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Q1.Where do Virtual Machines fall on the Azure Shared Responsibility Model?

A. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (laaS)

B. Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

C. Platform-as-a-Service (Paas)

D. Server-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Ans: d

Q2.What is a PowerShell cmdlet?

A. A piece of advice from Microsoft about PowerShell updates.


PowerShell scripting language specifically for Azure.

c. A lightweight version of PowerShell that can run on mobile devices

D.A lightweight command that is used in the PowerShell environment to perform an ac

Ans: d

Q3.What is high availability in cloud computing?

A. High availability refers to the availability of the Azure Portal. You can always get access to a overview of what your Azure services are doing.

B. Azure will provide an infinite number of resources to your application to make sure it alway runs optimally.

C. If one resource on Azure dies unexpectedly, another resource will almost instantly take ove the workload.

D. Microsoft guarantees you will always have access to the resources on Azure

Ans: d

Q4.Why would you use the Azure Cloud Shell instead of the Azure CLI or PowerShell?

A. The Cloud Shell gets new features first.

B. The Cloud Shell is free for 12 months.

C. You can update the Cloud Shell independently of Azure CLI and Azure Pow

D. The Cloud Shell can be used entirely in a web browser and can be used across multiple devices.

Ans: d

Q5._____let you create and manage a group of identical, load balanced VMs. It allows you to centrally manage, configure and update a large number of VMs in minutes to provide highly available applications.

A. Availability Sets

B. Azure VM Scale Sets

C. Azure VM Group

D. Azure Batch

Ans: b

Q6. ________are groups of VMs that share the common physical server rack, power, cooling and network infrastructure. In case of the outage the availability set automatically switch to a working physical server so the VM continues to run.

A.Update Domain

B. Scale Domain

C. Patch Domain

D. Fault Domain

Ans: d

Q7. Which type of Storage Blob is best for Random Access files?

A. Block

B. Append

C. Table

D. Page

Ans: d

Q8.Azure provides a number of NoSQL data stores. Which of the following are such stores?

A. File storage


C. Table Storage

D. Disk

Ans: a b c

Q9.Which Azure messaging service uses a First In, First Out (FIFO) queuing model?

A. Azure App Service

B.Azure Notification Hub

C. Azure Storage Queue

D. Azure Event Hub

Ans: c

Q10.You are developing Azure WebJobs. You need to recommend a WebJob type for scenario Which WebJob type should you recommend to run on all instances that the web app runs on and optionally restrict the WebJob to single instance?

A. Regular

b. Continuous

C. Scheduler

D. Triggered

Ans: b

Q11.Which is not true about Azure Storage Queue?

A. FIFO implementation

B. Messages are added in front of the Queue and processed from the end

c. Messages are added to end of the Queue and processed from the front at

D. Queues provides a good way of Front end and Back end decoupling

Ans: A

Q12.What is a recommended use case for Azure SQL?

A. Update on-premises SQL Server to gain better performance and lower cost.

B. Migrate your on-premises SQL Server instances directly to Azure and get all the benefits of managed instances

C. Migrate Cosmos DB data if only a single geographical location is used

D. Migrate al instances of Microsoft SQL Server to Azure SQL to improve security and reduce

Ans: b

Q13.To expose a WCF web service from within your firewall, what service should you use in Azure?

A. Service Bus Queue

B. Service Bus Topics

C. Event Hubs

D. Service bus Relay

Ans: d

Q14. Adding more instances to an App Service Plan-what kind of scaling is this?

A. Scaling Up

B.Scaling Down

C.Scaling In

D.Scaling Out

Ans: d

Q15. What happens when service bus queue max delivery count exceeds?

A. Keeps on retrying to deliver message

B.Moves the message to dead letter queue

C. All of the above

D. Auto deletes the message from queue

Ans: b

Q16.What can you do to automatically transition your blobs between storage tiers based on factors like last modified date?

A. Create an Azure Function to transition the blobs

B. Use a Blob Trigger to initiate a tier swap

C. Use Lifecycle Management

D. Use Azure Automation

Ans: c

Q17.You have an Azure web app named WebApp1 that runs in an Azure App Service plan named ASP1. ASP1 is based on the D1 pricing tier. You need to ensure that WebApp1 can be accessed only from computers on your on-premises network. The solution must minimize costs. What should you configure for settings for WebApp1:

A. Cross-origin in resource sharing(CORS)

B. None of the above

C. Networking

Ans: a

Q18.In several server migration, you need to recommend a solution to ensure that some of the servers are available if a single Azure data center goes offline for an extended period?

A. elasticity

B. scalability

C. fault tolerance

D. low latency

E. availability

Ans: c

Q19. You are developing a web application that provides streaming video to users. You configure the application to use continuous integration and deployment. The app must be highly available and provide a continuous streaming experience to user. You need to recommend a solution that allows the application to store data in a geographical location that is closest to the user What should you recommend?

A. Azure Redis Cache

B. Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)

C. Azure App Service Web Apps

D. Azure App Service Isolated

Ans: b

Q20.What is the basic operational unit of Kubernetes?

A. Task

B. Container

C. Pod


Ans: c

Q21.Which of the following type of authentication is not supported in web app in Microsoft Azure?

A. Google

B. Azure Active Directory


D. Facebook

Ans: c

Q22. KeyVault is responsible for Task like:

A. Create or import a key or secret

B. Monitor key usage

C. Log the error in key

D. Revoke or delete a key or secret

E. Authorize users applications to access the key its keys and secrets A of applications or use is key access the vault. then manage

Ans: a d e b

Q23. Which integration service is used to create workflows and orchestrate business processes to connect hundreds of services in the cloud and on-premises?

A. Azure Logic Apps

B. Azure API Management

C. Azure Event Grid

D. Azure Function

E. Service Bus

Ans: a

Q24.Which of the following protocols are not supported by Azure AD?

A. ws-Federation

C. OpenID Connect

B. Kerberos

D. SAML 2.0

Ans: b

Q25.Where do we store data as Key Value pair within Azure API Management?

A. Not possible without integrating Azure Key Vault

B. Azure Table storage integration

C. Base Policy

D Named value

Ans: d

Q26. Which of the following can be done for a container-based application using Azure Kubernetes?

A. Making container scalability easy

C. Build more extensible apps

B. None of the above

D. Make workloads portable

E. All of the above

Ans: e

Q27. You are developing an Azure Function App that processes images that areuploaded to an Azure Blob container Images must be processed as quickly as possible after they are uploaded, and the solution must minimize latency. You create code to process images when the Function App is triggered. You need to configure the Function App. the Function App is triggered What should you do?

A. Use an App Service plan. Configure the Function App to use an Azure Storage input trigger.

B. Use a Consumption plan Configure the Function App to use a Timer trigger.

C.Use a Consumption plan Configure the Function App to use an Azure Blob

D.Use an App Service plan. Configure the Function to use an Azure Blob Storage input trigger

E. Use a Consumption plan Configure the Function App to use an Azure Blob Storage trigger Anan Storage trigger

Ans: c

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