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Hello friends in this article we are going to discuss about SAP ABAP on HANA MCQs with Answer | SAP ABAP ON HANA Multiple Choice Questions with answer | SAP ABAP ON HANA Dump 2021-2022 | ABAP on Hana Certification dump 2022 | ABAP on HANA Practise Multiple choice questions

Q1.What are the Parameters for Analytical and Calculation view? There are 3 correct

A Passing other values to be used in calculations
B To store data for critical analysis
C Create a copy of a report
D Specifying unit of measurement
E Setting a filter for columns

Ans: A,D,E

Q2.You want to define an ABAP Core Data Services (CDS) view that totals the
NET_AMOUNT column for each sales order (column SO_ID). Which SELECT
statement would you use in the definition?

ANS – select from tab_so
sum(net_amount) as sum_amount
group by sojd

Q3.What are the steps involved in supporting a database oriented programming
model? There are 2 correct answers.

A. A new and advanced Open SQL

B. Buffer system servieces

C. Core data services

D. Advanced and specific models

Ans: A,C

Q4.Which of the following new repository objects belongs to code push down
There are 2 correct answers.

A CDS views
B ABAP managed database procedure
C database procedure proxy
D external view

Ans: A,B

Q5.What are the basic principles of SAP ALV IDA ?
There are 2 correct answers.

A The ALV Optimization for SAP HANA to display data on the screen
B To ensure that the user chooses the data on the selection screen is
C Only retrieve the database data which is to be displayed on
D Data described declaratively instead of passing big internal table

Ans: C,D

Q6.In ABAP Managed database procedure (AMDP), what do you have to list after the
USING clause? There are 3 correct answers

A AMDP used in the procedure body
B CE function used in the procedure body
C ABAP Dictionary views used in the procedure body
D ABAP Dictionary table used in the procedure body.


Q7.Which are the features added to the ABAP Dictionary to support the SAP HANA
There are 3 correct answers.

A Changes of data class
B De-pooling and de-clustering
C Storage type for tables
D Definition of full-text indexes

Ans: B,C,D

Q8.Which of the following objects must you create if you want to allow the
enhancement of AMDP using business add-in (BADI).
There are 3 correct answers .

A A BADI definition
B A database procedure
C A BADI simple implementation
D A BADI fallback implementation
E An enhancement spot

Ans: A,D,E

Q9.What are the benefits includes with SAP HANA Full Text Search? There are 2
correct answers.

ANS – Fewer data duplication and movement,Easy to use modeling tool

Q10.Which is the new concept that is introduced and improved by using SAP HANA
specific features?

ans – ABAP-Managed Database Procedures

Q11.In static code check using the Code Inspector (SCI) variant, you select the “search
problematic SELECT * statements check. What does this check report?

ANS – SELECT * statements where fewer than a specified percentage
of all fields are effectively used

Q12.ABAP 7.4 provides support for optimizing ABAP applications running on SAP
HANA. What are these Transparent Optimizations? There are 3 correct answers.

A The consumption of SAP HANA artifacts was simplified (Correct)
B The ABAP language and the OpenSQL language have been
C Performance analysis tools have been improved (Correct)
D Re- use components have been extended or optimized for SAP HANA
E Do all the data processing in Application server

Ans: A,B,C

Q13.What are the conditions required to ensure the Referential Integrity? There are 2
correct answers.

A Referential integrity holds true in both the directions
B There are two joins in the able
C There is at least one join in the other table
D There are three joins in the table

Ans: A,C

Q14.What are the two different kinds of Identifiers used to represent names used in
SQL statement? There are 2 correct answers.

A Limited identifiers
B Undelimited Identifiers
C Numeric identifiers
D Delimited identifiers

Ans: B,D

Q15.Which of the following folder is essential to relate to Smart Data Access (SDA) and
also combines data from remote sources?

ANS – Provisioning folder

Q16.What are the benefits associated with The SAP HANA real-time operational
analytics? There are 2 correct answers.

A High modeling flexibility (Correct)
B Fast insights into business activity (Correct)
C Query Speed support
D Simplification of massive data

Ans: A,B

Q17.List down the elements involved in User Management and Security in SAP HANA?
There are 3 correct answers.

A Work management
B Assign security
C Manage users
D Create users
E Assign job security

Ans: B,C,D

Q18.Which of the following repository object can you edit only in ABAP Development
tools in Eclipse and not in the Classical ABAP workbench?
There are 3 correct answers to this question.

A ABAP program containing new Open SQL
B Database procedure proxy
C Full-text index
D External view
E Core Data service (CDS) view

Ans: B,D,E

Q19.Which data provisioning methods can you use when you need real time
replications? There are 3 correct answers.

A SAP Replication server
B SAP Landscape transformation Replication server (SAP SLT)
C SAP HANA Direct extractor connection (SAP DXC)
D SAP Data services

Ans: A,B

Q20.When your customer wants to migrate to SAP HANA, Which of the following steps
you must perform to get the information about the business processes that
should be optimized ?
There are 2 correct answers.

A Combine the results of the SQL Monitor with the results of an ABAP runtime
B Activate the new SQL Monitor in a productive system. (Correct)
C Activate the new SQL Monitor in a development system.
D Combine the results of the SQL Monitor with the results of a
static source code analysis.

Ans: B,D

Q21.Which of the following SAP HANA based scenarios involve ABAP applications?
There are 2 correct answers.

A SAP HANA as business accelerator
B Data mart based on SAP HANA
C AS ABAP with SAP HANA as primary database
D Native SAP HANA applications

Ans: A,C

Q22.What must you do when you define and implement an ABAP Managed Database
Procedure (AMDP)?
There are 3 correct answers.

A Mark the AMDP method as a READ-ONLY database procedure.
B Specify the database system and the language.
C List all ABAP Dictionary tables used in the procedure body in the
USING clause.
D Define all method parameters to be passed by value.
E Use scalar types for all AMDP method parameters.

Ans: B,C,D

Q23.Which are the best practices when programming in ABAP for SAP HANA?
There are 2 correct answers.

A Use the column list in the SELECT clause to ensure that you only
read a column if it is really required
B Eliminate nested SELECT statements to reduce the overall
number of database accesses
C Use repeated SELECT SINGLE statements to ensure that you only read a row
if it is really required
D Calculate aggregations using ABAP code on the applications server to limit
database load

Ans: A,B

Q24.Approach use to follow the code-to-data programming?
There are 3 correct answers.

A Aggregate data on the database, and transfer the results to the
ABAP layer.
B Use native SQL to access SAP HANA built-in functions. (Correct)
C Transfer all data from the database to the ABAP layer, and then aggregate
the results.
D Perform expensive calculations on the ABAP application server.
E Perform expensive calculations on the database.

Ans: A,B,E

Q25.When are referential joins executed in analytical views?

A When fields are selected
B When fields from both the tables are requested (Correct)
C When all the tables are optimized
D When fields are optimized

Ans: B

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