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1. Your colleague has asked for help in creating an IAM role using Google cloud CLI. result the
following command can be used to create the same?

gcloud iam roles create viewer-roll-project myproject-permissions”roles/viewer”

2. For learning purposes, employees of the company create the projects under the organization created by the company on GCP. The company reimburses the amount paid by the employees for this project resources now the company wants to centralize all these projects under a single
new billing account to track expenses. which of the following steps should be taken to accomplish this?

In the Google platform console create a new billing account and set-up a payment method.
link all employee created projects to the same billing account.

3.Your company has recently migrated its infrastructure and application to the Google cloud
platform. you have been given the responsibility to manage the GCP account and projects .one
of the applications hosted by your company needs to protect identification related data like
credit card numbers SSN and so on we talked below service will you for GCP for the same?

Cloud data loss prevention

4.An application is deployed on a compute engine VM in a managed instance group. specify the
appropriate instance group configuration so that the application is available most of the time
and only one instance should run?

Set auto scaling on, set the minimum number of instances to 1, and then set the maximum
number of instances to 1.

5.A static website on cloud storage provides links for PDF files. the PDF files gets downloaded to
the local system of when we click the link. Now the website owner wants to display the PDF files
within the browser when the website link clicked by users. what should we change it to do so?

set content type metadata to application/PDF on the PDF file objects

6.Your organization names moving its workload to Google cloud platform. you have been given
the task to create resources required for the workload. set-up the order in which you will create
the given list of resources.

Project-> network-> subnetwork-> VM

7.For your GCP project you have link the activity logs to bigquery. according to the best practice if
you want to grant access to external auditor for auditing these logs, which of the following steps
you will follow?

add the auditor user accounts to the logging. Viewer and bigquery.dataviewer predefine IAM.

8.An application is running on multiple virtual machines in a managed instance group. an
autoscaling policy is configured for the applications high availability. when the average CPU
usage of the VM is greater than 80%, then the instances are added CPU utilization of the
instances reaches below 80%. A maximum of 5 additional instances can be added in this
scenario. Also, the initial delay for HTTP health checks against the instances is set to 30 seconds.
the VM instances take around 3 minutes to become available for the users you observe that
when the instances group auto scales it adds more instances than necessary to support the
levels of end user traffic. what should you do to effectively maintain instant group size while

increase the initial delay of the HTTP health check to 200 seconds

9.You have to run the scripts for creating the resources required for the application you are
managing you have installed cloud SDK on your machine. if you took the following operation you
will perform before creating the resources?

run the gcloud init command

10.Your company has decided to build an in-house application for processing you have been
assigned the task to create a VM, cloud SQL DB and stories about kit for the application. while
testing the application developers found that application is not able to upload the file to the
bucket. what should you do?

none of the above

11.You work in start-up company where everyone else should have this ability to all the resources
in a specific project. you want to grant them access according to IAM best practices. What
should you do?

create a new Google group and add all users to the group. use “gcloud project add-iam-policy-
binding” with project viewer role and group e-mail address

12.You are a project owner for the telco building project created on GCP. you need your co-worker
to deploy a new version of the application to app engine. you want to follow Google’s
recommended practices. Which IAM role should you grant to your co-worker?

app engine deployer

13. your company has chosen to go serverless so as to enable developers focus on writing code
without worrying about infrastructure. you have been asked to identify a GCP server service that
does not limit your developers to specific runtimes. in addition, some of the application needs
WebSocket’ support. what should you suggest?

cloud run

14. your company recently migrated all infrastructure to the Google cloud platform, and you are
using “Cloud Built” services to build all container images. you want to store the build logs in
Google cloud storage. you also have requirement to push the images to the Google container
registry. You wrote a cloud build YAML configuration file with the following contents. we got the
following comment you will use to execute this build.

Execute gcloud builds submit-config=[CONFIG_FILE_PATH]-gcs-log-

15. your company has been working on an application for the last three months now the application
is ready to roll out to the UAT environment for beta testing. your manager has asked you to
create a replica of the dev project created on geeked for development environment. which is
the best way to clone the project?

There is no option to clone the project on GCP

16. co-win case study
the Cowin operations team is responsible for managing the infrastructure and services needed
to run the application. the analytics team is responsible for using bigquery to analyze the
vaccination data generated by the Cowin app. which of the following roles ops Team will ascend
to the analytics team members so that they will be able to work on tables from one of the

Bigquery. data viewer role at dataset level

17. Your organization is moving its application workloads to Kubernetes engine. you are provided with the to deploy the application in GKE. how do you deploy a docker file on Kubernetes engine?

Create a docker Image from the docker file and upload it to the container registry. create a
deployment YAML file to point to that image. Use kubectl come into create the deployment
with that file.

18.A business organization wants to deploy its microservices in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster. The auto-scaling feature is enabled for the cluster in case the workloads scale up. They want the container metrics to be sent to a third-party monitoring solution. Hence you have to make sure that each node of the cluster will run a monitoring pod. How will you achieve this?

deploy the monitoring pod in a DaemonSet object

19. An application is deployed on the compute engine VM in a managed instance group. specify the appropriate instance group configuration so that the application is available most of the time and the only one instance should run.

set auto scaling to on ,set the minimum number of instances to 1, and then set the maximum
number of instances to 1

20.Your colleague has asked for help in creating an I am role using Google cloud CLI. which of the following command can be used to create the same?

gcloud iam roles create viewer-role–project my project—permissions” roles/viewer”

21.Go word tours and travels case study the company has an advertising management system. this is using Facebook Instagram and
other social media platforms for advertising. as there are many small modules in this system they have decided to implement the eat with and containerization. these are the below service
suits best for this implementation?

Kubernetes engine

22.Co-win Case study one of the components of cowin platform is its website. this website is used extensively by various authorities and citizens of India to upload check and book the vaccination spots this website has some static content and some dynamic content which of the following combination of services can be used to host this website so that people can have fast access to it..

app engine standard, cloud storage, cloud SQL,cloud CDN
app engine flex, cloud storage, cloud SQL, cloud CDN

23.Go world tours and travels case study the company wants to create excitement regarding the tool by sending small gifts to all the customers who did the booking. this will be triggered 15 days before the start date of the door. we took the following service can be used to implement this logic of sending visual gift over e- mail ID covered with the customer.

cloud functions

24.You are the lead developer on a medical application that uses patients’ smartphones to capture biometric data. The app is required to collect data and store it on the smartphone when data cannot be reliably transmitted to the backend application. You want to minimize the amount of development you have to do to keep data synchronized between smartphones and backend
data stores. Which data store option should you recommend?

cloud firestore

25.Your company owns a mobile game that is popular with users all over the world. The mobile backend uses Cloud Spanner to store the user state. An overnight job exports the user state to the Cloud storage bucket. The app pushes all time-series events during the game to a streaming
data flow service that saves them to Cloud Bigtable. You are debugging an in-game issue raised
by a gamer, and you want to join the user state information with data stored in Bigtable to
debug. How can you do this one-off join efficiently?

Create two separate BigQuery external tables on Cloud Storage and Cloud Bigtable. Use the
BigQuery console to join these tables through user fields, and apply appropriate fiters.

26.you are a cloud architect and your company ask you to calculate the cost of a query in big query which is scheduled to run daily for a year. how did you calculate the cost?

Use ”bq query-dry_run” To determine the number of bytes read by the query. use this number
in the pricing calculator

27.co-win Case study
the cowin platform needs to maintaain information about users vaccination centers slots and booking information. application is receiving massive requests from users to check the
availability of slots. based on the availability some of the users are able to book the slots
successfully. he taught the following configuration is useful in this scenario to store and access
data by minimizing the cost?

cloud SQL instance with multiple read replicas configured

28.You have an application hosted on list set of compute engine instances to the girls formation to read data from a particular cloud storage bucket. you want to restrict the application from
writing or modifying any data from the packet. as being a story start me what best practice you
will follow to fulfill this requirement?

create a service account with an access scope. use the access scope

29.Data scientists in your company want to use a machine learning library available only in Apache spark. they want to minimize the amount of administration and DevOps work. how would you
recommend them to proceed?

use cloud dataproc

30.While monitoring and application you notice that is specific error is fighting and the error is caused by a service account which did not have sufficient permissions. you have provided the
solution but want to be notified if the problem occurs again. what should you do?

Yeah, the log viewer, The logs are severity error and the name of the service account

31.Go world tours and travels case study the company wants to maintain the payment receipts for all the customer bookings. these
receipts need to be available in the users to download at any time within 6 months of payment
which is the best option to maintain those receipts?

Use a cloud storage bucket with standard storage. set a retention policy at the bucket level to
retain the object for 6 months. add a life cycle to move these receipts to archival storage once
the age becomes 6 month.

32.A Telecom service provider wants to host the applications for production and test environment using Google compute engine. the subnet for both production and test VMs should be different,
but all the VM from test and production should connect with each other over internal without
creating additional ROUTES. they took the design options implements the given scenario.

create a single custom VPC With 2 subnets. create each subnet in different region and with
different CIDR range

33.Your company has several business-critical applications running on it on premises data center Which is already at full capacity, and you need to expand to Google cloud platform to handle
traffic bursts, you want virtual machine instances in both on premises data center and google
cloud compute engine to communicate via their internal it addresses, which of the following
actions you will take?

create a new VPC in GCP with a non-overlapping IP range and configure cloud VPN between
the on-premises network and GCP

34.Co-win case study IT department has decided to synchronize some data between co-win platform and existing on- premises systems. this is the establish connectivity between these systems so that further steps
can be taken. E.g removing duplicate data by verifying the PAN and AADHAR of the user.
Which of the following network setups suit this requirement best?

Cloud VPN to take advantage of secure low-cost connection over the Internet. setup time is
minimal with this approach.

35.outreach constructions case study engineers and managers at every construction site use mobile applications to manage the data
and images for the construction site. this application provides features like uploading the construction images other data and retrieve all technical details about the site. this mobile
application connects with the backend database and storage provision on GCP using the
Internet available at the site. a proper authentication mechanism is already in place to make
sure that access is granted only to authentic requests. Richard the following firewall rule needs
to be added to allow the mobile application to connect to the database and storage on GCP?

add an egress firewall rule to another traffic from company on private IP address to specific
resources in GCP.

36.CO-WIN case study Arogya setu mobile application is used by millions of Indian citizens to keep a tab on covid scenario and vaccination registration. this model application internally involves the COWIN REST
API hosted on GCP. as he would request are send to these API. a load balancer is needed to
evenly distribute the requests among the available servers. which load balancer is needed to
handle the scenario?

HTTPS load balancer

37.Take gaming company runs its application on Google cloud platform. all the users connect to their mobile phones offer Internet. accent software gamers are updated to the remaining sober
by the UDP packets send by the game application. gaming back end servers can scale over
multiple virtual machines and the company wants to use the single IP address for all VM. how
can I enter in the given scenario in Google cloud?

configure an SSL proxy load balancer in front of the application servers

38.TPT limited has a firewall with a priority of 1000 to deny all incoming traffic from an external address on all ports and protocols. Robert is the IT manager of TPT limited, wants to allow
access over ports 80 and 443 to servers with the tag web servers from external addresses. How
will Robert accomplish the task of following the desired traffic without deleting the existing

add an ingress role that allows traffic over ports 80 and 443 from an external address to the
target network tag web servers with a priority value of 500

39.outreach constructions case study every construction site has a large amount of structured data apart from this there are some
semi structured data also generated from these construction sites this data is needed for
reference and assist frequently through various applications including mobile apps which of the
following service will suit this requirement?

big query

40.You want to get an estimate of the volume of data scanned by BigQuery from the command line. Which option shows the command structure you should use?

bq ––location=[LOCATION] query –use_legacy_sql=false ––dry_run [SQL_QUERY]

41.Your company has deployed 100,000 Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to collect data on the state of equipment in several factories. Each sensor will collect and send data to a data store every 5
seconds. Sensors will run continuously. Daily reports will produce data on the maximum,
minimum, and average value for each metric collected on each sensor. There is no need to
support transactions in this application. Which database product would you recommend?

ingest the data into cloud Bigtable. create a row key based on the event timestamp

42.Outreach construction case study The company wants to create a single page application (SPA website) for their employees to log in and upload the images from the construction site. this is to provide the alternate option to
the mobile application which they already have. which of the following option will suit them
best with the consideration of minimizing the hosting cost availability to the users and less
operational work?

Cloud Run or (App engine*)

43.outreach construction case study One of the applications written in Java 8, is used to process the captured images, &F it is taking a long time to execute due to the limited infrastructure available on premises. the ladies to have a
scalable infrastructure that can accommodate the bidding Lords. IT department wants to quickly
lift and shift the application to the cloud without much modification and DevOps investment.
which of the following computer option is better to achieve this?

app engine standard

44. go world tours and travels case study the company has a sales team which is responsible for handling customer and their bookings. for this, they use the website “GoWorld.com”. this website is hosted in an app engine environment,
which access dose the salesti team should have on the GCP account setup for the organization?

none of the above

45. You have an application hosted of compute engine instances which requires permission to read data from a particular cloud storage bucket. you want to restrict the application from writing
and modifying any data from the bucket. as being a storage admin best practice you will follow
to fulfill this requirement?

create a custom service account for VM and IAM permissions to village object viewer the role.

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