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1 Which sub process of Capacity Management focuses on the IT Infrastructure that is used to support provision?

Ans – Component Capacity Management

2.The information security policy should include all of the following policies EXCEPT

Ans – A charging policy

3.What is the purpose of Service Design?

Ans – To plan out the services, governing practices, processes and policies required to realize the service provider’s strategy and to facilitate the introduction of services into supported environments

4.Which of the following is NOT a purpose of the Service Asset and Configuration Management (SCAM) process?

Ans – To determine the most appropriate release-unit level for each asset or

5.Which statement about IT Operations Management is CORRECT?

Ans – lt is responsible for performing the daily activities needed to manage IT services and the supporting IT infrastructure

6.Which statement about the scope of Access Management is CORRECT?

lt involves the implementation of the policies from Information Security Management

7.Which stages of the ITIL framework represent the revolving lifecycle stages of the lifecycle hub-and-spoke design?

Service Design, Service Transition and Service Operation

8.Which aspect of service design is reviewed to make sure that existing roles and responsibilities have the ability to support a new service?

Design of required processes

9.Your organization is in the process of developing multi-level service agreements. Which of the following is NOT a layer within a multi-layer service level agreement?

Strategic Level

10.Which of the following is an example of the management information systems and tools aspect of Service Design?

Service Catalogue

11.Which aspect of Availability is a measure of how long an IT service can perform its agreed function without interruption?


12.Which of the following is the BEST description of a service?

A way of delivering value to customers by helping to bring about results customers
want to accomplish without owning the specific costs and risks

13.Which of the following resource can be used to indicate a breach to a service level target?

Service Level Agreement Monitoring (SLAM) chart

14.Which type of service change is BEST described as a pre-authorized change that is low risk, relatively common, and follows a procedure or work instruction?

Standard Change

15.Which design feature for vital business functions (VBF) refers to an approach used to provide maximum availability of an IT service?

Continuous Availability

17.Which of the following is a major Service Design aspect?

Management Information System and Tools

18.Which of the following Service Design aspects specifically include the Service Catalogue?

Design of Service Solutions

19.Which of the following activities are included in IT Operations

IT Operations Control and Facilities Management

20.Which of the following BEST describes an alert?

A notification that a threshold has been reached, something has changed, or a failure
has occurred

21.Which of the following is responsible for negotiating agreements between the service provider and customer, as well as ensuring that these agreements are met?

Service Level Management (SLM

22.Which of the following is the BEST description of a function?

A team or group of people and the tools they use to carry out one or more processes
or activities

23.Which of the following is one of the five major Service Design aspects?

Measurement Methods and Metrics

24.What do the four P’s of Service Design represent?

People, Process, Products and Partners

25.What is the purpose of Service Operation?

To coordinate and carry out the activities and processes required to deliver and
manage services at agreed levels to business users and customers

26.Which of the following is used to manage the lifecycle of a single change?

Change Record

27.Which of the following does NOT describe Application Management?

Configuration items (Cls)
Environmental conditions

28.Which of the following is an interface with Incident Management from the Service Design stage of the Service lifecycle?

Service Level Management (SLM)

29.What is the purpose of Continual Service Improvement (CSI)?

To ensure that IT services are aligned with changing business needs by identifying and
implementing enhancements to IT services that support business processes

30.Which of the following statements about Serviceability is CORRECT?

Reliability and Maintainability targets within Operational Level Agreements (OLAs)
should refer to the end-to-end service

31.Which of the following is MOST strategically focused on achieving service levels?

Business Relationship Management

32.Which type of external stakeholder of an IT service provider is the person or group who defines and agrees to the service level targets?


33.Which of the following is a value that is a result of implementing good Service Transition?

lmproved control of service assetsand configurations

34.Service desks can be structured in many ways. How would a Centralized Service Desk be described?

Several Service Desks merged into a single location

35.Which step of the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) approach involves implementing IT Service Management (ITSM) processes?

How do we get there?

36.What can Service Automation improve?

Utility and Warranty

37.Which of the following is a responsibility of the process practitioner?

Creating or updating records to prove that activities have been carried out

38.Which statements about the Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS) are CORRECT?

Configuration data is stored in the configuration Management Database (CMDB),
which is fed through the Configuration Management System (CMS) to the SKMS.
The CMS is part of the SKMS
The SKMS provides support for making informed decision and delivering services

39.Which of the following is the purpose of Change Management?

To ensure beneficial changes to be made with minimum disruption to IT

40.Which of the following is NOT an output of Service Level Management (SLM)?

Up-to-date Service Portfolio

41.Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of value as created through Services?

Value is defined by the Service Provider

42.Which of the following contains details of current and historic usage of IT Service and Components and also includes scenarios predicting business demands?

Capacity Plan

43.Which of the following is defined as the underlying cause of one of more unplanned interruptions to an IT Service?


44.What is the MAIN responsibility of the Service Owner?

Deliver a specific IT Service

45.Which of the following is the BEST description of IT Service

The implementation and Management of quality IT Services that meet the needs of the

46.Which of the following describes the “R” in RACI?

The person or people responsible for getting the job done

47.Continual Service Improvement (CSI) uses various types of metrics to support its activities. Which type of metric is frequently associated with application-based metrics?

Technology metric

48.Which of the following is the purpose of the Request Fulfillment process?

To manage the lifecycle of all Service Requests from users

49.As a category, Event are of ____________types

Informational and exceptions

50.In event notification, a device is interrogated by a management tool, which collects certain targeted data. This is called polling

51.Significance of the events can be categorized as:


52.For your Event Management to be effective, it should be designed during:

Service Design

53.Failed CI cannot be called as incident if service performance does not degrade


54.Incidents can be logged by

Technical Staff
Service Desk

55.Focus of Incident Management is on

Restore ASAP (AS early As Possible)

56.Incident Management team is exempted to follow Change Management process because they are supposed to fix the reported issues and in the process of fixing the issues, they are
required to make necessary changes


57.Urgency, Severity, Impact and Priority is related as

Priority = Urgency X Impact

58.Category in Incident management and category in Problem Management should be


59.Primary interface with Request fulfillment process is as below

Incident – Release and Configuration Management.

60.Challenges faced by Request Fulfillment process come from which combination

Process and Technology

61.As per ITIL, a ‘problem’ is defined as the case of one or more incidents


65.Two major processes for Problem Management are

Reactive and Proactive

66.Known Error database should be owned by

Problem Management

67.In Service Transition phase, Problem Management interacts with

Change Management
Configuration Management
Release and Deployment Management

68.In Service Design, Problem Management deals with

Capacity Management

69.Access Management process is subset of the Availability Management process, whose objective is to ensure that all those authorized should have access to the documents and


70.Service Operations team is accountable to find CI discrepancies while working on day to day basis


71.Service Operations team is supposed to update the CI status and details based on

Configuration Manager’s approva

72. Monitoring is performed by Service Operations teams, involved processes are:

Event – Capacity – Availability

73.Technical Management function has two responsibilities

Custodian of technical knowledge and deploy resources to support ITSM

74.Discovery tools are used to

Populate and verify the CMS data and to assist in license management

75.Critical Success factors of Service Operations are

Management Support
Business Support
Staffing Support

76.Effectiveness and Efficiency is the driver in every facet of the service operations, which of the following statement is true – 1. A measure of whether the objective has been achieved is called effectiveness, 2. A measure of whether right amount of resources has been used to deliver an output is called efficiency

Both 1 and 2 are correct

77.Failure of a Configuration Item not resulting in disruption of service is also called as an incident


78.Knowledge Base and Known Error Database is same


79.Which of the statements are wrong:

MTTR = Mean time to Restore Service

80.Writing of an equal amount of an asset’s value each year, usually a fixed percentage of cost, is known as ……


81.Utility and Warranty can be explained as Increases performance average and Reduces performance variation


82.Utility is explained as

It increases gain or it reduces pain

83.Four P’s of Service Strategy are

Perspective – Positions – Plan and Pattern

84.Financial Management is responsible for


85.Analyzing Pattern of Business Activity is responsibility of

Demand Management

86.Service Portfolio categorizes the risk in to following categories

Grow the business
Run the business
Transform the business

87.Outcome of existing Service Portfolio analysis leads to

Retain and Replace
Rationalize and Refactor
Renew and Retire

88.Service Portfolio is sum of

Service Pipeline and Service Catalogue

89.Which of the following statements about the Service Owner is

Is accountable for a specific service within an organization

90.Demand Management is about

Understanding the Pattern of Business Activity (PBA)
Influencing demand

91.Continual Service Improvement expect all Service Managers to identify and differentiate between two basic role:

Productions Vs Project

92.Core Objective of Service Improvement should be:

Increasing Efficiency
Maximizing Effectiveness
Optimizing cost of services and underlying ITSM process

93.Improvement cannot be achieved without clear and unambiguous accountabilities


94. In Continual Service Improvement (CSI), Deming cycle is critical at following points

Implementation of CSI
Application of CSI to services and service management process

95.Your measurement framework should address following as, basic reason to monitor and measure

Validate, direct, intervene and justify

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