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No SQL Multiple choice Question

Hello friends in this post we are going to discuss about NO SQL Multiple choice question with answer.

1. distributes different data across multiple servers- SHarding
2.Full-form of ‘CRUD’ is .-create read update delete
3.Horizontal scaling approach tends to be cheaper as the number of operations and the size of the data increases.- true
4.NoSQL databases are designed to expand . Horizontal
5.Limitations of RDBMS are ____.Scalability
6.The RDBMS ‘table’ equivalent terminology in Riak is .Bucket
7.A Key-value store does not support Secondary Indexes. –false
8.Key-value pair data storages include all except .Network
9.Cassandra has properties of both _ and ___ .Google/ama
10.A Riak convergent replicated data type (CRDT) includes .maps/sets/Counters
11.Hbase main server components include all except _.Memstore

  1. The column store has to perform _ IO to insert a new value. –as many disk
  2. 13.The row store needs to perform IO to insert a new value. – Single
  3. HBase Tables are divided by row key range into .Hori& Region
  4. Columnar databases are preferable for OLTP systems. –false
  5. In a columnar database, the columns are stored together on disk, achieving a higher compression ratio is an expensive operation.-False
  6. A column-database used to store _ versions of each cells.- Multiple
  7. In Hbase, ‘Columns’ are named and specified in table definition. –False
  8. Cassandra allows to define composite Primary Keys. – True
  9. Pre-join projection is equivalent to as in traditional relational systems. – Materi
  10. In a column-database a row is being uniquely identified by _.Row key
  11. In column-oriented stores, data is stored on a _ basis. – Rowkey
  12. In Cassandra, the determines how many copies of the data will be maintained across multiple nodes.- Replication
  13. An RDBMS equivalent component for a “document identifier” in a Document database: -Foreign –
  14. MongoDB read/write performance can be tuned with the help of Stored Procedures. –False
  15. An RDBMS equivalent component for a “collection” in a Document database: -– table –
  16. JSON documents are built up of _.All the options
  17. Document databases split a document into its constituent name/value pairs for indexing purpose.:- False
  18. The MATCH clause is roughly equivalent to the _______ clause in SQL and the RETURN clause to a ______ clause. – where,select
  19. An RDBMS equivalent component for a “document” in a Document database:  row
  20. ______ is a syntax for retrieving specific elements from an XML document. – Xquery
  21. In MongoDB, there is a similar feature of ‘like’ expression as like RDBMS. – False
  22. Neo4j architecture is a self-driven and independent architecture because of ________________.Both options
  23. Only Nodes have properties in Graph database. =False
  24. Graph databases are generally built for use with ________.OLTP
  25. The major components of a Graph include all except _______.JSON
  26. Cypher query language is associated with __________.Neo4J
  27. The equivalent Hbase structure of an in-memory tree in Log-structured Merge Trees is __________.WAL (not sure )
  28. Hbase Data blocks metadata information are being maintained by –Namenode
  29. Transactional integrity is relevant in case of batch-centric Hadoop-based analytics on warehoused data. – False (Not Sure )
  30. The process through which the on-disk tree files periodically merged to create larger consolidated stores is called __________. –Replication(Not sure )
  31. In Cassandra, if the replication factor is 3, the coordinator will send replicas of the data item to the next _____ nodes on the ring.- 4(Not sure )
  32. Cassandra’s Gossip Protocol can take care of the heartbeat lost due to _______ in a widely distributed system.-Both Node and network (Not sue )
  33. Kudu can be accessed via all except _________.Apache Hive (not sire )
  34. Hbase DDL Operations (create, delete tables) are maintained by ___________.Zoo keeper (Not sure )
  35. Some of the common Read Consistency level in Cassandra include all except __________.One/two/three(Not Sure )
  36. Hbase Region assignment operation is being handled by _________.Hbase master
  37. Sorted Column store would provide higher compression ratio by representing each column as ________ compared to the preceding one. – ratio is wrong (Not sure )
  38. Read overhead in a Columnar database can be partly reduced by Multicolumn projection and _____________.Caching (Not Sure )
  39. Like most relational databases, Kudu also offers secondary indexes and uniqueness constraints. – True (Not Sure )
  40. In case of an Eventual consistency, reads may not return the most recent value, but reads will not return values “out of sequence.” – False 
  41. Cassandra lightweight transactions (LWT) support –(compare and set)
  42. Riak demonstrates dual nature of _____________.-Key/value stre DB
  43. _________ are replicated to allow failover in MongoDB. shards
  44. In case of a Strict consistency, a read will always return the most recent data value. =False (Not Sure )
  45. Wiredtiger storage engine is a part of ___________.Mongo DB 
  46. In Riak, ________ consistency model is implemented.- Eventual 

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