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Q31.Carefully read the question and answer accordingly
Analysis of selection algorithm eliminates _ number of elements each time

ANS – n/2 elements

Q32.Software which controls radiation equipment for patients is best shut down, if it receives bad
input for a radiation dosage. This is a best example for __

Ans- Robustness

Q33.Which concept ensures every change that is made to the artifact can be properly tracked and changed?

Ans- Version control

Q34.O(nlogn) is the best-case time complexity of Bubble Sort. State True or False


Q35.Which of the given options perform requirement specification- based testing

Ans-Black box testing

Q36.What attribute is used to indicate that an attribute is required for an element in the XSD


Q37.Which of the given options define a set of activities that transform the client needs to an
effective software solution

Ans – Software development process

Q38.After the development of the online website for banking, the testers found that the
application was not user friendly to differently abled people. Identify in which level of testing, the
testers would have identified this issue

ANS – System testing

Q39.Carefully read the question and answer accordingly. In an array, if an item to be searched is
found in the middle of an array then it is said to be _

ANS – Average case

Q40.Select the abilities given by Polymorphism to the programming language

Static polymorphism is achieved by varying the input parameters
Parent class methods can be overridden by the child class

Q41.Sam and Rose are working on the Lone Monitoring project. The head version was checked
out by both Sam and Rose, both of them made their changes in the local machine. Both of them
made the required changes and updated the same to the server. From the given options identify
the correct option

ANS – Second project gets overwritten by the first one

Q42.Which of the following is TRUE about the final keyword?

Final variables cannot be modified once initialized

Final methods can be overridden

Final classes cannot be inherited

ANS – Both 1 and 3

Q43.Which of the following statements is/are FALSE?a. JVM is platform dependent
b. Byte code is platform dependent

ANS – Only b is false

Q44.Given the following declaration which expression returns the size of the array, assuming the
array has been initialized?
Int[] array;

ANS – Array.length;

Q45.If you do not want all the subclasses of Employee class to override the computeSalary() method,
what modification will you do for computeSalary() method?

ANS – Make computeSalary() method as final

Q46.Kevin is a java programmer. He writes a Java code and compiles his code. What type of file Kevin will get as a result of compiling his Java code?

ANS – .class file

Q47.Ram is a Developer; he receives a defect list from the testing team for the code which he developed. He fixes the defects and assigns it back to the test manager/tester. What should be the status of the defect now?


Q48.Software Configuration Management, __ concept is used to control the changes


Q49.John is a poker card player in a casino. The way he arranges his cards as he picks them up one by one is a real time example of which sorting technique?

ANS – Insertion sort

Q50.In many situations, it would be necessary to make a decision before arriving at a conclusion or to go on to the next step of processing. Which of the following suits the given description?

Conditional statement

Q51.which of the following program has the lowest run-time complexity?

ANS – Find even or odd

Q52.Manual execution of steps in an algorithm is called as __.

Dry run

Q53.Dave has to store data in a nonlinear data type to represent hierarchical relationship between elements. Which data structure should he use for it?

ANS – Tree

Q54.The names in a telephone directory were not in order. It took a long time to look for the telephone number of a particular person. Which algorithm would be the best to resolve this issue.

ANS – Sorting Algorithm

Q55.Roshan is a beginner in the learning path of Data Structure. Assume a singly linked list of length n is given. In a worst-case scenario, he wants to find out the maximum number of computations required to search for a given element. Help Roshan to find out the best option.


Q56.A Professor class uses the Scheduler class to display the scheduled classes of the professor for a week. What will be the relationship between the Professor and the Schedule class?

ANS – Dependency

Q57.Zara marketing company wants to keep track of the attendance of its employees in all of their branches so that the salary calculation can be done from the Central office located at Bangalore. The head office has delegated the work to the branch offices so that they can keep track of the attendance in any manner, be it manual or biometric or swipe cards etc.
For the above scenario, identify the correct statements from the given options.

Head office is an abstract class, Branch office is a concrete class

Q58.Assume a class Student with the attributes id, name, grade and collegeName. The value for collegeName is “Trindy” which is same for all the objects of the Student class. What type of variable is collegeName?

Static variable

Q59.Which of these is used to prevent the error ‘ORA-00937’ not a single group group function?

Use group by clause

Q60.Which key can be used to change the mode from input mode to command mode?


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