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1)A form having many fields must be broken down into smaller chunks based on the similarity of the information captured using these fields.


2)An error message should include the cause of the error and possible solution to get rid of the error.


3)User Experience (UX) is not just what it looks like and feels like. UX is how it works.


4)Aesthetics is optional in usability.


5)The tradeoff between user experience and delivery time is ___.


6)While designing a page layout, alignment must be done considering the which of the following factors.

Alignment rules – P ans

7)Choose the correct option for the given statement. When processing time is more than 10 seconds, it is recommended that ______.


8)Where is affordance useful?

For designing

9)The usability of a mobile application was evaluated through series of user tests. One of the observations during the test was – Users were not able to find out that they had to perform a swipe gesture on the screen to open the filter panel.According to you, which of the following heuristic must be improvised to overcome this problem?

Ease of use

10)Consistency is used to _.


11) Findability allows _.


12)Affordance refers to _____.

How people

13)Grouping is useful because _.

Easily process information

14.Users without specialized knowledge are able to use the product easily. This implies that the product can be considered under _.

Ease of use – P Ans

State if the statement is true or false. “All system feedbacks need to have a visual element to it”. False – P Ans

‘Recovery from errors’ helps users to _. Recover from costly

Ease of use is critical in scenarios where __.


When is it recommended to use ‘System Feedback’?

To indicate error

Which of the following should be implemented in a good UX design?

All – P Ans

Select a correct sequence for the mentioned tasks.


‘Save’ button has ‘Green’ color on a page and ‘Red’ on another page, select the appropriate comments based on the given statement.


Relate the following questions to Usability and User Experience.

a. Usability -> ‘Can the user complete the task?’

b. User Experience -> ‘Was user happy while completing the task?’

c. Usability -> Effectiveness and Ease of use in completing task.

d. User Experience -> Holistic experience while interacting with the product.

A,b,c,d – P Ans

If a user is able to perform a specific task, it is definitely a good UX.

False – P Ans

Google shows appropriate search keyword options upon entering wrong spellings in a Google Search bar. This can be considered as an example of _.

Error prevention

The download icon looks like a print icon. Which Usability heuristic is affected here grouping

Minimalist design means __.


User interface design is about All –

P Ans

How to deliver a better product in terms of Usability and User Experience?

a. Let developers develop according to their ideas.

b. Gather inputs from actual users and align all technical teams to deliver the requirements. Classification: Internal Use

c. All product stakeholders including design, development and testing teams have to imbibe UX


d. Usability and UX becomes important in product testing phase only.


 ent in trash back to inbox, it is  Error recovery  User is not able to view action button. How this issue can be qualified  Critical alignment  Your system will restart automatically after installation’ is an example of __.  System feedback – P Ans  Usability is an important goal and a subset in an overall UX design.  True  Choose the correct options about Usability and User Experience,

 a. Usability is one of the aims of User Experience strategy.

 b. Usability is related to achieving end result, User Experience is about creating a

series of sequence to achieve it.

 c. Usability and User Experience are mutually exclusive.

 d. Both are same.

ans – A, b

The mistakes in content affect which of the usability heuristics __.

Find – P Ans

Why to think about Usability and User Experience?

To increase

Error messages should be represented in technical jargon indicating underlying technical problem to the user. Classification: Internal Use

True – P Ans

Minimizing user’s memory loads is related to ______.

Implementing recognition

While pressing on ‘Logout’ button, pop-up of ’Do you really want to logout?’ shows _____.

Error prevention

A beautiful visual design can compensate flaws in usability.

False – P Ans

Usability principles should be practiced

From requirement P Ans

Creating accessible product is an ‘extra’ thing in product design.


The spelling mistakes in content affect which of the usability heuristics __.

Findabilty – P Ans – Wrong Classification: Internal Use

Which of the following would you consider to improve the aesthetic of a software application?


Recovery from error is important for _.


How simply something can be used without any help, refers to _.

Ease of use

When is it recommended to use ‘System Feedback’?

To indicate

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