Pollination Topic Multiple Choice Questions 12th Biology Of Pune Board For MHT CET and NEET

Pollination Topic Multiple Choice Questions 12th Biology Of Pune Board For MHT CET and NEET 

Pollination Topic Multiple Choice Questions 12th Biology Of Pune Board For MHT CET and NEET

Pollination is type of sexual reproduction in the flower. There are various multiple choice questions are asked in the MHT CET as well as NEET on this topic. So if you want to score good marks in the MHT CET and NEET exam you must study all of these MCQs.
In this Post We will cover MCQs on Pollination and there types.


31.______are non-motile and they are usually carried from flower to flower by means of external agents.

ANSWER= B) Pollen grains


32.______is the transfer of pollen grains from anther to the stigma of the flower.

ANSWER= A) Pollination


33.______is a type of pollination which occurs in a single flower or two flowers on a single plant.

ANSWER= B) Self Pollination


34.______is the transfer of pollen grains from the anther of one flower to the stigma of another flower of different plants of same species.

ANSWER= C) Cross pollination


35.There are _____ types of pollution.



36.Autogamy is also known as_____.

ANSWER= A) Self Pollination


37._____in which bisexual flower is pollinated by its own pollen grains.

ANSWER= A) Self Pollination


38.in______transfer of pollen grain to a stigma of a different flower produced on the same plant.

ANSWER= D) Geitonogamy


39.in______type of cross pollination when pollen grain of one flower is deposited on the stigma of a flower of different plant belonging to same species, with the help of pollinating agency.

ANSWER= D) Both C and B


40.The agents responsible for pollination are how many types?



41.wind and water are called,as

ANSWER=B) abiotic agent


42._____feathery to trap pollens carried by wind currents

ANSWER= B) Stigma


43._____are exposed to air currents.

ANSWER= C) Both A and B


44.The pollen grains are spiny and surrounded by a yellow sticky substance called____

ANSWER= A) pollen- kit


46.in______pollen grains float on the water surface and reach the stigma of female flower.

ANSWER= D) Epihydrophily


46.in______includes living agents

ANSWER= B) biotic agent


47.in______includes Pollination by insects

ANSWER= D) Epihydrophily


48.in______includes Pollination by birds

ANSWER= A) Ornithophily


49.in______includes Pollination by Bats

ANSWER= B) Chiropteryphily


50.in______ device, anthers and stigmas mature at different times in a bisexual flower so as to prevent self pollination

ANSWER= B) Dichogamy


51.in______ Pollen grains of other flowers germinate rapidly over the stigma than the pollen grains from the same flower

ANSWER= A) Prepotency


52.in______ there are two or three forms/ types of flowers in which stigmas and anthers are placed at different levels.

ANSWER= C) Heterostyly


53.______ is a mechanical device to prevent self pollination in a bisexual flower.

ANSWER= B) Herkogamy


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