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Q.NoQuestionsChoice AChoice BChoice CChoice DCorrect Answer
1What is full name of LDAP?Light Directory Access ProtocolLightweight Directory Access ProtocolLinear discriminant analysis ProcessMore than one of the aboveB
2What’s the latest version of LDAP?Version 2Version 3Version 4Version 1B
3What is LDAP default listening port?3896363268More than one of the aboveA
4How to specify a listening port for OpenLDAP?sltpd.confslapd.confislapd.confMore than one of the aboveC
5Graphical Editor of LDAP?GQJava LDAP Browser/EditorSofterra LDAP BrowseAll of theseD
6What is LDIF?Standard Text file format for storing LDAP Config information and Directory ContentsText file format for storing LDAP Config information and  not Directory ContentsStandard text file file format and not changed existing DataAll of theseA
7Name of the LDAP Object Class type asStructural Object ClassAuxiliary Object ClassAbstract Object ClassAll of theseD
8What is main configuration file of LDAP?httpd.confxlconfig.xmlldapContainer.xmlslapd.confD
9What is daemons are required for LDAP Server?Slapd and slurpdSlapdslurpdAll of theseA
10LDAP Client utilities and Applications?ldapsearchldapaddldapmodifyAll of theseD
11Which utility is used to Encrypt the LDAP password?ldappasswdldappasswordldappwdoidpasswdA
12What is Full Name of ACL?Access Control LibraryAccess Catalog LibraryAccess Control ListsAccess Catalog ListsC
13What is full name RDNRelative Distinguished NameRelation Distinguished NameRelative Distinguished NetRelative Differentpath NameA
14How LDAP response in server log for proper authentication?REQRESBINDREQ & RESD
15Open LDAP can integrated asApache Directory ServerMicrosoft’s Active DirectoryFedora DSAll of theseD
16Does WebLogic support multiple LDAP authentication providers?Active Directory Authentication providerOpen LDAP Authentication providerNovell Authentication providerAll of theseD
17LDAP Sync is working with which downstream?ADOIDOpenLDAPMore than one of the aboveD
18What is default url for LDAP Search?ldap://host:port/dn?attributes?scope?filter?extensionsldap://server:port/dn?attributes?scope?filter?extensionsldap://host/dn?attributes?scope?filter?extensionsAll of theseA
19Which Configuration file is requitred for LDAP Client?ldap.configldap.confldapcon.confNone of theseB
20LDAP ADD used through Command prompt as./ldapadd -h example.com -D cn=orcladmin -w Welcome1 -p 10113 -v./ldapadd -h  cn=orcladmin -w Welcome1 -p 10113 -v./ldapadd -h example.com -D cn=orcladmin./ldapadd -h example.com -D  -w Welcome1 -p 10113 -vA
21LDAP Search Command user through Command prompt as./ldapsearch -h example.com -p 10115 -D “cn=orcladmin” -w Welcome1 -b “dc=example,dc=com” -v “orclSAMAccountName=xxx”./ldapsearch  -p 10115 -D “cn=orcladmin” -w Welcome1 -b “dc=example,dc=com” -v “orclSAMAccountName=xxx”./ldapsearch -h example.com -p 10115 -D “cn=orcladmin” -w Welcome1 ./ldapsearch -h example.com -p 10115  -w Welcome1 -b “dc=example,dc=com” -v “orclSAMAccountName=xxx”A
22Which command used for Delete an entry in LDAP?DeleteldapdeletedeleteldapldapdelB
23why LDAP is called “lightweight”?fasterfriendly faster and FriendlyNone of theseC
24LDAP is derived from which access protocal?X.500 DABX.500 DAPX.600 DAPX.800 DAPB
25FQDN’s stands for LDAPFully Qualified Domain NamesFullfill Qualified Domain NamesFully Qualified Directory NamesFully Qualified Domain NetA
26What is LDAP Schema?Different object class and attributes typesone object classone object and one attributes typeAll of theseA
27How do verify LDAP Configuration file?Slap utilityslaptest utilitytestslaptestslap utilityB
28Which logical operator sre used for LDAP filters?ANDORNOTAll of theseD
29LDAP is responsible for operation asAdding an entryDeleting an entryModifying an entryAll of theseD
30LDAP Bianary Syntax asdntelPostal AddressAll of theseD
31Which are Common LDAP Attributes?commonNameorganizationalUnitNamejpegPMore than one of the aboveD
32Which are object class name LDAP?InetOrgPersonorganizationalUnitorganizationAll of theseD
33LDAP Entries are organized in a tree-like structure name AsDirectory InformationTree (DIT)LDAPLDAPSAll of theseA
34LDAP Attributes type OrganizationalUnitName stand forOrgUOUOrganizationAll of theseB
35What is LDAP Referrals?It is multiple suffixespointer that can be followed to where the desired information is storedPoints that does contain the informationAll of theseB
36What is scop in LDAP?Specifies how deep within the DIT to search from the base objectbaseObjectsingleLevelAll of theseD
37LDAP Search filter as exampleEQUALGREATER THAN EQUAL&=More than one of the aboveD
38What is Authentication Operation in LDAPBindUnbindAbandonAll of theseD
39TLS stands for LDAPv3 asTransation Layer SecurityTransport Layer SecurityTransport Lavel SecurityTransation Lavel SecurityB
40SASL stand on LDAP Server asSimple Authentication and Security LayerSimple Authorization and Security LayerSimple Authentication and Security levelSimple Authorization and Security LavelA
41Application protocols asHTTPSMTPLDAPAll of theseD
42Network protocol as TCPIPSSL/TLSAll of theseD
43In LDAP organizationalPerson object contains attributes asuserPasswordloginShellA and BNone of theseC
44What is Object Identifiers in LDAP?A string that is used to uniquely identify various elements in the LDAP protocol.A string that is used to multiple identify various elements in the LDAP protocolA and BNone of theseA
45What is LDAP Control elements?OIDcriticalityoptional valueAll of theseD
46What is Alias Entries in LDAP?A special kind of entry that points to another entry in the DITA special kind of entry that points to same entry in the DITA and BNone of theseA
47OpenLDAP configuration files are usually primarily store as/init/openldap/etc/openldap/etc/ldap/etc/ldapopenB
48LDAP ldapmodify  syntax asldapmodify -D binddn -w passwd -h host [options]ldapmodify  -w passwd -h host [options]ldapmodify -D binddn All of theseA
49How LDAP is information stored ?hierachical (tree-based) databasekey-value pairsfree-formAll of theseD
50What is Entries in LDAP?key/value pairsThe RDN is a unique identifierAn entry has one or more objectClassesAll of theseD
51In LDAP ldapsearch -W -h ldap.megacorp.com,W stand forW tells ldapsearch to prompt for a waitW tells ldapsearch to prompt for a passwordW tells ldap to prompt for a WaitAll of theseB
52For Authenticate against the LDAP server used asBindingResA and BAll of theseA
53How can i join information contained in different directoriesDistributed, Multivendor directories glued together by referrals and referencesDistributed, Multivendor Multivendor directories glued together by referrals and referencesAll of theseD
54what is SLAPDSLAPD stands for Stand-Alone LDAPClients connect to the server over the LDAP protocolusing a network-based connectionAll of theseD
55 Define Schemas in LDAPDefinitions of the different object classesAttribute types that OpenLDAP should supportA and BAll of theseC
56Explain moduleload directive in LDAPOpenLDAP to load a particular moduleClosedLDAP to load a particular moduleA and BNone of theseA
57Which web based tool you have used for LDAPphpLDAPadminLDAPadminphpLDAPAll of theseA
58LDAP is used attributes to lock the asNsAccountLockAccountLockNsAccountUserLockA
59Which LDAP role to disable and enable accountsnsmanageddisabledrole manageddisabledrole npmanageddisabledrolentmanageddisabledroleA
60LDAP defines as models likeInformation ModelNaming ModelA and BNone of theseB

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