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1. Type of memory which is used to read data but not to write on it is classified as

A. random only memory

B. read access memory

C. read only memory

D. random access memory

Ans:- C

2. What are the major benefits of SAN?

A. Centralized backup

B. Storage Consolidation

C. LAN-less backup

D. All of the mentioned

Ans:- D

3. _______ has smallest storage capacity

A. Floppy disk

B. Zip disk

C. Hard disk


Ans:- A

4. Which one of the following backups are faster and more efficient from a storage perspective?

A. Point-in-time

B. Incremental

C. Reverse Delta backup

D. All of the mentioned

Ans:- B

5. An administrator configures storage units STU-A and STU-B into a storage unit group in Failover mode.

If STU-A is busy, what happens to a new job going to the storage unit group?

A. Queues and then initiates job to STU-B.

B. Fails with a status code 219: Required storage unit is unavailable.

C. Queues and waits for STU-A to become available.

D. Fails over and writes backups to STU-B.

Ans:- C

6. When NetBackup makes more than one image copy simultaneously during the backup, it is called _____________.

A. Simultaneous copy

B. Inline copy

C. Duplication copy

D. Storage life backup

Ans:- A

7. What can you use to determine the properties and characteristics of a drive, such as its name, host, and type (such as DLT)?

A. Device monitor

B. Activity monitor

C. Robot monitor

D. Tape monitor

Ans:- A

8. What is device serialization?

A. A method of reporting device errors to NetBackup.

B. A separate interface used to configure standalone tape drives.

C. The order in which devices are configured by the wizard.

D. A firmware feature that enables device identification and configuration.

Ans:- D

9. Software project is already adopted with Agile as per client requirement to enable fast delivery of values. On top of that DevOps adoption is also suggested to enable business goals with more beneficials.

Which among the following are core components of DevOps to be adopted?

Choose THREE correct answers

A. Cultural and mindset change

B. Focus on Manual Process

C. Process Improvement

D. Enable close collaboration between development and operations team

Ans:- ACD

10. Match the following:

1. Modules

2. Inventory

3. Playbook

A. Defines configuration groups to which hosts belong

B. Set of tasks defined in an YAML file.

C. Programs copied to managed hosts to perform work for Ansible.

A. 1-A, 2-C and 3-B

B. 1-C, 2-A and 3-B

C. 1-B, 2-C and 3-A

D. 1-C, 2-B and 3-A

Ans:- B

11. Which of the following Backup Strategy in the Cloud that customers use for version management, to store different versions of configuration files in designated locations R securely control them like any other code.

Choose the appropriate option

A. Code repository

B. Shared storage

C. Amazon S3

D. Rebuild from scratch using configuration management

Ans:- A

12. Which section in the Jenkinsfile describes the “work” that needs to be carried out in a Pipeline project?

A. pipeline

B. agent

C. stages

D. post

Ans:- C

13. Which two pools are created by default in the NetBackup? (Choose two.)

A. Default pool

B. Deduplication pool

C. Scratch pool

D. CatalogBackup pool

E. DataStore pool

Ans:- D E

14. With respect to Docker images and containers, which among the following is TRUE? On the HOST machine (HOST OS) we can run-

A. Multiple containers of one image only

B. Multiple containers, but only one container per image

C. Only one container at a time

D. Any number of containers belongs to any image

Ans:- D

15. Mayur is performing static code analysis on his project source code He uses which are a set of conditions that determine whether your project build passes or fails Fill up the blank

A. Quality Gates

B. Rules

C. Quality Profiles

Ans:- A

16. What is default snapshot reserve for NetApp NAS volume.

A. 0.05

B. 0.15

C. 0.2

D. 0.3

Ans:- C

17. Identify the correct statement for snapmirror and snapvault.

A. Snapvault retains the most recent copies, Snapmirror retains the copies made over the longest period of time.

B. Snapmirror retains the most recent copies, Snapvault retains the copies made over the longest period of time.

C. Both A & B

D. Neither A & B

Ans:- B

18. What is the command to display eventlogs on the storage system?

A. Eventlogshow

B. Eventlog show

C. Event log show

D. Eventlogsshow

Ans:- C

19. Which command would you use to verify that the iSCSI service is running?

A. Lincense add iSCSI

B. Iscsi service

C. Iscsi status

D. Iscsi protocol

Ans:- C

20. How many parity is used on RAID DP?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 1

D. 4

Ans:- A

21. On NetApp, Qtree and Quota to be applied on?

A. Volume level

B. SVM level

C. LIF Level

D. Node Level

Ans:- A

22. What is the main purpose of fractional reserve in SAN Environment?

A. To thin provision volumes on an aggregate

B. To reserve space for data overwrites after taking a snapshot

C. To create non-space reserved LUN in a volume

D. It is a command line utility for space management.

Ans:- B

23. Which of the following statement is false for snapshots?

A. Snapshot technique can use copy-on write mechanism

B. Uses point-in-time to ensure data integrity

C. Snapshot copy must be on a different device

D. None of the mentioned.

Ans:- C or AC

24. LUN/initiator group management is part of which protocol in NetApp?





Ans:- C

25. Which command do you use to identify logged in FC initiators?

A. Port initiators show

B. Storage show initiators

C. Portset show

D. Fcp show initiators

Ans:- D

26. How many parity is used on Raid-Tec?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 1

D. 4

Ans:- B

27. Snapmirror relationship on NetApp system should be established from?

A. Source SVM/Volume

B. Destination SVM/Volume

C. Source LUN

D. Destination LUN

Ans:- A

28. Which NFS resources can be exported?

A. Volume

B. Subnet

C. Directory

D. Qtrees

Ans:- ACD or A

29. What is the feature of Autosupport in NetApp?

A. Proactively monitors the health of your system and automatically sends configuration status, performance and system events data to NetApp.

B. Proactively monitors the health of your system and automatically sends configuration status, performance and system events data to Internal team.

C. It is a feature that can be used to auto allocate volume to the system incase of the requirement.

D. It is a feature that automatically dispatch support team to replace the failed hardware.

Ans:- A

30. Minimum disks requirement (for non-root aggregate) in RAID DP and RAID Tec respectively?

A. 5 and 7

B. 7 and 5 

C. 4 and 6

D. 6 and 4

Ans:- A

31. Igroup creation is the first step in the process of LUN creation?

A. True

B. False

Ans:- B

32. The process of allowing LUN to specific initiators is called?

A. LUN masking

B. LUN hiding

C. LUN grouping

D. LUN cloning

Ans:- A

33. Ansible roles in the ansible gateway can be accessed using

A. Command line tool

B. Website

C. Both A and B

D. Neither A and B

Ans:- C

34. There is a new team recruited for project and the project team has undergone training on DevOps. Mr. Mark, who is a trainer asks the team to select the tool for continuous monitoring.

Assume that you are one among the team and select the tool for the above scenario.

Choose two appropriate options.

A. Jenkins

B. Nagios

C. Sensu

D. RuboCop

Ans:- B C

35. Match the description with the corresponding tools given below.

1. By retrieving changes, a client takes other people’s changes as a working copy.

2. By storing changes, a client makes these changes available to other people.

A. GitLab

B. Git

a. 1-B,2-A

b. 1-A,2-B

c. 1-A,2-A

d. 1-B,2-B

Ans:- b

36. _________ does not require an agent to be installed on identified host for infrastructure installation and management. 

Fill up the blanks.

A. Ansible

B. Chef

C. Puppet

D. Maven

Ans:- A

37. Eric is a project manager handling a software project and suggest their team members to use Behaviour driven development.

Guide the team members of eric to choose the behavior driven development tool from the given options.

A. Selenium

B. Cucumber

C. Rational AppScan

D. TeamCity

Ans:- B

38. Docker is an open source platform for developing, ___________, and _____________ application.

Choose the most appropriate answer.

A. Shipping and running

B. Building and replacing

C. Searching and logging

D. Enabling and disabling

Ans:- A

39. As part of Digital transformation, there are key success factors addressed by myWizard DevOps Platform. 

Identify the valid success factors.

A. Speed

B. Simplicity

C. Security

D. Smartness

E. All of the above

Ans:- E

40. Consider a scenario where developer integrate the code into a shared repository several times a day or at least once daily. Whenever developer integrates the code , it is verified by an automated build including test.

Which practice is recommended to be used for the above scenario?

A. Continuous integration.

B. Continuous Deployment

C. Continuous Delivery.

Ans:- A

41. Select correct statements that depicts about containers and docker?

Statement A: Each container image has code, binaries, configuration, libraries, framework and runtime.

Statement B : Docker is great for managing a few container running on a fewer machines.

Statement C: The unit of deployment is changing from every container to a machine.

Statement D: Pod is fundamental unit of deployment in Kubernetes.

Choose the appropriate option: 

A. Statement A, B and D are true.

B. Statement A,C and D are true.

C. Statement B,C and D are true.

D. All statements are true.

Ans:- B

42. A model in which a service provider makes resources and infrastructure management available as needed, and charges them for specific usage rather than flat rate. Which type of computing model is this?

A. Cloud Computing.

B. Utility Computing

C. Grid Computing

D. Hybrid Computing

Ans:- B

43. Adhira familiar about niche DevOps tools but new to myWizard DevOps platform. She took tour of myWizard DevOps platform to understand platform features and benefits. Which of the following is the correct feature of myWizard DevOps platform?

Choose Three correct answers.

A. AI infused Delivery.

B. Security and Data

C. Scalability and Resiliency

D. Traditional Systems

Ans:- A B C

44. myWizard DevOps platform accelerates your automation transformation journey infusing continuous innovation and security into your automation DNA.

myWizard DevOps platform is built on top of ______________ architecture. 

A. Ansible

B. Chef

C. Puppet

D. OpenStack

E. Kuberneters

Ans:- E

45. Tina – developer, recently onboarded in project. As a developer she need to start working on the module assigned to her. What is the first git command to be executed by Tina in order to start working on the module?

A. Git pull

B. Git clone

C. Git fetch

D. Git copy

Ans:- B

46. Kubernetes is a production-ready,open source platform for ___________.

Fill in the blanks with suitable answer.

A. Container testing

B. Container volume

C. Container security

D. Container orchestration

Ans:- D

47. Meet Mr. Tom who is SCM co-ordinator, Mr. Tom has created develop branch from master and working on with development of new feature. There is an issue in production environment and to fix the issue, hotfix branch is created from master. Once the developer fixes all the bugs, to which branch now the hotfix branch code is merged back to ?

A. Develop and master

B. Only master

C. Only develop

D. Hotfix and master

Ans:- A

48. DevSecOps is adopted in a project with adoption and integration of security principles and practices. 

Which of the following factors influencing secure software developments adoption?

Choose two correct answers.

A. Security threats increasing

B. Pressure to exhibit trust

C. No pressure to exhibit

D. Security threats decreasing

Ans:- A B

49. ___________ can be implemented to identify the exact level of reliability that is needed to keep the customer happy. 

Fill up the blanks

A. Site Reliability Engineer


C. Agile methodology

D. Water methodology

Ans:- A

50. Is the given statement True or False?

A jenkinsfile is a simple text file that can be kept inside your project source control repository.

A. True

B. False

Ans:- A

51. Kevin wants to use an open source metric visualization tool for displaying various containers metrics through a web browser. Help him by selecting an appropriate tool which suits for the above scenario.

A. Prometheus

B. Grafana


D. Cadviso

Ans:- B

52. Mr.James is a team lead handling a project and suggested their team members to implement CI/CD workflow for Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment. Which of the following is the primary benefit of DevOps that you believe your team can achieve by utilising the CI/CD process? 

Choose exactly ONE Correct Answer.

A. Rapid Feedback

B. Improved Risk

C. Continuous Testing

D. Decrease time to market

Ans:- D

53. _____is open an open-source quality management platform that performs below.

★. Automated source code review

★. Constant source code technical quality check

★. Analysis of findings from application source code

Fill up the blank .

A. SonarQube

B. Cucumber

C. Junit

D .Maven

Ans:- A

54. Deepa is working on configuring dev environments using Ansible tool. As per requirement, She has to apply configuration change of enabling https protocol and 443 ul Raport in list of Web Servers across all dev environments. This configuration change instruction has to be documented in which Ansible component?

A. Playbook file

B. Inventory file

C. Groovy file

D. Shell Script

Ans:- A

55. Ansible Roles in the Ansible Galaxy can be accessed using:

A. A command line tool 

B. Website

C. Both Command line tool and website

D. Neither Command line tool nor Website

Ans:- C

56. Mr. Madhur is working on implementing pipeline as a piece of code in Jenkins. He was given instructions on how to configure a pipeline using scripts. Which of the following options should he choose while configuring the Pipeline in the Jenkins tool?

Choose exactly ONE correct answer.

A. Pipeline Script from SCM

B. Shell Script

C. Ruby Script 

D. Python Script

E. Perl Script

Ans:- A

57. ________ is helps us to manage configurations, automate provisioning of infrastructure and assist deployment. Fill up the blank.

A. Infrastructure As Code

B. Security Testing

C. Static Analysis Testing

D. Continuous Integration

Ans:- A

58. Raessa, DevOps lead trying to make her team member understand the DevOps practices. Which of the following is not the DevOps Best practice?

Choose ONE correct answer.

A. Elastic supply of resources

B. Lean principles with continuous value delivery

C. Effective Collaboration

D. Weak SCM practices

Ans:- D

59. Arun received a requirement to install Jenkins software as a configuring change in all the target machines. Due to time constraints, He wants to reuse related task from Ansible Galaxy. Which component will be usable by Arun?

A. Play

B. Tasks

C. Module

D. Role

Ans:- D

60. What is the purpose of RAID?

A. RAID is a schema that divides and replicates data among multiple physical disk drivers

B. RAID protects disk data by creating a snapshot copy of the data, which is then stored on a parity disk

C. RAID groups disks in a single closure

D. RAID contains multiple disk drivers into an array of disk drivers that performs better than a single large disk drivers and provides fault tolerance

Ans:- D

61. What is the function of initiator groups?

A. initiator groups mask LUNs to a set of initiators

B. initiators groups control which initiators can connect to the storage controller

C. initiator groups limit the target ports through which a LUN can be accessed

D. initiator groups manage initiators of the same host type

Ans:- B

62. Which command can you use to add exports to the/etc/exports file and in memory?

A. exportfs-f

B. exportfs-p

C. expotfs-o

D. exports–c

Ans:- A

63. What is the command to pause snapmirror relationship in NetApp?

A. snapmirror break

B. snapmirror pause

C. snapmirror quiesce

D. snapmirror abort

Ans:- C

64. Which statement is true about client-side deduplication? 

A. It forces the media server to perform the fingerprinting thereby reducing the processing work for the client.

B. It may significantly reduces the bandwidth used for backups between the client and media server.

C. It requires an additional license for each client.

D. It is not a recommended option.

Ans:- B

65. How can an administrator determine the storage and database paths for an MSDP?

A. run the Configure Disk Storage Server wizard for the MSDP.

B. view Storage Unit > View Properties for the MSDP storage unit.

C. view Disk Pool > Disk volumes for the MSDP disk pool.

D. view Storage Server > Properties for the storage server.

Ans:- D

66. Backups are failing with status code 96 because tapes have NOT returned to the scratch volume pool after all the images on the tapes have expired. What may be preventing the media from returning to the scratch pool?

A. The media was create in volume pools other than the scratch pool.

B. The media is in an off-site location.

C. The media was written with multiplexed images

D. The media is in a Suspended

Ans:- A

67. In the case of a NetBackup appliance, which of the following is true of the storage server?

A. It must be a separate NetBackup media server

B. It is the system with the NetBackup plug-in installed.

C. It must be the NetBackup Master server.

D. It is the NetBackup Appliance

Ans:- D

68. Which is not valid media state?

A. Suspended

B. Full

C. Empty

D. Frozen

Ans:- C

69. What must be enabled for NetBackup Accelerator?

A. None of the above

B. NTFS change journal

C. True Image Restore (TIR) with move detection

D. VxFS change log

Ans:- B

70. Which statement about VMware and Hyper-V backups is true in NetBackup?

A . You can restore VMware virtual machine full backups to Hyper-V virtual machines.

B . Virtual machines must be powered on to be backed up.

C . You can restore selected files from full backups of virtual machines.

D . Users must log off virtual machines to ensure consistent backups.

Ans:- C

71. What should be selected as the source in the BAR console for a restore of individual files backed up using a VMware policy?

A. The hostname of the VM.

B. The media server that backed the client up

C. The VMware backup host that performed the backup.

D. The identifier for the VM used in the VMware policy

Ans:- D

72. Which characteristic applies to a catalog backup?

A. Catalog staging files deleted after a successful catalog backup.

B. A catalog backup can be configured to send disaster recovery information to an e-mail address.

C. A catalog backup must fit on a single tape.

D. A catalog backup shuts down the NetBackup database.

Ans:- B

73. When is it most appropriate to use multiple data streams?

A. When backup up ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES to multiple tape drives.

B. When different backup selections are on the same disk

C. When performing backup over a network that is very busy.

D. When you have very small backup jobs.

Ans:- C

74. Which storage unit group selection causes NetBackup to choose the least recently selected storage unit in the list as each new job is started?

A. Prioritized

B. Failover

C. Round Robin

D. Media Server Load Balancing

Ans:- C

75. An administrator has a backup for client Linux1 using the LinuxClients policy complete successfully, even though the policy Backup Selections are NOT modified, the backup job fails the next day with the following status code: Error 71: none of the files in the file list exist. What is a possible reason the job failed?

A. The Enable granular recovery option was unset.

B. The client was added to another backup policy.

C. The file systems have been unmounted on the client.

D. The client was temporarily shut down.

Ans:- C

76. What does media sharing mean in NetBackup?

A. More than one backup application can write data to a tape.

B. More than one media server can append to the same tape.

C. More than one master server has the same tape in its catalog.

D. Data from more than one client can be written to a tape.

Ans:- B

77. What is the maximum number of policies that NetBackup can be configured to use?

A. None of the above

B. 1,000

C. Unlimited

D. 500

Ans:- C

78. Which two methods are used to automate duplication in NetBackup? (Choose two.)

A. Storage Lifecycle Policies

B. NetBackup Vault

C. OpenStorage API

D. OpsCenter

E. bpduplicate command

Ans:- A B

79. What is the unique characteristic of RAID 6 (Choose one)?

A. Distributed Parity

B. Striping

C. Two independent distributed parity

D. Mirroring

Ans:- C

80. What is the minimum number of disks required for RAID1?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 4

D. 5

Ans:- B

81. Which Server Roles enables you to download and update your clients and servers?

A. Windows Server backup service

B. Windows Server Update Service

C. Windows Server Update

D. Windows server upload Service

Ans:- B

82. What is the Latest Client Operating System?

A. Windows server 2019

b. Windows 10

C. Windows 8

D. Windows 2020

Ans:- B

83. What is the Latest Windows Server Operating System?

A. Windows Server 2020

B. Windows server 2008 R2

C. Windows server 2019

D. Windows server 2016

Ans:- C

84. Which Server roles Provide IP address Dynamically?


B. Virtual IP



Ans:- C

85. Ansible uses _____ to express reusable description of the system.


B. Ruby

C. Erlang

D. Python

Ans:- A

86. What is default snap reserve for NetApp volumes?

A. 5% of disk space

B. 15% of disk space

C. 20% of disk space

D. 30% of disk space

Ans:- C

87. How many nodes does HA(High Availability) Pair comprises of?

A. 2

B. 4

C. 8

D. 6

Ans:- A

88. What is VPN?

A. Vast Public Network

B. Virtual Public Net

C. Virtual Private Network

D. Void Private Network

Ans:- C

89. myWizard DevOps platform is an on-demand self-provision selected tools and cartidges of his choice from dplatform with user

A. myWizard DevOps Marketplace

B. myWizard DevOps Community

C. myWizard DevOps Repository

D. myWizard DevOps Registry

Ans:- A

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