the desired state of the system?Declarative
It is easy to ________ a system, than to ________ it.Replace , Fix
There is no server in the server-less architectureFALSE
Which of the following is not a cloud service provider?Google Azure
The most straightforward approach to implement IaC isScripting
Which of the following is a Containerization System?Warden
OpenStack Heat is a tool written in ___________Python
Infrastructure provisioning can be done with __________________ toolsInfrastructure Definition
Which of the following is a configuration definition file?Manifests
___________ comes as part of Linux’s Fedora distributionAnsible
___________ shares the OS kernel of the host system.Containers
Docker is a tool written inGo
Which of the following is an infrastructure definition tool?Terraform
____________ supports all the AWS resources.CloudFormation
____________ is an open source tool developed by HashiCorpTerraform
Puppet was initially released in the year2005
Which of the following is not a lifecycle event of a servernone of the options
Marionette is a former name ofChef
HP Public Cloud uses ________ toolChef
Chef was initially created byAdam Jacob
___________ is more secure than ___________VM, Container
You can use _________ to script your configuration fileAny
Data like ______ should not be stored in VCSPassword
In _________ model, the configuration server is checked periodically for updates.Pull
In _________ model, the configuration server automatically sends the updated configuration file if there is any change.Push
Which of the following cannot be found on a server?Utility
Containers resolves security issuesFALSE
Which is a core part of IaC?Versioning
A good infrastructure tool should supportLoose Coupling

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