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91.State true or false. Black box testers can proceed with generating the test cases immediately after the SRS is freezed in the
analysis phase


92.ERD Example: Consider the given scenario. ZEE public school Library. A Library has many books. Each Book has many
chapters. Identify the cardinality between Chapter and Book

a. m..1
b. 0..0
c. m..m
d. 0..m

Ans: A

93.A Software needs to be developed for a Sterlin Hospital to monitor the radiations given for cancer patients. Even a very minute
deviation would result in the risk of the life of the patient. Which would be the appropriate life cycle model used to implement
the given scenario

a. Agile
b. Prototyping
c. Water fall
d. Spiral

Ans: D

94.What does DTD stand for?

a. Direct Type Definition
b. Dynamic Type Definition
c. Document Type Definition
d. Dynamic Transfer Definition

Ans: C

95.Which of the following fragments of XML are well-formed

a. <?xml?>
b. <?xml encoding="Master"?>
c. <?xml encoding="JIS" version="File1"?>
d. <?xml version="1.0"?>

Ans: D

96.Which of the following xml prolog is according to syntax of XML

a. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-18"?>
b. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
c. <?xml version="1.0" version="UTF-8"?>
d. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8">

Ans: B

97.which of the following represents correct order from the most to least restrictive? Choose most appropriate option.

a. private,default,proctected,public
b. private,protected,default,public
c. protected,private,default,public
d. public,protected,default,private

Ans: A

98.Which of the following statement/statements is/are FALSE?
(i) ‘package ‘ statement can appear any where in the Java code
(ii) In a Java code, one can write only one ‘import ‘ statement
Choose the most appropriate option.

ANS – Both (i) and (ii) are FALSE

99.Order the range of coupling from high to low
a. control coupling
b. stamp coupling
c. content coupling
d. uncoupled
e. common coupling
f. data coupling

ANS – c , e , a, b, f, d

100.Carefully read the question and answer accordingly. What operation is processed for each element in the list

ANS – Traversal

101.Carefully read the question and answer accordingly. Which data structure is said to be linear data structure?

a. Graphs
b. None of the listed options
c. Tree
d. Arrays

Ans: D

102.Time complexity of an algorithm signifies the total time required by the algorithm to complete its execution with provided
resources. State True or False.

ANS – True

103.If Employee class is created inside com.test package, what could be the first line in class?

a. package com.test
b. package com.test.Employee
c. packages com.test
d. class Employee{}

Ans: A

104.Which of the following statement/s is/are TRUE?
(1) Abstract method can have body
(2) Abstract class cannot be instantiated
(3) Abstract class can have constructor
Choose the most appropriate option

ANS – Both (2) and (3) are TRUE

105.which of the given options are true with respect to linked lists, when compared to arrays

1.Linked lists are dynamic in size
2.Random access is possible in linked list
3.Insertion and deletions are expensive in linked list
4.All the options

Ans: 1

106.Which helps the departmental requirements are clear but requirements are not stable which
software development model suitable for this scenario?

ans – Prototype model

107.constants ensures____and_____ in database.

ans – Correctness , Reliability

108.Which of the given options are used to calculate the running time completely of
an algorithm?

Ans:Asymtotic Notation

109.When an exception occurs in a method, the method create a object for that
exception. To handle the exception, it is given to the run time system. The run time
system searches for all the methods in call stack, if it cannot find the appropriate
handler then it hands over the object to?

Ans: NoSuchMethodException

110.Amaze Agencies, Customers can apply for loan. To apply loan the customers
should get registered first then apply for the loan. The admin will approve the loan
and then the loan will be issued to the customer.
Identify the classes in above scenario.

Ans: Customer, Loan, Register.

111.A Professor class uses the Schedule class to display the scheduled classes of the professor
for a week. What will be the relationship between the professor and the schedule class?

a. Inheritance
b. Aggregation
c. Composition
d. Dependency

Ans: d

112.Software which controls radiation equipment for patients is best shut down, if it receives
bad input for a radiation dosage. This is best example for_______.

a. Correctness
b. Robustness
c. Ve r i f i c a t i o n
d. Va l i d a t i o n

Ans: b

113.Choose the appropriate option where prototype model is used
a. For Projects where requirements are very clear
b. For projects where requirements are unclear
c. Projects where lot of risk factors needs to be com
d. Projects with frequent changes

Ans: b

114.If you are asked to do a molecular software design, which combination of coupling and
cohesion should you use for designing the software?

a. High cohesion and high coupling
b. High cohesion and low coupling
c. Low cohesion and High coupling
d. Low cohesion and low coupling

Ans: b

115.The names of all associates undergoing training are stored in an array, associate_name[50], 5th associate name is retrieved as,

ANS – associate_name[4]

116.Elements stored in an array can be accessed only sequentially and not randomly.


117.A logically cohesive module is one, where the activities to be executed are chosen from within the module itself. State True or False.

ANS – False

118.Which of the below feature makes the RAM not suitable for the persistent storage?

ANS – Volatile

119.If a variable Is stored in cache memory, is it also available in RAM?

A.Maybe, because a program may be using cache but not using RAM
B.No, because cache and RAM are disjoint
C.Yes, because cache holds a subset of RAM
D.No, because a program can t use both at the same time

Ans: C

120.Every data residing in the computer memory will have a unique identification number which is the address of the memory. State True or False.

ANS – True

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