Biology 12th Multiple Choice Questions for MHT-CET and Pune Board | Reproduction in Lower and Higher Plants 2

Reproduction in Lower and Higher Plants Multiple Choice Question For MHTCET and NEET exam

Hello students,in this article we wil discuss about Biology Multiple Choice Question on Reproduction in Lower and Higher Plants
This is very important topic for PCB students as well as NEET Exam to score more marks and get addmission into there favourite college. So I am posting this Multiple Choice Question on my blog.
Biology 12th Multiple Choice Questions for MHT-CET and NEET Exams | Reproduction in Lower and Higher Plants 2
Reproduction in Lower and Higher Plants is 1st topic in Maharashtra Government Biology Book. so this topic has good waitage for scoring the marks in MHTCET 2021. So be always careful while studying this topic.


1.Each monothecous anther contains two____.

ANSWER= B) Pollan Sacs


2.In dithecous anther _____ pollen sacs are present.



3.In dithecous anther four pollen sacs are present, Therefore, it is_____

ANSWER=C) tetrasporongiate


4.The archesporial cell divides into _____

ANSWER=C) Both A and B


5.Which is the outermost protective layer made up of tabular (flattened) cells.

ANSWER= A) Epidermis


6.Which is sub-epidermal layer made up of radially elongated cells.

ANSWER= C) Endothecium


7.Which is the inner most nutritive layer of anther wall in TS Of Anther?

ANSWER= B) Tapetum


8.haploid microspores is called as?

ANSWER= D) pollen grains


9.microspore is surrounded by a two layered wall called?

ANSWER= C) sporoderm


10.The outer layer of microspore exine is thick and made up of complex, non-biodegradable, substance called,______

ANSWER= B) sporopollenin


11. In microspores exine is very thin showing thin areas known as_____

ANSWER= D) germ-pores


12. The inner wall layer of microspore_____

ANSWER= C) intine


13. Pollen grain marks the begining of_____

ANSWER= B) male gametophyte


14. The vegetative cell is_____/p>

ANSWER= A) rich in food and having irregular shaped nucleus


15. The mitotic division of generative cell takes place in _____

ANSWER= A) pollen tube


16. Female reproductive whorl of flower is _____

ANSWER= C) gynoecium


17. Individual member of gynoecium is called_____

ANSWER= D) carpel


18. A flower with many, free carpels is called_____

ANSWER= B) apocarpous


20. _____flower is one that has many carpels fused together

ANSWER= C) syncarpous


20. carpel does NOT consist of which of the Following?

ANSWER= C) Embryo sac


21. Each ovule develops inside the ovary and is attached to the_____

ANSWER= B) placenta


22. The place of attachment of funiculus with the main body of ovule, is called_____

ANSWER= A) hilum


23. In angiosperms, the most common type of ovule is_____

ANSWER= D) anatropous


24. A narrow opening at the apex of the ovule is called_____

ANSWER= micropyle


25._______is oval multicellular structure embedded in the nucellus

ANSWER= D) Embryo sac


26._______is the process of formation of haploid megaspores from diploid

ANSWER= C) megaspore mother cell


27.In Development of female gametophyte One nucleus from each pole migrates towards the centre and are called_____

ANSWER= C) polar nuclei


28.Three nuclei towards micropylar end constitute_____

ANSWER= D) egg apparatus


29.In female Gametophyte Synergid shows hair like projections called filiform apparatus_____

ANSWER= B) filiform apparatus


30.The two haploid polar nuclei of large central cell fuse to form diploid_____

ANSWER= A) secondary nucleus

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