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1.which of the following resource record types obtains the information a DNS server needs to perform
reverse name lookups ? —– PTR
2.which among these can be used for managing devices in windows 10 —– Device management
3.the minimum hardware requirements for installing windows server 2012 are —– 1.4Ghz 64-bit
processor,512MB RAM,32GB of disk space
4.a set of values for each attribute for one item is known as —– tuple or record 10 is avaibale in —– both 32 and 64 bit
6.which desktop feature has been included in windows 10 which was not included in windows 8? —–
action pane will you identify a failed service in windows 10 —– event viewer
8.which is the help command in linux ? —– man
9.which raid level is not fault tolerant —– RAID 0
10.the disks locally attached to the server is called_______ —– SAN
11.RAM,Cache,registers are —– primary memory
12.what cables are composed of a glass inner core surrounded by cladding , all encased in an outside
jacket —– fiber optics
13.which one these are not an email agent —- MVA
14.which protocol resolves an IP address to a MAC address? —– ARP
15.CRT,LED,LCD are —– types of monitors
16.which is not the editions of windows server 2012 —– web
17.which of these has to depend primarily on the critical server for processing activities —– thin client can set ip as (True/False) —– no we cannot
19.organization unit is used for grouping the objects in an active directory domain —– 1
20.NNNNNNNN.NNNNNNNN.NNNNNNNN.HHHHHHHH which class of ip does this belong ? where : N =
network id bits and H = host id bits —– class C the path mentioned here is —– absolute path
22.which protocol is used in actove directory for authendication —– LDAP
23.the central place to view alerts and take actions in win 10 is —– Action center
24.the DHCP server can provide the __ of the IP address —– all of the mentioned

25.which among this is a PDA —– mobile phone
26.________provides 64 bit path to the processor —– DIMM

27.what is the max ram supported in win 2012 server r2 ? —– 4TB

28.what is the most important role of BIOS ? —– loading the operatiing system

29.which of the following storage is volatile ? —– RAM

30.the data in portable hard drives,usb drives can be encrypted using —– bit locker to go

31.DHCP uses port number for server and _ for client —— 67,68
32.the bigger partition size, security and encryption is better in —– NTFS
33.command for changing user id of the user testuser to 2000 —– usermod -u 2000 testuser
34.what are the slots are used in PC motherboard to connect external NIC cards —– PCI 10 continuum feature used for —– supporting hybrid laptop-tablet devices
36.what is the service port number of smtp —— 25
37.bandwidth supported by cat5 cable? —— 100Mbps
38.How does server virtualization make a data center more efficient? —– By increasing server utilization
39.A NAS solution is most appropriate for what type of data environment —— Shared access
40.mac address is of —– 48 bit
41.which of the backup technology is space efficient —– incremental backup
42.What are customers of IT services who work in the same organization as the service provider known
as? —– Internal customers
43.which IP class is reserved for multicasting —– class D
44.which wildcard matches a single character —– b.?
45.which directory contains temporary files and writable by any user —– /tmp
46.which is the home directory of root user —– /root which stage of the boot sequence is kernel image selected ,else it installs the default kernel —–
48.what is the unique integer identifier of a process in linux called —– PID
49.default VLAN id is —– 1

50.What are the Two components of ITIL V3? —– The five core books and the complementary
51.A unique 64 bit address used to identify the hba card of each server is —– WWN
52.The command to get ip Address details in windows 10 —– ipconfig /all
53.What is sent by DHCP server as response which include IP address and other parameters to be
assigned —– DHCP ack 10 sign in screen does not have —– task view event that is generated when a service or device is approaching a threshold is called —–
56.A group of record is called —– Fields a weakness in the system which can be addressed using security path application —— Vulnerability 58.which cable has higher bandwidth of upto several Gbps —– fiber optic cable

59.which of the following is a file system is used in virtual desktop interface —– NTFS

60.password can be set for normal user using the command —– passwd which topology,each computer is directly connected to two other computers in a network —– ring topology the functions defined in service operations —– service desk , Technical mgmt , Application mgmt , IT operations mgmt

63.what is SLA —– service-level agreement

64.which SAN topology provides direct connection between two N and no sharing of media —– switched fabric topology

65._ is windows 10 voice based digital assistant —– cortana
66.server chassis housing multiple thin modular electronic boards are —– blade server
67.linux is an open sourse OS —– True
68.what are the functions of an OS —– All of the above
69.which database management system is the simplest —– RDBMS
70.domain controller is —– central database for storing user account info
71.multicast communication is —– one to group communication
72.A hard disk is divided into tracks which are further subdivided into —– sectors

73.which of the following is the valid host range for the subnet on which IP address resides —–
74.which is a private IP address —–
75.which command is used for creating VLAN ? —– config# vlan 2, config# name HR
76.which of the following is not a primary concern of service strategy —– defining a release plan
77.which of the following malicious program do not replicate automatically —– trojan horse
78.example of infrastructure as a service —– operating system
79.what is the number one concern about cloud computing —– security concerns few biometric based authentications —– all of the above
81.which of the following are different levels of storage virtualization —– hardware and software level
82.which is not a security threat —– unchanged default password
83.the third field of ls -l command ouotput indicates —– user who owns the file
84.what are customers of IT services who work in the same organization as the service provider known
as —– internal customers
85.the most suitable cloud deployment for a small group of organization with shared work —–
community cloud
86.what is the weakest vulnerability in organization —– internal employees
87.the term multi-core processing refers to —– processor housing contains two or more cores operating
at same frequency , independently of each other
88.which protocols resolves an IP address to a MAC address —– ARP
89.FTP server listens for connection on port number —– 21
90.the topology that supports bi-directional link between each possible node is —– mesh
91.which device cannot solve collision problems —– Hubs
92.what command copies the configuration from RAM into NVRAM —– copy running-config startup-
93.frame check sequence is used for —– to check the particular frame is valid or not
94.which of the following commands sets a trunk port on a 2960 switch —– switchport mode trunk
95.the method of communication in which transmission is bidirectional ,but only one direction at a time
is called —– half duplex
96.what type of connectors are used in thinnest coaxical cable —– BNC connectors and T connectors

97.the system LED is amber on a cisco catalyst 2950 series switch.what does this indicate —– the system
is malfunctioning
98.which address identifies a process on a host —– port address
99.which protocol does ping use —– ICMP
100.bandwidth supported by cat5 cable —– 100Mbps
101.each class B network contains how many IP addresses that can be assigned to host —–65534
102.the cable that transport signals in the form of light —– fiber optics
103.which switching technology reduces the size of a broadcast domain —– VLANs
104.which layer is responsible for process to process delivery —– transport layer
105.which topology requires a central controller or hub —– star topology
106.which of the following network devices are recommended to be assigned static IP addresses —–
both B and C
107.what is the first valid host on the subnetwork that the node belongs to —–
108.which OSI layer is responsible for the only error detection —– data link layer need to setup password on all your default telnet lines. what command would you start with —
–switch1(config)#line vty 0 4
110.which of the following is private ip address —–
111.which of the following a loopback address —–
112.what is the broadcast address for if subnet is —– uses which internet layer protocol ? —– ICMP
114.which of the following network devices are recommended to be assigned static IP addresses ? —–
Both B & C
115.the contents of a file can be viewed by using —– All options (more,cat,less)
116.if i want to have more than four partition on my disk which disk type would you prefer —– GPT disk
117.server manager is a great tool for managing most of your server settings and configuration all in one
central place —– File services
118.useraccount related information can be seen in the file —– /etc/passwd
119.which of the following service design phase identifies proactive measures to improve availability
and implement where cost justified ? —– Availability Management

120.Dot matrix and ink jet printers are —–Character printers the virtualization program that allows multiple os, which can include different os or multiple
instances of the same os to share a single hardware processor —– Virtual Machine
122.which IP class is rs erved for multicasting —– Class D
123.which one of the following is an objective of server catalogue management ? —– Negotiating and
agreeing service level agreement.
124.which one the following statements about incident reporting and logging is CORR ECT ? —–incidents
can be reported by anyone who detects a disruption or potential disruption to normal service.
125.the command used to display selected attributes of specific object types in Active Directory is —–
126.A data source in an ODBC architecture can be —– My SQl
127.Network DBMS follows —– many to many relation
128.which command elevates the previlege for a normal user to execute a particular command as root —
— Sudo
129.What among these is not seen in newer type motherboards ? —– All of the above
130.a DNS record that can be used to point your domain name and host names to a static IP address —–
A record
131.An attribute in a relation is a foreign key if the key form one relation is used an attribute
in that relation —— Primary key
132.A________ is a DNS zone in which hostname to IP address relations are stored —–Forward
lookup zone
133.what is the subnet mask corresponding to a CIDR value of /16 ? —–
134.what are the three elements of the service portfolio ? —– Service pipeline , service catalogue ,
retired services
134.which feature works with both microsoft explorer and microsoft edge and monitors websites ,
pages , and downloads for known issues ? —– Blocker
135.karen has recently been hired to help with SEO needs to add annotations to webpages she views in
microsoft edge. on the edge toolbar , what button must she click to begin this process ? —– Make a
web note
136.the windows 10 store app is linked to which of the following ? —– the user’s microsoft account
137.spencer is running windows 10 . he displays the start menu and then proces the up arrow and enter
what is displayed ? —– The all apps menu

138.what will be the permission set for user , group and others for the named data after executing
chmod 664 data —– user:read,write group:read,write others:read
139.which one of the following is the BEST definition of reliability ? —– How long a service or
configuration item can perform its function without failing
140.which of the following is private IP address ? —–
141.the system LED is amber on a cisco catalyst 2950 series switch. what does this indicate ? —– the
system is malfunctioning killa process by its name , the command used is —– killall process name
143.when you install windows server 2012 , you can choose between server core installation and server
with a GUI. which option would reduce the potential attack surface and servicing requirements ? —–
Server core installation
144.which is NOT an activity of change management process ? —– Status accounting manage a windows server 2012 R2 system named corpserver. your supervisor asks you to add a
server role to different windows server 2012 R2 system located in a different building named ResServer –
—- Server Manager
146.Flash ROM —– Both Options have been asked to implement a RAID 1 solution for an engineer’s desktop workstation . you
want to use the minimum number of hard disks that are necessary to configure a RAID 1 array. how
many hard disks will you need to use ? —– 2
148.which of the following activites are performed by a service disk ? 1.logging details of incidents and
service request 2.providing first line investigation and diagnosis 3.restoring services 4.implementing all
standard changes —– 1,2 and 3 only
149.which Raid level does not use —– Raid 1
150.which one of the following generates demand for services ? —– PBA (Patterns of business activity)
151.what is CI ? —– Configuration item
152.which of the following term is not relevant to NAS —– SAN Switch
153.the permission set for a script file “” owned by root is -rwxrwxr–. can a normal user execute
this file ? —– yes, if the command chmod 774 is issued by root
154.what is the default subnet mask for class b —–
155.Which of the following is not a primary concern of Service Strategy? —– Defining a Release plan
156.Which of the following is an objective of Problem Management? —– All of the above

157.Consider the following list 1. Change authority 2. Change manager 3.Change advisory board (CAB
Which one of the following is the BEST description of the items above. —– Roles people or groups
158.At what frequency is the inventory of assets taken ? —– once in a year
159.Which is the following process is not part of Service Operation Lifecycle —– Change Management
160.Which of the following is NOT an objective of service transition? —– To provide training and
certification in project management
161.What are the three elements of the Service Portfolio? —– Service Pipeline Service Catalogue
Retired Services
162.How Many phases are in the ITIL lifecycle —– 5
163.What is ECAB? —– Emergency Change Advisory Board
164.What is ITSCM? —– IT Service Continuity Management
165.ITIL first Published by —– Office of UK government
166.KPI stands for —– Key Performance Indicator
167.Which of the following is not a service desk type recognized in the service operation volume of ITIL?
—– Outsourced
168.BRM stands for —– Business Relationship Management
169.Which of the following BEST describes a problem? —– The cause of two or more incidents
170.The main objective of Change Management is to —– Ensure that standardized methods and
procedures are used for handling all changes
171.Which of the following activities are performed by a service desk?1. Logging details of incidents and
service requests 2. Providing first-ine message diagnosis 3. Restoring service 4.Implementing all
standard —– 1, 2 and 3 only
172.Which is NOT an activity of Change Management Process? —– Status Accounting
173.Demand Management is to Understand customer requirements for service and how these vary over
the business cycle and Ensure the provision of approprite levels of service —– TRUE
174.Sequence of activities combined to achieve a certain goal is called —– Process
175.which is an example of online messag ing —– whatsapp
176.what raid level does not use parity that provides redundancy —– raid 0
177.give an example of type 1 hypervisor —– microsoft hyperv
178.which is not a antivirus software —– ransomeware

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