SAP ABAP on HANA Objective Type Question with Answer

Hello friends in this article we are going to discuss about SAP ABAP on HANA MCQs with Answer | SAP ABAP ON HANA Multiple Choice Questions with answer | SAP ABAP ON HANA Dump 2021-2022 | ABAP on Hana Certification dump 2022 | ABAP on HANA Practise Multiple choice questions

Q51.Which of the following take advantage of the computing power of multiple CPUs
used by SAP HANA? There are 2 correct answers.

ANS – Parallel processing, Partitioning

Q52.How will you select a preference for Validation rules?

ANS – Windows- Preferences-SAP HANA-Modeler-Validation Rules

Q53.What are the three best approach for Transitioning and optimizing ABAP
applications to SAP HANA? There are 3 correct answers.

A Innovate
B Scaling
C Optimize
D Detect

Ans: A,C,D

Q54.Which form of services is responsible for defining and consuming semantically
rich data models?

ANS – Core Data Services

Q55.Which of the following tools and programming techniques use the SQL Data
Definition Language?

ANS – Open SQL, CDS Access Control

Q56.The new bottlenecks avoided by addressing two challenges, what are they? There are 2 correct answers.

A Avoid optimizing data
B Avoid single network
C Avoid CPU cache misses
D Avoid idling CPU cores

Ans: C,D

Q57.What are the helpful features of source code editor in ADT ? There are 2 correct

A Creating Method Implementations from the Method Definition
B Creating interface from Method Calls
C Creating Method Definitions from Implementation Parts
D Creating Parts for Interface Methods

Ans: A,C

Q58.What do you understand by The SAP HANA Software Optimization?

ANS – Bring logic to where the data is calculated first, then only move
to results

Q59.DB-Specific Properties that allows switching between storage types when running
on an SAP HANA database. What are these storage types? There are 2 correct

A Re-use component store
B Raw store
C Technology store
D Development Store
E Column store

Ans: B,E

Q60.Which steps do you have to perform when defining a view using CDS?
There are 3 correct answers.

A Create a proxy object for the defined view
B Create a data definition in your ABAP package
C Specify the name of the SQL view in ABAP dictionary
D Use DDL statement DEFINE VIEW and SQL like syntax
E Define the type mapping between ABAP and HANA

Ans: B,C,D

Q61.Which tools can you use to provide input data for SQL performance tuning work
list (transaction SWLT)?
There are 3 correct answers.

A SQL monitor (SQLM)
B ABAP test cockpit (ATC)
C SQL trace (ST05)
D Database performance monitor (DB50)
E Code inspector (SCI)

Ans: A,B,E

Q62.You want to import ABAP workbench request into SAP SYSTEM P81. The ABAP
workbench request contains a single SAP HANA view CV_SCARR that belongs to
package ZPKG_DEV.
Which pre-requisites are mandatory for an implicit development of the SAP HANA
view onto the database?
There are 2 correct answer

A Package ZPKG_DEV has deployment mode A
B Package ZPKG_DEV is listed in the table SNHI_DUP_PREWORK (Correct)
C SYSTEM P81 has SAP HANA as primary database (Correct)
D View CV_SCARR has deployment mode A.

Ans: B,C

Q63.Which of the following are performance recommendations when using SAP
HANA? There are 2 correct answers.

A Move data-intensive calculations from the database to an application server.
B Define indexes on the columns that are used in calculations.
C Filter data in lower layers.
D Avoid transferring large result sets between database and client application

Ans: C,D

Q64.What is the central goal of using SAP HANA?

ANS – Accelerate Performance

Q65.How to call the stored procedures in ABAP code?

ANS – Native SQL

Q66.Which data sources can you use for SAP list viewer with integrated data access?
There are 3 correct answers.

A External view
B Database Table
C Internal table
D CDS View .

Ans: A,B,D

Q67.What are the elements of ABAP Database Integration? There are 3 correct

A DB client-server
B Client database handling
C Other DB
D Application server

Ans: C,D,E

Q68.Which tools can you use to provide input data for the SQL performance tuning
work list (Transaction SWLT)? There are 3 correct answers.

A ABAP test cockpit (transaction ATC)
B Data base performance monitor (transaction DB50)
C SQL Trace (transaction ST05)
D Code inspector (transaction SCI)
E SQL monitor (transaction SQLM)

Ans: A,D,E

Q69.Which is not a key factor of ALV for HANA?

ANS – To Activate and execute the program in the application

Q70.What are the supported joins in CDS view? There are 2 correct answers.

ANS – Left outer join, inner join

Q71.Perspectives that are available in the SAP HANA Studio? There are 3 correct

A The SAP HANA Modeler perspective
B The Resources perspective
C The Information perspective
D The Administration Console perspective

Ans: A,B,D

Q72.What are the two main methods to add a system to the SAP HANA Studio? There
are 2 correct answers.

A Manually
B By Resource console
C Automatically
D By Importing a Landscape

Ans: A,D

Q73.What is the purpose of an ABAP project in ABAP Development Tools for eclipse?
There are 2 correct answers.

A It represents the connection to an ABAP system (Correct)
B It provides access to all ABAP repository objects in an ABAP
C It represents the connection to the SAP HANA server
D It is used to transport ABAP repository objects.

Ans: A,B

Q74.Which code-to-data capability supports- Extended view definitions and Better
SQL- 92 standard support in open SQL?

A Database for sophisticated analysis
B Database oriented programming model
C SAP HANA specific features
D New SQL parser used in model

Ans: B

Q75.One of your SAP systems needs to be migrated from its current database to an
SAP HANA database. You want to avoid any functional issues after the migration.
What should you search for and if necessary replace in the existing custom ABAP
code? There are 3 correct answers.

A ORDER BY Clauses in Open SQL statements
B Direct access to a cluster on the database
C Left outer joins in open SQL statements
D Native SQL statements
E Code that relies on implicit database sorting

Ans: B,D,E

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