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1.Which of the following is NOT part of the Agile Manifesto?

A. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
B. Working software over comprehensive documentation
C. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
D. Following a plan over responding to change

Ans: d

2.Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using Kanban as software projects?

A. It is a transparent means to depict the project progress
B. It helps quick reprioritization to accommodate changes for software cycle
C. It minimize waste by promoting automation
D. It helps to meet the service level agreements in a realistic way

Ans: C

3.Roles in extreme programming (XP) are defined as

A. Customer, programmers, coach, Tracker
B. Customer, Developer, tester, vendor
C. Customer, Team, Mentor, vendor
D. Customer, Engineer, Quality Analyst, Coach

Ans: A

4.When can a story be considered as DONE in an agile project?

A. The story authoring is completed by Business Analyst
B. Developer has completed code and unit test on the story
C. Tester has completed automation and manual testing and no defects are open
D. Story has passed acceptance criteria

Ans: D

5.The agile project team members are giving a demo of the software to the stakeholders at end of the sprint What is this a meeting known as

A. Sprint Review meeting
B. Daily Stand up meeting
C. Sprint Retrospective meeting
D. Sprint planning meeting

Ans: A

6.For Release planning meeting _ measure helps the product owner to predict completion of user stories over a period of time

A. Velocity
B. Defect density
C. Affect variance
D. Capability

Ans: A

7.ALM (Application life cycle Management tool in Agile projects can be used for

A. Managing product backlog
B. Sprint planning and tracking
C. Managing project Artifacts
D. All the above

Ans: D

8.During an estimation meeting, in case there is no agreement regarding the estimation of a given story among the team members the following action can be taken

A. The Team contacts experts for guidance regarding the estimations
B. The scrum master acts as moderate and helps to finding a solution
C. The team discusses with the product owner to get clarifications on the exact requirements
D. Any one or more of the above options

Ans: B

9.The Agile project team is doing estimation of user stories and they tag 8 points to one particular user story. As a developer, what will you infer from this?

A. It will need 8 hrs to complete the user story
B. It would take 8 days to complete the user story
C. It would need 8 team members to work on this user story
D. It is the relative size with respect to other user stories

Ans: D

10.One of the manager from client’s end is auditing the Infosys way of executing an agile project. He found that out of 4 planned Sprints in a release, the detailed plan is available only for the first which is ongoing and high level plans are available for other three sprints He raises the concerns around the same and questions one of the Agile team member on why details plan for other sprint are not available. As a team member of this agile project, what
would be your suitable response to the client manager in this situation?

A. Take initiative and go head to create the detailed planned for remaining three sprints
B. Explain him that detailed sprint plan would be done only at respective sprint planning
C. Inform Scrum master to create detailed plans for remaining three sprints in the release
D. Convince him that the same plan would be applicable for all sprints in this release

Ans: B

11.What soft skills should be possess to avoid delays during sprint execution

A. The team should be disciplined in all their activities
B. Plan upfront to tackle any dependencies Internal/external)
C. Speak out all the assumptions and impediments
D. All of the above

Ans: D

12.What of the following soft skills are important while working in agile project?

A. Analytical ability
B. Listening and questioning
C. Pro-activeness
D. Delegation

Ans: A B C

13.What are the disadvantages if the apple team does not conduct a sprint Retrospective Meeting?

a) Team would not get various perspective of all the members regarding their insight on the
b) Team would miss on the lessons learnt from the previous sprint mistakes
c) Team would miss the opportunity to collaborate with all the external stakeholders

Ans: A B

14.While decomposing the user stories into tasks, which of the following is considered as good practice by an individual to identity the right task to complete the user story?

A. Take inputs from the other team members
B. Discuss with business users for every Task identified
C. Communicate the tasks to product owner and take sign off
D. Verify if these task are similar to any other similar projects

Ans: C

15.Soft skills of individuals matters in reducing the defects at the end of every sprint

ANS – True, soft skills like articulating understanding the requirements and acceptance criteria,
proactively identifying the risks and issues and communicating it to team etc. facilities in
reduction of defects

16.What is relevance of Mocking and stubbing while developing the code using the test driven development approach

A. For creating simulated objects and for testing a class or method for deriving expected
B. Helps programmers to maintain a comprehensive set of repeatable tests to run them
C. Reduces the need for debugging the code
D. Reduces the number of lines of code in functional implementation of the business

Ans: A

17.Which of the following is TRUE about acceptance Test driven development practice?

A. Entire team brainstorms collaboratively focusing on capturing requirements and the
acceptance criteria of the application and uses them to drive the development
B. Entire team brainstorms collaboratively focusing on capturing requirements and the
acceptance criteria of the application and uses them to perform the system and integration
C. Entire team brainstorms collaboratively on the design of the application completes the
code development and dues acceptance testing based on the architectural design

Ans: A

18.Which of the following is a benefit of implementing Test Driven Development?

A. Challenges the design at every step thus ensuring the design grows more stable
B. Acts a safety net when programmer performs refactoring
C. Delivers the work in a single way to avoid complexity
D. All of the above

Ans: D

19.A programmer reads a requirement and understands what needs to be implemented. She adapts test driven development (TDD) approach for developing the code. She starts writing the
tests, runs them, develops the code accordingly and makes all the tests pass. Which of the following activities should the programmer be recommended to do once all the tests are passed?

A. Write code comments
B. Measure the size of the code
C. No action
D. Refractor the code

Ans: D

20.One of the user cases to be implemented for the System under test (SUT) specifies that passing the zero as an input for an operation should result in an error. Which of the following is
the best option when developing the SUT using Test driven development?

ANS – Plan for specific type of exception to be thrown in this scenario and write and upfront
automated unit test that passes in zero as an input value and checks for the specific
exception type expected using the API by provided by the unit testing framework being use

21.Choose the set of test inputs that would be best suited for unit testing the code below:
Function WHICH HALF YEAR( integer month) Returns string
If ( month<1) or (month> 12))
Throw new exception
Else if( month <=6)
Return ” Half1″
Return Half2″

A. All integer values starting from 0 and up to 13
B All integer values starting from 1 and up to 12
C. 1,6,7,12
D. 0,1,4,6,7,9,12,13

Ans: A

22.Which of the following explains INVEST technique for defining requirements in agile?

A. Independent-Non Functional -Verifiable- Evolving- Simple-Table
B. Integrator -New Valid- Editable -Smart-Tangible
C. Interdependent Negotiable Verifiable Explainable Small-Testable

Ans: C

23.Which of the following artifacts is the outcome of the requirement workshop in an agile project?

A. Sprint burn down
B. Release burn down
C. Sprint Back log
D. Product back log

Ans: C

24.Which of the following is NOT a Requirement prioritization technique?

A. Minimum Marketable Feature
B. MoSCow
C. Cost of delay
D. Done Definition

Ans: D

25.You are a developer in the agile project which is getting started. What steps would yOu take to reduce the risk to architecture in agile projects?

A. Perform quick Pocs (Proof of concepts)
B. Identifying the dependencies between the components
C. Ensure stakeholders agreement
D. All of the above

Ans: D

26.Following other stories getting discussed in a sprint planning meeting “As a retailer consumer, I want an online search feature so that I can search my shopping cart items quickly and easily. As a developer in this project, what inferences would you derive from this user story?

A. Good, no additional information required
B. Good, But need clarification on quick and easy for UI testing and the search feature

Ans: B

27.Which of the following may NOT achieved by automation in agile context?

A. Confidence in the system
B. Time save for additional activity

C. Complete removal of manual intervention
D. Earlier detection of issues

Ans: C

28.The source version control tools should be able to determine and communicate to other tools on any new code changes This concept is known as

A. Code sharing
B. Continuous build
C. Hooking and Polling
D. Automated code check in

Ans: C

29.Find the correct for tools / Frameworks and their usage

  1. Cucumber – a. Continuous integration
  2. Jenkins – b. Automated Acceptance Testing
  3. FxCop – c. Unit testing
  4. Xunit – d. Code Analysis

Ans: 1-b, 2-а, 3-d, 4-c

30.Which of the following activities related to automation are necessary during course of agile project?

A. Maintain the automation scripts in a repository
B. Constantly updating the scripts based on changes done by development team
C. Product owner reviewing all the scripts

Ans: Both A and B

31.The Agile project team has sprints with two weeks of duration. The Release is of short duration which happens once in every three sprints. The team is facing challenges to align to the
shorter release cycles. As a team member you have following options

I. Identify the bottlenecks and inefficiency in release process
II. Automate build and release process

Ans: Both I and II

32.Mala is a developer in a web application project. It takes 4 hrs. to deploy the code in test environment as it includes the following process
I. Get all the latest files from clear case
II. Generate the WAR file
III. Export the WAR file to server
IV. Stop and start the server
What could she do which would be help the project to reduce the effort on test environment deployment

Ans: Mala should work towards automating both build and deployment process

33.It is important to have existing test suite passed before the developer starts to refactor the code

Ans:True, existing test suite ensures that there is no change in the behavior of the code

34.Which of the following is achieved by database refactoring

A. Structuring change to data base by changing the database schema
B. Ensuring the data stored in database is normalized
C. It is a method to improve quality of stored procedure or function
D. All of the above

Ans: D

35.A programmer is performing refactoring on the source code which was just developed and tested. While performing refactoring, he is using “check cycle” tool, which is user for
automatically checking certain kind of code smells. What is code smell means in this context?

A. It indicates bugs in the source code
B. It is a surface indication that corresponds to weakness in the source code
C. It is for looking into areas in the source code which are technically incorrect
D. It is checking for certain areas in the source code which prevents the program from functioning

Ans: B

36.Identify the refactoring technique that has been used in the following code Code before refactoring

Void printowning(double amount)
Print banner,
//print details
System.out println”namet name):
System.out.println amount amount.

ANS – Replace parameter with explicit method

37.In which of the following conditions) is the code considered to be bad and needs refactoring?

a) There are numerous branches and loops as the function is complex
b) The depth of inheritance is very high
c) Code is very complex to debug

Ans: All ie.a.b.s are candidates for refactoring

38.In which of the following cases a developer should NOT use inline method while refactoring

A. When function call is bottleneck in the performance
 When there are group of methods which are badly factored
 When too many delegations done in the code
 When the code long methods covering multiple logical flows

Ans: D

39.A method is written that works well, but is very long. Also it includes complex logic implementation along with many local variables. Which method of refactoring should be used in
this case?

A. Replace temp with query
B. Replace method with method object
C. Replace parameter with method
D. Replace data value with object

40.Unit testing is recommended for agile project because practices the Build automation, Continuous integration, and Refactoring are needed

ANS – False

41.While testing in Agile projects, which of the following techniques are useful?

a) Automation
b) Moscow
c) Exploratory

Ans: A, B and C

42.How is testing done in Agile projects?

a) Development and testing and in hand in the same project
b) Testing is recommended to be automated
c) Testing is always done by different team in different points after completion of development

Ans: Both A and B are correct

43.You are a tester in an agile project you find a major defect while running the integration test Sentry wit planned next day with the product POJ What is appropriate action you should take

ans – inform the scrum master, go ahead with sprint review and inform PO on the defect

44.From below given option, identify the TRUE Statement regarding role of tester in agile project

A. Tester are involved right from beginning of the agile project
B. Tester are not required if automation is adopted in the agile project
C. Tester are not required to attend the Daily Stand up meeting
D. Testers are required only at the sprint review meeting

Ans: A

45.There is a telecom project which is getting executed in agile. Client has defined penalties in case any defects are found in production after every release As agile testing expert, what would
be your advice to the team on the ideal time for stopping the testing activities for a release?

A. When the test coverage is robust enough based on the neck, implementation and
B. When all the identified test cases are executed
C. When all the user stories are completed and demonstrated to the stakeholders in sport
D. All of these

Ans: d

46.Which of the few are the advantages of continuous integration

A. Early warning of broken/incompatible code
B. Immediate unit testing of all changes
C. Automated build failure detection and notification
D. All of the above

Ans: d

47.What are the benefits of having Continuous Integration (CI) infrastructure in the project environment?

A. Identifies defects and helps in fixing up the defects faster
B. Reduces human error by automating repetitive tasks
C. Manages all the user stories tasks and defect los
D. Constant availability of a current build for testing, demo, or release purposes

Ans:A d

48.Which are the best practices in continuous Integration (CI) environment?

A. Maintain a single code repository
B. Fix broken builds immediately
C. Maintain multiple code repositories
D. Automated unit test case and linked with check in

Ans:A B D

49.A New Net agile project has been initiated The PM of the project wants to set up a continuous integration (CI) pipeline to automatically check coverage unit testing, Build Deploy
obligation to Invoke functional test in MS (Microsoft) Coded UI Test And performance test. But his team lacks skills writing MS build scripts and working with Cl tools They do not have
bandwidth and infrastructure to create this pipeline.As a team member of this project which among follow solutions do you recommend to the PM

A. Most procure commercially available Ci platform
B. Should start creating the platform manually by reaching out the related SMEs
C. PM should moVE ahead without a platform as there is no impact
D. PM must utilize infosys continuous integration platform (ICIP).


50.Pavan team has created a continuous integration pipeline involving Jenkins, subversion, ANT.PMD, Cobertura, SonarQube, Hosting servers and HP load runner. Select the best set of
operations which this pipeline can potentially automate

A. Code check out – Build-Unit test-Code Coverage
B. Code check out-Build – Code Analysis. Code Coverage-obfuscation-Deployment Performance testing
C. Code check out-Build-Code Analysis – Unit Testing Code Coverage Deployment Performance testing
D. Code check out- Build-Unit test Code Coverage Performance testing


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