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1.are groups of VMs and underlying physical hardware that can be updated and noticed at the same

Update domains

2.What is high availability in cloud computing

If one resource on Azure dies unexpectedly, another resource will almost instantly take over the

3.Should organization deploy resources which are part of Public Preview in their production?


4.Which Azure products and serving the Azure Porter?

All porducts

5.Where do Virtual Machines fall on the Azure Shared Responsibility Model?


6.Which of the following NOT me about WebJobs?


7._____helps to avoid a single point of failure in your VM architecture. It is the Logical grouping of
twoor more VMs that help keep your application available during planned or unplanned maintenance?

Availability sets

8.What does infrastructure-as-a-Service describer?

Any data

9.Which Azure messaging service uses a First in, First Out (FIFO) queuing model?

Azure storage queue

10.Application Insightsis only useful for Web Applications?

True tier is the best for storing reports that are updated once per quarter but accessed by your
leadership staff?


12.What is the size limit for messages stored in Azure Storage Queues?


13.Services or applications that utize event data from Event Grid are considered to be what?


14.What is your recommendation to use to limit the types of connections from the web servers to the
database servers in Azure?

Network security group

15.beat for Random Access files?


16.Is an azure function?

A serverless service on Azur, a single unit

17.You are developing Azure WebJobs You need to recommend a WebJob type for scenario. ich Webjob
type should your recommend to run single instance that Azure select for load incing?


18.Under which category the Virtual Machine service belongs to?

IaaS event publisher such as a Resource Group pushes data to an Event Grid, Everit Grid izes this data
using whatmethod?

Events or topics store in a blob container inside Azure Storage?

Any kind of binary files such as videos, imgs

21.What is the way to have a dedicated Logic App environment?

Integration service environment

22.Azure Key Vault API with which communication method?


23.which of the following nations, deyingan Azure Virtual Machine would be the most appropriate

When you need to lift and shift from …..

24. How many tenants can a single user belong to Azure Active Directory?


25.To add a container from your locat Docker instance to your Azure Container Registry, which
command would you need to use?

Docker push

26.What will be the best option for the organization to implement an Azure environment that ensure
nach department can use a different payment option for the Azure services it consumes?


27.What is guaranteed in an Azure Service Level Agreement (SLA)?


28.mend an Azure solution that encrypts the administrative credentials during the ____ent?

Azurek ey vault

29.Where do we store data as Key Value pair within Azure API Management?

Named value

30.Fill in the blank ___ Shared Access Signature some in 3 is the Account Level ther Level and the Liker

Service level

31.You pain to migrate a web appaion to Aare The web application is accessed by extral eru need to
recommend a dlound deploymentsolution to minutes the amount of nisative effort used to manage the
web application Whatshould you inchade in the recommendation?


32.Which API Management Portal can someone use to obtain documentation about your API?

the developer portal

33.what are advantages of using ARM templates for creating cloud infrastructure?

Idempotency, source controls

34.You are developing an Azure Function App that processes images that are uploaded to an Azure
Blob container images must be processed as quickly as possible after they are uploaded, and the
solution must minimize latency. You create code to process images when the Function App is triggered.
You need to configure the Function App. What should you do?

Use a cunsunption plan …….storage

35. I have photo-sharing application that runs on millions of mobile devices Demand is unpredictable for
any event. Which Azure compute resource is the best match for this workload?

Service less computing

36.Which of these Azure service provides cryplographic key management based on FIPS-vaidated
Hardware security modules (HSM)?

Azure key vault

37.What are the two types of data collected in Azure Monitor to your enements?

Metrices and logs

38.Which Asure Service used for delivering high-bandwidth content to users by caching their contact?

Azure CDN

39.Why would you use the Azure Cloud Shell instead of the Azure CLI or PowerShell?

The cloud shell can
be able

40.What is the way to have a dedicated Logic App environment?


41.Organization decide to process the file further by a logo sco orchestration What kind of trigger you
will choose to process the file in real time?

Reccurence trigger

42.You are designing an Azure application. The application includes services hosted in different
geographic locations. The service locations may change. You must minimize the cost of communication
between services. You need to recommend an approach for data transmission between your application
and Azure services. The solution must administrative effort. What should you recommend?

Service bus

43.Which one of the following is incorrect regarding Azure Kubernetes?


44.instrumentation capabilities utilizing the Azure Mobile of user interactions with a mobile app. You
need to Usage Analytics feature of Application Insights. capture?

Trace, userid, events

45.In what language are ARM Templates built?


46.Which of the following are valid differences between page blobs and block blobs? (Choose

A.Block blobs allow files to be uploaded and assembled later. Blocks can be resubmitted
individually. B.Block blobs have a max size of 200 GB. Page blobs can be 1 terabyte.

47.You are developing Azure function app process images that are uploaded to an Azure Blob container
Images must be processed as quickly as possible after they are parte ante solution must minimize
latency You create code is process mages whe the Function App is triggered. You need to configure the
Function App What should you do?

Use a consumption plan, configure to

48.You are developing a web application that provides sing the application to use continuous
integration and deployment The app must be highly available and provide a continuous st You need to
recommend a solution that allows the application a location that is closest to the user. Whatshould you


49.Which services will be used do to…… 10 to Azure Storage?

File share services

50.which of these is not an examples of throttling?

Server cast

51.can two…. Table storage contains different collection of properties and different types?


52.which is not true about storage queue?

FIFO implementation develop an azure you monitor performance of the wen app byusing application insights. You need
to ensure the cost for application insights does notexceed a preset budget. Whatshould you do?

Set a
daily cap for the application insights instance

54. key vault is responsible for task like?

Create, revoke, authorize

55.what does advanced threat protocol do?

Help An organization to…

56.which of the following is the responsible for adjusting the number of nodes based on the computer
resources in the node pool?

Cluster auto scalar

57.Microsoft graph api cn be used fot variety of things including?


58.when business wants to group the datacenters in one geographic location?


59.benefits of azure PaaS?

Create, focus, develop

60.whatservice gives you the ability to centralize cloud application….and security?

Azure S.. service

61.under which category the virtual machine service belongs to?


62.___refers to the time it takes for data to travel over the network?


63.what is the query language used to query long analytics?


64.You are developing Azure WebJobs You need to recommend a WebJob type for scenario. ich Webjob
type should your recommend to run singlewebjob to instences?


65.what is a recommended use cause for azure SQL?

Migrate your on–permises SQL server instances

66.Whatservice ges you the abity centros hot picture to and security for standardization?

Azure app

67.You have a Microsoft SQL servwr analysis on availability group on Azure Virtual Machine you need
to configure an azure internal load balancer as a listener for the a availability group whatshould you do?

Enable floating IP

68.which integration service is used to create wodowe torchesthe business proces connect hundreds of
services in the cloud and on-preme?

Azure Logic apps

69.Which of the following are true regarding supported operations generated with an SAS time?

can grant , you can add update and delete tables, you can query

70.A company has some private services on-premises and also distributed some of the workload on the
public cloud as well. What is this architecture known as?

Hybrid cloud

71.In azure app configuration when configuring keys, application and spellsearch are parsed as the same


72.In addition to rest, when other communication api can you use to buid custom connectors for your
logic apps?


73.What is the underlying protocol of azure service bus for sending and receiving message?


74.Microsoft graph API can be used for a variety of things including?

Storing, retrieving

76.What type of storage is archive storage?

Archive storage

77.If you want to push messages to a large number of devices, which azure services should you consider?

Notification hub

78.In several server migration you need to recommended a solution to ensure that some of the servers
are available if a single azure data goes offline for an extended period?

Fault tolerance

79.Which type of application can you develop in Microsoft azure to automate business flow?

Logic apps

80.Which of the following is not a part of the function.json file?


81.Which of those azure service provide cryptographic key management based on FIPS-validated
hardware security modules(HSMs)?

Azure active Directory

82.Which of the following protocols are not supported by azure AD?


83.When creating a new secret for using in your application, which of the following should be yor first

Run the “az keyvault create” command

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