Ansible – Automation Sibelius MCQ with Answer

Hello friends, in this post we are going to discuss about Ansible – Automation Sibelius Multiple choice question | Ansible – Automation Sibelius Fresco Play answer Dumps | Ansible – Automation Sibelius TCS Fresco Play Dumps | Ansible – Automation Sibelius Objective type question

Q.1Ansible can deploy to virtualization and cloud environments, IncludingAll the Options
Q.2Ansible acquired byRed Hat
Q.3Which of the following is a valid YAML syntax?path: F:\test
Q.4Ansible isAll the options mentioned
Q.5Which configuration management software is Agentless?Ansible
Q.6YAML uses tabs for indentation, True or false?FALSE
Q.7Design goals of Ansible includeAll the options mentioned
Q.8If you do not need any facts from the host, what command would you use?both gather_facts: no or gather_facts: False
Q.9Which module can be used to copy files from remote machine to control machine?Fetch
Q.10Where is Inventory file located by default?/etc/ansible/hosts
Q.11Which command tells ansible to run the playbook on all the hosts except host1?ansible-playbook playbooks/PLAYBOOK_NAME.yml –limit ‘all:!host1’
Q.12Which one is not a valid value of state argument of “file” module?folder
Q.13Which Ansible module is used to manage docker services and containers.docker_service
Q.14You write comments in Jinja2 as:{# #}
Q.15Handler run only once even if you run the playbook multiple times.TRUE
Q.16Ansible modules will apply changes everytime you run Playbook.FALSE
Q.17Modules are temporarily stored in the nodes and communicate with the control machine through a ______ protocol over the standard output.JSON
Q.18Which module copies dynamically generated file from control machine to target hosts?template
Q.19Which module can be used to force a handler to run in between two tasks?meta
Q.20What module can be used to stop a playbook execution for some time?pause
Q.21Which module will you use to create a directory?file
Q.22Identify the order of execution of handlers in the below snippet.test-test1-handler_2-handler_3-handler_1
Q.23Which command do you use to do a syntax check on your playbook?ansible-playbook <playbook_name> –syntax-check
Q.24Using which module can you see the list of all the ansible variables?setup
Q.25A Playbook starts with three dots …FALSE
Q.26Which module you can use to install Apache in Ubuntu OS?apt
Q.27What is the output statement of the following snippet?syntax error because of conflicting action statements
Q.28Which of these will loop through items randomly?with_random_choice
Q.29You cannot define multiple conditionsFALSE
Q.30ansible.cfg should be present in/etc/ansible
Q.31what is the default forks value in configuration file?5
Q.32How can you reduce the number of SSH connections required?pipelining
Q.33How to define the number of parallel processes while communicating to remote hosts?Forks
Q.34You can activate your privilege escalations using which settings?become=true
Q.35To store sensitive information you can use ansible-vaulte.TRUE
Q.36Ansible can work as a push automated deployment system and as well as a pull automated deployment system?TRUE
Q.37Design goals of Ansible includeAll the options mentioned

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