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1.What are not not the components of Azure SQL?

2.Which of the following do you need to consider when you make a table in SQL?

3.Which sql statement is used to extract data from database?

4.What is the difference between a PRIMARY KEY and a UNIQUE KEY?
-unique can store null,primary can’t

5.Which data manipulation command is used to combine the records from one or more table?

6.In the existing table, ALTER TABLE statement is used to

7.Which of the following are TCL commands?

8.Which of the following is not Constraint in SQL?

9.Data flow scripts are associated with
-Data flow scripts are associated with ADF and AZURE SYNAPSE ANALYTICS

10.Which of the following aggregate SQL function returns number of rows from a table

11.sql supports single line comment,which of the following is single line comment
-minus sign

12.Blob storage is ideal for storing which data
-all of the above

13.what is not part of azure storage
-azure storage sql db

14.which statement in sql allows us to change the definition of a table is?

15.Which type of join is used to returns rows that do not have matching values?
-outer join

16.which statement is used to get all data from the student table whose name starts with p
-Select * from stud where name LIKE’P%’

17.To sort the results of a query use
-order by

18.a subquery in an sql select statement is enclosed in

19.which sql keyword is used to retrieve a maximum value

20.which of the following is an example of unstructured data?
-audio and vidoe files

21.the command to remove rows from a table ‘CUSTOMER’ is
-delete from customer where

22.which of these features of azure sql managed instance is not provided by azure sql database?
-native support for cross database

23.when three or more AND and OR conditions are combined,it is easier to use the sql
-Both IN and not in

24.which of the following statement is true?
-both delete and truncate will free the space from table

25.which of the following choices isn’t a benefit of using cloud services
-geagraphic isolation

26.which of these is a column family database
-azure cosmos DB mongo db

26.examine the description of the students table

27.which of the following statement….’whether’table?
-select*from weather where humidity between 60 and 75 many primary keys can a sql table have?
-only one

29.sql query to find all the cities whose humidity is 95.
-select city from weather where humidity =95 data factory is composed of four core components…”it is created…kicked off”

31.we are working on a project…what will the result of the pipeline be?
-Reports success

32.identify the missing words in the following …Azure data factory is the cloud based…analytics.

33.Which of the following feature does not apply to resource groups?
-resource group can be nested

34.which azure storage option is better for storing data for backup and restore disaster recovery and archiving?
-azure blob storage

35.identify missing words…that together perform a task?
-pipeline modern datadase architecture which services are used the most to ingest the data
-azure data factory

37.___command makes the update performed by the transaction permanent in the database

38.examine the description of the stident table STD_ID NUMBER(4)…which two aggregate functions
are valid on the START_DATE column
-count,min can restrict access to azure sql database(allow only a specific range..
-server level firewall

40.which of the following statement are correct regarding the difference between TRUNCATE DELETE and DROP command
-1 and 3 can perform __ operations on sql views?
-all of the above

42.The count function in sql returns the number of__

43.which of the following do you need to consider when you make a table in sql?
-all of the above

44.what is cloud computing?
-both a & b data factory pipeline can be used to do which of these activities?
-all of the above factory consists of several components.pick the wrong ones?

47.activities with azure data factory define the actions that will be performed on the data.
which are valid activity categories?
-data transformation activities which has a data lake storage…amazon s3 to azure data lake
-azure data factory

49.what connects an azure data factoryactivity to a dataset?
-linked services

50.which of the following is not ddl command

51.the database language that allows us to access data in a database is called
-dql is data in a relational table organized
-rows and columns have started at a new job at a company which has a data lake storage gen2 account

54.which one is not control flow in ADF?

55.with sql how can you return all the records from a table namedpersons
-order by firstname desc

56….the result of an sql select statement is called

57….to ingest the data

58…. Changes the structure of tables

59.which of the following are the five built in functions
-count,avg,min,max,sum flow scripts are associated with

61.How long is monitoring data stored in data factory?
-45 days have requirement to keep your files….your costs low?
-cold tier team is working on a project using the azure data factory…
which of the below is the correct location?
-data explorer are developing a computer vision application…
what should you use to orchestrate the workflow?
-azure data factory

67.installing a sql server database manually in windows virtual machine is classified as
-software as a service

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